Erdogan and Assad Out| President Trump's Peace Plan or State Department's?

Recep Erdogan needs to leave power and now is the best time to let Bashar al-Assad go. There are rumours of the existence of a draft Plan for the Peace in the Middle East that is supposed to be announced by President Trump soon: but is the Plan his or the US State Department's?

Turkey: Recep Erdogan Has Over Extended His Welcome

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a threat to regional security: under the guise of fighting ISIS, he attacked Kurdish fighters in Syria; then, after ISIS was defeated, he continued to invade Syria and attack Kurdish positions, having inclusively killed dozens of pro-Syrian government soldiers last week – during an ordered air-strike to Afrin (question: how does this affect Turkey's relationship with Iran?). Furthermore, President Erdogan is now threatening to invade and occupy Greece (i.e. the Dodecanese Islands once occupied by the Ottoman Empire and returned to Greece by the Treaty of Lausanne [1924] and the Turkish-Italian Agreement [1932]).

Greece is a NATO Member: a threat of invasion is a pre-declaration of war. And a threat to a Member-State is a threat to all NATO Members as per Article 5 of the Charter of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, is it not?

The Charter's Article 13 states “After the Treaty has been in force for twenty years, any Party may cease to be a Party one year after its notice of denunciation has been given to the Government of the United States of America, which will inform the Governments of the other Parties of the deposit of each notice of denunciation.” Number 13 (Card XIII)...13 Attributes...The time has come to invite President Erdogan to cease being a Party to NATO.

Turkey is an occupying state (Cyprus) that now wants to further seize and occupy land of a NATO Member State. Why is Europe and the US silent about this? It makes no sense at all to allow this menace to Security and Stability to continue thriving.

Hypocrisy Alert

«In 2016, Erdogan said that Turkey "gave away" the [Greek – Ed] islands that "used to be ours" and are "within shouting distance." "There are still our mosques, our shrines there," he said, referring to the Ottoman occupation of the islands.» (Source

Ha! Israel (or Palestine as the Romans called it), prior to the Islamic and Ottoman occupation, was Jewish Land (since ancient times) and now Erdogan (and his partners) deny any Jewish link to Jerusalem and the whole of 'Palestine'. 

News flash, Mr Erdogan: the Dodecanese, prior to the Ottoman occupation in 1523, was Greek Land since antiquity. So, you share the same problem as the Arabs: just because you occupied a land hundreds of years ago, it doesn't make it yours – especially when the original owners still exist (Greeks and Jews still exist). 

Bashar al-Assad: Time to Go

DS is all about timing. Before 2018, it was not the proper time to get rid of Bashar al-Assad due to reasons explained Here and Here. But now, the time has come for him to leave: who benefits from his remaining in power? Those benefiting from it need to see their influence in Syria reduced significantly.

Erdogan wants to see Assad go, but his wishes won't matter soon. Russia wants to keep him (either to keep its influence in the region or to sell weapons – though the latter reading seems to simplistic to me at the moment) so if Moscow would lose would be interesting. Iran already got what it wanted: to be inside Syria, with bases spread around the territory, so soon they will be dropping al-Assad like it's hot. The Proper actors should start thinking who the next Syrian Leader should be – with mainly the Syrian People's Human Development in mind, not entirely their own interests.

The Rumoured President Trump's Peace Plan

If what has been written is true – which I sincerely doubt, since it contradicts what President Trump has thus far said and done – then DS must advise POTUS that Israel will not accept the US State Department's proposal:

  • Demilitarised Palestinian State: what is this nonsense? The so-called Palestinian Authority has more armed organisations, armed to the teeth thanks to Global donations, than schools and infrastructures. And International Supervision would be as effective as the one done (by UNIFIL) to Hezbollah in the South of Lebanon.
  • Dividing Jerusalem in half – it will never happen. Let's remember simple facts (often viewed as coincidences – something it doesn't exist): every single politician who tried to divide Jerusalem ended up badly. This is not a terrestrial thing, believe me. 
  • Expanding PA's authorities to Area A and B of Judea and Samaria: is this based on the expired Oslo Accords? The same accords rejected by Mahmoud Abbas? Israel will declare Sovereignty over 100% of Samaria and Judea. This is not a terrestrial thing either. 
  • What happened to the US doctrine of "We do not negotiate with Terrorists"? The Hamas/PA/Fatah/PLO Cooperation is a branch of the Global Jihad Tree, why continue to push Israel to do something the US would never ever do? 
We appreciate what President Trump has done for Israel – and he will remain in History books forever for his political courage – however, the Jewish State will not be dictated by the US State Department. This Department, who behaves as if it were the true US Government, will eventually understand that it will be endangering the United States of America if it insists on stealing one inch of the Promised Land to give it to any other people rather than the Jewish one – and this point is definitely not a terrestrial thing.


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  1. I'm still not sure if Assad should be kicked out cause who will replace him? Can we trust any of the militias? Is any of Jihadist groups really defeated? Is it all worth it just to take power from Russia and Iran?

  2. After Ghouta Bashar Assad can't possibly stay! Those who defend his permanence in power only have to ask themselves what about the Syrian children and women? Unless the plan here is to continue with the slaughter to have more civilian material to be abused and raped by UN agencies staff, with some gun deals as a side dish.

  3. In a way, Erdogan is a nationalist who believes to be defending his country's interests; however, he is also an expansionist. Like Vladimir Putin, he is trying to revive the negative side of history and we can't have it. Now, the European and the American silence is almost like a confession: like they are hoping for a war to break out.

    Is there someone to replace Al-Assad already? If yes, then he should go. If not, then a plan must be prepared very carefully to prevent any vacuums. The enemies also want Bashar out in order to fill in the void, so we need to be careful about that. On the other hand, since Putin refuses to take heed of sound counsel, he does need to have his influence reduced - and not just in Syria.

    POTUS alleged Peace Plan: I prefer to wait and see. I just hope that Bibi Netanyahu remembers his mandate.

  4. Putin should also go and since he's not leaving in elections he should suffer what he orders people to suffer in London.


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