Chemical Attacks in Syria: The True Culprits

The world is thinking about striking Syria because of the chemical attack on the Syrian population in Duma. Both Russia and Syria claim Al-Assad didn't commit that act of aggression; but the US and the UK claim the opposite and accuse Russia of supporting a murderous leader. In the middle of so much noise there are a couple of actors who are being left out from the Tragedy in spite of having played an important role in that particular chemical play. This week, we will ask some important questions about this whole affair.

Analysing al-Assad’s Position

Bashar al-Assad is not thick. He knows exactly what is at stake here, however he has been cornered. Nevertheless, we have to ask ourselves what possesses a man to allow and accept foreign actors to just gas his own people: favours, blackmail or a threat?

Owing Favours

There are two countries that have always supported Syria: France and Iran. They have always had the Al-Assad Family’s back in the international arena – they did so when Hafez al-Assad participated in three coup d’├ętats, they did so when he ordered the 1982 Hama Massacre (which curiously occurred in the same period as the rise of Hezbollah and the 1982 Lebanon War – suggesting thus a multiple interference by Iran in all of those events); they continued to do so when Bashar al-Assad ordered the 2012 Hama Massacre and practically throughout the 7 year civil war. Such support comes with a heavy cost.

[The] clause requiring the president to  be a Muslim was reinstated - by Hafiz al-­‐Assad after he became president - along with a political arrangement with  the  leader of the Shi'ite community in Lebanon, Musa al-­‐Sadr,  who accepted the Alawis  as Shi’as and therefore as Muslims eligible for the presidency. - Prof Asher Susser, in Emergence of the Modern Middle East

Being Blackmailed

Syria has always been used as a warehouse for the chemical weapons of a couple of countries. This was done with the knowledge of the main powers, yet they remained silent for their own strategic purposes. Now, one of those powers is blackmailing Bashar al-Assad: we may be forced to disclose to your main sponsor that you stashed some of the chemical weapons once used against its people, if you do not allow us to operate within your territory. Given such a scenario it is easy to conclude that al-Assad has lost complete control of his country.

Receiving Threats

When a civil war breaks out, political leaders will usually send their family and relatives to certain countries for protection; however, that doesn’t mean that they are immune to danger. The leader remains in his country to, in this case, offer the impression he is running the operations – till the day he receives a threat (i.e. we know where your wife and kids are, and if you do not follow our instructions we will finish them off). What other option does this person have other than to submit to the foreign actors running the designs of his country?

Bearing these scenarios in mind, we begin to understand more or less what may be going on here. So, have you already guessed who the real enemy is here?

Analysing the Russian Position

Vladimir Putin has been making a couple of mistakes in this process:

  1. He made an alliance with Iran and Turkey
  2. He allowed his people to use the wrong asset in Britain, forcing thus the British to violate the Status Quo
  3. He failed to make an alliance with America
  4. He therefore discredited himself even though he may be on to something regarding the Syrian matter

We can assume that the alliance Putin made with Iran and Turkey is a public move to keep two dangerous elements closer in order to keep them under control. As Jonathan W. Penn would say, Vladimir Putin needs Turkey to secure access to the Mediterranean Sea (for his Crimean Fleet) and he benefits from Iran's purchase of Russian technology and weapons. We can however also assume that Putin will betray both Turkey and Iran when he realises that Erdogan will betray him first if he doesn’t (i.e. it is not in Turkey’s interests to lose its place in NATO, lest Erdogan loses vital intel that he can pass on to Iran). Iran is just using Russia to advance its religious agenda, and since the Ayatollahs feel a profound despise for Christians – and Russia is a very Orthodox Christian state – they stabbed Russia in the back to get what they want in Syria.

The Skripal matter was ill calculated but Russia did not poison Yulia (and the collateral damages). Because Moscow was too hasty – certainly because an eager officer didn’t quite think the whole affair through – subversive elements at the River House violated the Status Quo. Misfortunes happen in the intelligence community, so both countries would do well to downgrade the rhetoric, if indeed none of them wants an unnecessary war in Europe.

President Putin had the opportunity to form an alliance with President Trump, but instead he formed one with the Ayatollahs and Erdogan (it could be said that the Soviet Union failed in bringing Iran and Turkey under its sphere of influence, while Putin succeeded in it; but then we would have to be forced to admit that Vladimir Putin is stuck in the past – what benefit could Mr Putin have by having one eye only?). Moscow should stop resisting change and remember that “Russians love their children too”.

Even though Russia is right about the Sarin Gas Attack in Syria, no one will be inclined to believe it since Putin has done everything he could to show that he is not trustworthy. In this sense, it can be said that Moscow is on a slippery slope and its competitors know it – sitting in the side-lines, in utter silence. Always suspect the quieter ones.

Analysing the Culprits’ Motives

This may come as a surprise to most but Iran used the Sarin Gas against the Syrian Population.

Iran is very much interested in causing desolation in Syria – remember that this country is primordial in hasting the Coming of the Mahdi. The present Iranian regime is obsessed with Islamic Eschatology and therefore it will do whatsoever to cause the End of Days – even if it implies killing any Sunni, Christian, Jew; Hindu, Buddhist and atheist (whom they despise even more than the Christians and Jews). At this point, when minor signs indicate the approach of the coming of the Tribulation Days, ethics means nothing to Tehran – as indicated by the chemical attacks in Syria.

Iran knew that the West would react to any sort of chemical assault on the Syrian civilian population, and it counted on Big Satan and the manufacturers of Satan to bring desolation to Bilad al-Sham. In simpler words, the West and Russia are being played by the Ayatollahs and by a certain European Friend (hint: who was the last one to react to this crisis, then offered to help the US and the UK but then dilly-dallied?).

So, who is the real enemy? The answer is clear and the message behind President Donald Trump’s UNGA speech should be recalled at this point. If the War in Syria can’t be avoided, then let it be used to mark the beginning of the Fall of Three Evils: Iran, Hezbollah and Islamist Terrorism.


The Propaganda that has been conducted by all sides is counter-productive. We advise all Nations of the Free World, plus Moscow, to open their eyes and see what is really going on here. Russia needs to review its position; so now is the time for Russian Patriots to encourage Vladimir Putin to do the right thing…

The real enemy is Iran. Tehran needs to be dealt with. Bashar al-Assad is a matter to be carefully studied, because imagine we remove him from power now: who is supposed to replace him? We have anticipated all sorts of scenarios with him gone at this precise moment and none of them ends well; therefore, we fight Iran first. Besides, if Iran and the European Friend manipulated the events in Syria, Bashar al-Assad’s position shifts even though he is not entirely exempted of guilt – yet everybody is entitled to do atonement for his sins, specially if it means to guarantee the future Security and Prosperity of the Middle East.

(Image: Sarin Gas[Ed] - Google Images)

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  1. Could the european friend be France? History shown us they are traitors by nature.

  2. Wait, the Alawis are not Muslim then? Hezbollah/Iran made them Muslim to be eligible to run Syria? Then why are we even surprised at the whole affair? For fock's sake, people! Tessa May should go after Iran, what is she waiting for?

  3. I liked the Russian part where Putin stabs Erdogan before Erdogan stabs him, it is a possibility, yes? I have mixed feelings about Assad cause either way he is responsible for what happened in Syria, but the problem remains, if you take him out who will replace him? A jihadist? A weak leader that won't be able to unite all the ethnic groups? I am only sure of one thing, Iran is the country we need to go after! Have you seen what is going on internally? Save the Iranians from the Ayatollas!

  4. I think Assad did it with Iran. He is a criminal!

  5. We need a war to put an end to all this bullshit. All these incompetent politicians gotta go before they kill us all!


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