The Imam of Cairo Islamic University in Lisbon: A National Security Oversight?

Last Friday, the Islamic Community in Portugal celebrated its 50th anniversary. Among the honourable guests was the Imam of the Islamic University in Cairo who travelled all the way to Lisbon to make a dangerous demand – this visit alone begs the question, did the Portuguese Foreign Office even bother to run a background check on this guest? This post will hint at the possible lack of oversight of the Portuguese Government.

Showing Weakness

The Portuguese President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (an apparent Philo-Muslim), offered the world the impression that he is a superficial leader with his MO of kissing and hugging the masses, plus the endless amount of selfies wherever he goes (which is a security nightmare). Perhaps this is a demonstration of affection to Portuguese popular sensibilities, but to a more international crowd this method of leadership is a demonstration of weakness. And when the world has the impression that one is weak, they tend to believe they can take abuse – which is what happened in Lisbon, last week.

António Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, flew from New York to Lisbon to participate in the celebrations as well. In fact, many of the Portuguese Socialist establishment were present at the event – although the most notorious absence was PM António Costa's. Why would the UN SecGen fly to Portugal to stand beside Islamic leaders?

What was so important about that event? Could it be related to the Saudi Crown Prince's visit to Cairo a fortnight ago? We hope the Islamic University's Dean didn't bring a message to Lisbon (especially when rumour has it, Europe's biggest Mosque is to be built in the heart of Lisbon, near the Castle of Saint George area, with Saudi funds).

National Security Threat

Appeasement never works, and it's a trampoline to future conflicts. As such, Arabs see appeasement as a sign of weakness. And Portugal just showed its weakness, thus Islamists now believe they can take the next step into regaining Al-Andalus – with President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and António Guterres as accomplices (they didn't have to participate in the event, normally it is a task for the Mayor; so what should we infer from it all?).

The Imam of the Islamic University of Cairo, Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Al-Tayyeb, made an interesting demand: since Portugal is giving Nationalities to the descendants of the Jews kicked out in 1493, during the expulsions period; the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia he believes that the descendants of the Muslims kicked out from the reigns of D. Afonso Henriques to D. Afonso III should be granted the Portuguese Nationality too – since there shouldn't be discrimination of any kind. Such a chutzpah coming from a citizen who is an openly anti-Semite and who belongs to a country that kicked out Jews and allows Christians to be killed at will. 

Note: so far 2,160 citizenships have been granted to Jews of Sephardi ascendancy who won't permanently live in the country. If Portugal would satisfy such an Islamist demand, then Portugal could expect 24 million of requests (based on fake documentation) who would be ordered to settle there in a blink of an eye. Can Portugal even imagine the consequences of such compliance? The Portuguese love the term “Positive Discrimination” - this is one of those cases where they should apply it. 

Dark History of the Cairo Islamic University

The Cairo Islamic University (i.e. Al-Azhar University) educated the likes of:

  • Hassan al-Banna (the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood – a Terror Organisation)
  • Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, Ayman Al-Zawahiri
  • Tariq Ramadan (a Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Professor)
  • Ahmed Yassin (founder of Hamas)
  • Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini (a Nazi Collaborator, a Revisionist and the root of the Arab-Israeli Conflict)
  • Omar Abdel Rahman (“the Blind Sheikh” author of the 1993 Trade Centre Bombings)
  • Izz ad-Din al-Qassam (a Syrian preacher whom the Palestinian Qassam Missiles were named after) etc. 
In sum, we are talking about a University that generates Sunni Radicals and Terrorists.

Sheikh Abdullah Azzam was the founder of MAK (Makhtab al-Khadamat) the root-organisation of Al-Qaeda. Abdullah Azzam, an Arab born in Palestine (in 1941), was the mentor of Osama Bin Laden, who later on killed him in order to be able to build AQ and have his way in Afghanistan. Al-Zawahiri became the #2 in Al-Qaeda.

In summa, a Uni that produced such fine individuals sends an Imam (a confessed anti-Semite) to Lisbon to make absurd demands, and to probably bring a message from Mecca. Phase 5 of the invasion proceeds – the initial plan was Spain but since the Spanish authorities do a very good job in curtailing every single plot they make, they are now turning to “weak” Portugal. The Portuguese Government didn't do its homework, did it?

The Mistake of Equating Islam to Judaism

It is a mistake to even think there could possibly be a parallel between Islam and Judaism when it comes to the History of the Portuguese Nation.

  1. Jews were brought to Europe by force as slaves. Then, because of their extensive knowledge they managed to overcome slavery and acquire relative freedom. Muslims invaded Europe (with the help of traitors and appeasers), raped our women, killed our men and children. 
  2. Jews supported the Portuguese Royal Families throughout the ages. They also sponsored and promoted the Discoveries Period – Pedro Álvares Cabral (who discovered Brazil), Cristóvão Colombo (who discovered America) and others were Jewish. Graça Nasi funded the Portuguese Royal Family and other members of the national Nobility. Muslims made some obvious contributions to the Portuguese language, names and to Fado, a legacy of their presence in the territory; but the memory that remains the most is their thirst for blood and expansionism. 
  3. Jews are the backbone of Portugal (70% of the population has Jewish blood). A very small percentage of the population has North African blood. 

With what right does the present Portuguese 'establishment' spit on D. Afonso Henriques, D. Afonso III up to D. Sebastião who gave their sweat and blood to build the Nation and keep it intact and protected from those expansionist “Islamic Infidels”? The Future of Portugal will not allow any traitor to defile the Memory of Our Brave Ancestors.

Father, you were a Knight. 
Today, the nightwatch is ours. 
Grant us the example whole
And your whole might!

Grant, against the hour when, wrong,
New infidels prevail,
Your Blessing as a blade,
Your Blade as a blessing! 
(King Afonso Henriques by Fernando Pessoa)

(Image: Flag of King D. Sebastião[Ed] of Portugal - Google Images)

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  1. Feeling sorry for Portugal already. Wouldn't be surprised if an attack would happen soon there.

  2. And so begins Portugal's downfall. Antonio Guterres subscribes to the invasion? Better investigate his activities as chief of the refugees agency! I agree with Rummuser: all the best to Portugal.

  3. If Portugal didn't do her homework then it's grave; if it did and yet decided to allow a radical Imam into the territory and grant him honours then I think we can infer a lot of interesting things about the Portuguese establishment. Either way, it doesn't look good for the country to host an anti-Semite and anti-Israel; and to give prominence to a woman batterer - i.e. the Imam of the Mosque of Lisbon.

  4. It's embarrassing how Europeans just yielded to the Moslems! By the time they open their eyes it's too late!


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