The India-US Relations: The Birth of a New Bloc

By Scott Morgan

One of the most interesting relationships that the United States is currently building on a Security Level has to be the one with India. There are several reasons for this to be taking place.

The main reason happens to be geopolitics. The world is moving away from focusing on the Atlantic Ocean basin and some of the major Economic and Political drivers are now located in the Indian Ocean Basin. Some of the more specific reasons for the cozying of relations between Delhi and Washington include:


An obvious choice. Tensions between India and Pakistan simmer along the contested border in Jammu and Kashmir. It appears that the US feels that India has the potential to be more respectful and reliable partner that the Pakistanis have proven by their actions in Afghanistan. The close ties between the ISI and some of the Militant Groups that have attacked Western Interests in both India and Afghanistan cannot be ignored any further.


As the Chinese President consolidates his hold on power and the actions of the Chinese Military grow more bellicose in the South China Sea, Washington has found itself in a position of seeking allies that it can trust. In some Diplomatic circles there has been talk of a new group of Democratic powers that have joint interests in limiting the expansion of Chinese power.

A New Bloc

These four nations are the United States, Japan, Australia and India. Already there have been joint naval exercises between these four nations. Other nations such as South Korea, The Philippines and Vietnam have the potential from benefiting in one form or another from ties with any one of these states.

India and the United States also have some other areas where they are cooperating as well. Both Countries have the chance to benefit from the IT Phenomenon. India’s vast population and rise in the IT Sector could allow for cooperation in the fields of Cybersecurity, Health Care and other industries where the US is currently lagging due to education.

Another interesting area of cooperation is in the Energy Sector. Part of this overlaps with Security interests in the Indian Ocean Area specifically off the East Coast of Africa. Nevertheless, the growth of the Indian Economy calls for energy supplies from various sources including renewables.

One area of concern that could see a direct link between Delhi and Washington in seeking a resolution is Bangladesh. As fears of ISIS taking hold in this country along with the Crisis caused by the Rohingya fleeing from Burma cause tensions to rise the situation cannot be ignored. How the powers address this crisis has yet to be seen at this point of time but it cannot be cast aside either.

Relations between the US and India show various avenues of growth. It will behoove the Trump Administration, Congress and the Pentagon to foster this growth.

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  1. Hi Morgan,

    Well, at least India and the US have their mind on the right path. And finally the US dropped Pakistan: not worth the effort nor the billions of dollars.


  2. Interesting new alliances are being formed. Good.

  3. There is a strong and wealthy Indian diaspora in the USA quite active in local politics. Some are also in important positions like Governor, Ambassador etc. They are quite influential and respected locally for their assimilation into the local populace.


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