Iranian Bases in Syria: Deploying Higher Quality Missiles to Strike Israel

By Scott Morgan

Western Media outlets have proven to be adept at covering  the massive and timely Russian Intervention into the multifaceted Conflict raging throughout Syria and how it has appeared to have allowed for the reemergence of Al-Qaeda. Turkish Media have heaped praise upon the Turkish Military regarding their recent incursion into Afrin as well despite that turning into a quagmire too.

There is another party in this conflict, an allied to the Syrian President Bashir Assad, which has constructed its own base roughly 8Km from the Capital of Damascus and is on an effort to expand its influence throughout the region. That nation is Iran.

From a strategic viewpoint Tehran, or more specifically the IRGC (Islamic Republic Guard Corps), has had a very successful two year run at this juncture. It successfully armed Shia Militia in neighboring Iraq and it assisted the Authorities in Baghdad in driving the Islamic State out of several key cities (to remote areas along the Syrian Border).

It has also cemented even further its ties with Hizbullah in Lebanon. This Shia Militia which maintains a major presence in the Lebanese Parliament (and has positions in the Lebanese Cabinet) gives the Iranians not only eyes into the country but it also ensures that its voice cannot be ignored in Beirut either.

Now let’s go back to what is potentially a masterstroke: the apparent importation of Iranian Ballistic Missiles into Syria. During testimony to the US Senate, on Feb 28th, General Joseph Votel - the head of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) - stated that Iran was “increasing” not only in number but also the “quality” of the Missiles it has deployed to Syria.

There is only one logical reason for such a deployment: to keep Israel from striking any perceived threat that will most certainly emerge.

A Private Entity known as ImageSat International provided a snippet into the improvements the Iranians have made at this facility. According to imagery, there are at least two new hangers visible.There is also one key fact to address: if this company has seen these images, is there any Intelligence Service in the World that has not seen them? Another concern is why isn’t there a larger outcry regarding these images?

There is another interesting point as well: the Iranians currently manning this facility are members of the Special Operations unit of the IRGC. Last Month, we heard of an incursion into Israeli Airspace by an Iranian UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) - it is safe to assume that we might know the base where the vehicle was launched from. Now, under the terms of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) regarding the Iranian Nuclear Program guess which entity benefited from the Sanctions relief that was and will be provided as long as the benchmarks are still met? (Hint: They are in this Paragraph)

The Trump Administration has been making noise about withdrawing from the JCPOA much to the chagrin of the Europeans and Russia and the apparent indifference of China.

Having this site outside Damascus threatens not only Israel but also places other allies such as Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates under threat from a Missile Attack.

With Prime Minister Netanyahu currently in the United States (at the time of this report being prepared) one can only imagine the conversation that occurred in the Oval Office. It is clear that the Trump Administration may press home the fact that this information proves that Iran has deviated from the terms of the JCPOA in the non-technical sections. But what punishment that Tehran may suffer - if any - is yet to be seen.

(Image: Iranian Base in Syria - Imagesat Intl via Google Images)

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  1. Hi Morgan,

    A War between Iran and Israel seems to be closer and closer. In my opinion, the Iranian decision to build bases in Syria to be closer to Israel was a mistake, a very big mistake.


  2. I see a beautiful opportunity of realignment in the ME. Get ready, people.


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