Illegal Immigrants in Israel: a Backup Weapon Against the Jewish State?

By Dissecting Society

The Jewish State needs to remember that, when it comes to Immigration Policies, it cannot afford to behave like a Western Country. The New Israel Fund is an enemy of Israel with too much money in its hands and it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Immigration Policies

Israel is a country re-built to welcome back all the Jews from the Galut (i.e. Forced Exile). The Jewish State is designed to receive with open arms the Children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who suffer at the hands of the Nations. But above all, Israel is the Promised Land to be settled by Jews, as per G-d’s Plan.

Israel is the only nation in the world where Jews can feel absolutely free to be themselves and loved. Having said this, PM Netanyahu is to be commended for having changed a decision that was an entrapment conceived to destroy the Jewish State from within. Benjamin Netanyahu can rest assured that he has the necessary Backup to continue serving the interests of His People.

Asylum Seekers

32,500 alleged Asylum seekers, stemming from African countries (Sudan and Eritrea), are sitting in Israel. So far so good, as regular Africans in distress are to be assisted; however in this particular case there is a problem: these so-called refugees behave more like Agents sent to wreak havoc in the Israeli society, since they refuse to integrate themselves in the local culture and traditions; they rape women and commit other crimes. Are they truly refugees or are they trained Militants?

Definition of Refugees

A Refugee is an individual who has been uprooted from his home due to certain political constraints (war, desolation or political persecution). This human being seeks survival and thus moves into a stable country to seek help. Once he gets the permission to stay, he does his best to build a new life: he will learn the new language and work, build a home, he will respect his hosts, he will learn the local customs, and he will mind his own business - till the day comes for him to return home, if he so wishes.

Any individual who moves to other countries and does exactly the opposite, is not a refugee but a militant sent with specific instructions to destroy a nation from within. Period.

Vetting Migrants & Analysing Countries of Origin

We need to think carefully about some details when it comes to the present migration crisis: why is the majority of these migrants stemming from Sudan and Eritrea? By Sudan we understand Omar al-Bashir’s state, so if the EU and the US put their stamp of approval on this nation (claiming all is fine and that al-Bashir, whom against the ICC issued an international arrest warrant, is now leading his country in the right direction) what are these refugees fleeing from - mainly if they are Muslim?

A person seeking to leave Eritrea needs official permission to do so legally. This entails obtaining an exit visa which is stamped in a passport. Failure to obtain permission is regarded as illegal exit. - Country Information and Guidance Eritrea: Illegal Exit (link)

At the moment, Eritrea is not experiencing war. It is however a country with its own set of laws: for instance, every Eritrean citizen by birth (born from an Eritrean mother or father) is required to do National Service; moreover, all Eritrean citizens living in national territory need a special permission to leave the country. That is the law of this sovereign state – and encouraging citizens to break the law is a gross interference in Eritrea’s internal affairs.

The European Union, in 2015, decided that 400,000 asylum seekers (mostly Eritreans) would be returned to their homeland, as it was deemed that the country was not persecuting its citizens nor was it at war.

Some sources in the Danish FFM Report also indicate that some persons are able to return to Eritrea without punishment for their illegal exit provided they pay the Diaspora tax and sign a “letter of apology” at an Eritrean embassy. - idem

Therefore, why should Israel take a different road? Why the double standard? Israel’s main priority is the Jewish People and any Jewish Refugee. And no Foreign Agent will ever change that.

The New Israel Fund = Neo Israel Foe

This organisation behaves as a Foreign Agent that repeatedly militates against the Jewish State. This group is composed by Leftist Jews - enemies to Eretz Yisrael. This lot of Jews plays with the concept of Ahavat Yisrael (love of Israel; i.e. Jews must love and support each other because they are brethren); however, when they militate against the only country that truly welcomes Jews – including themselves – we have to acknowledge they practise Sinat Chinam (baseless hatred) that has caused us nothing but troubles over the ages. What did Hashem say regarding treacherous Jews? We all know what. So, let’s get cracking.

The New Israel Fund is a foreign organization that receives funding from foreign governments and elements hostile to Israel, such as from the fund of George Soros. The ultimate objective of the fund is to erase Israel's Jewish character(..) - PM Netanyahu (link)

The Open Society Foundations wreak havoc in the United States, in Africa (ex: Angola), in Europe (ex: Remainers campaign in the UK) and in Israel. When Hungary decided to go after George Soros, Mr Soros cried “anti-Semitism” when he is the biggest anti-Semite on earth. Self-hating Jews usually are.


Refugees as a Backup Weapon

There are a couple of nuances regarding this "infiltrators" issue. The usual Suspects have already suspected that the 'Palestinian Cause' will go bust (they never expected it to last this long anyway) so they have prepared a backup weapon: Foreign Agents posing as African asylum seekers to corrode states from within. Isn’t it curious that most of these asylum seekers are Muslim? Given the present global security context, we have to take all patterns into account. 

If Israel allows these "asylum seekers" to stay and then give them permits; next they will, under the Family Reunification Law, demand to have their families joining them; they will procreate, their children (who will know nothing but Israel) will claim a right to the soil by birth and soon enough the "Palestinian-Israeli Conflict" would be replaced by the "Afro-Israeli Conflict". One word: entrapment.

There is, however, yet another nuance to this illegal immigration matter: the Eritreans share a phenotype with the Beta-Israeli community (i.e. Jews stemming from Ethiopia). The plan might be to lead this Jewish community to sympathise with the "plight" of these infiltrators and insurrect against the Jewish State - to divide the Jews and conquer. Another word: entrapment.

But DS is paying attention and will not allow anyone, not even Jews, to destabilise the Great State of Israel. ב"ה

(Image: Infiltrators Protest in Tel Aviv[Ed] - Arutz Sheva)

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  1. Bibi was on the verge to send Israel to hell by allowing over 16K of infiltrators to stay in Israel! I agree they are a weapon cause they don't behave like normal refugees and then the Israeli left supports these terrorists, these criminals and make us all look bad. Israel doesn't have space for foreigners we have to take care of our own first!

  2. The New Israel Fund has been militating against Israel for years. Remember Martin Indyk? He was a mediator in the Arab-Israeli peace talks and yet he was undermining the negotiations from within. George Soros' involvement in Anti-Israel activities should be regarded and treated as hostile behaviour against the Jewish State - whose interests does he serve? Who benefits from his poisonous activities? Who supports him? He deserves a complete checkup.

  3. We have a similar problem with the so called Rohingya refugees. If Bibi is Israel's problem, our Supreme Court seems to ours.

  4. It's the same with Europe, the immigrants will kill us all eventually! Israel better watch her back, yes.

  5. They try and try and try but never succeed. But I have a question, why did Uganda change her mind, and Rwanda too, huh? Don't African countries have the obligation to help their own people?


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