A Major Powder Keg: Russia, Catalonia and Attacks on Free Speech

There are three important issues that have the potential to negatively impact the world's Peace and Security: the attempt to Isolate Russia, the Catalonian Crisis and the Assault on Free Speech.

Is Isolating Russia a Smart Move?

We have been watching the circus of the absurd: the Europeans, led by Her Majesty's Government, have been carrying a hysterical campaign against Moscow. The emphasis should be put on the word “hysterical” because it seems like Reason has left the building: Boris Johnson got to the point of comparing the World Cup 2018, in Russia, to the Munich Olympics in 1936 – where Hitler had the opportunity to shine. In simpler words, the UK Government lost all its good sense and compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. Obviously, Boris Johnson just threw his future out the window.

So, we are back to using old formulae: concocting a faux foe in order to advance agendas. The UK needs to increase Defence Spending and renew its air and naval fleet, so what does it choose to do? To transform Russia, whom it wants to prevents from getting closer to the US (as part of the post-Brexit period Plan), into the enemy of the moment. The UK also wants to create a Neo-Cold War.

Isolating Russia is a dumb idea – even for EU standards. 

Question: if this idea was thick when Vladimir Putin seemed to want to implement it, what makes the UK think it would be a better idea coming from them? The Sergei Skripal Crisis, intended to rekindle the Cold War, was clearly concocted by an obsolete mind – a dangerous mind who wants to drag the world into an unnecessary war. Is Her Majesty's Government infiltrated by moles? Perhaps a Purge is in order.

The Catalonia Crisis: the Path to Civil War II

Madrid is still not listening. The Spanish Government is over-reacting to the Catalonia's People's ancient yearn for Self-Determination. It has been reported that Carles Puidgemont has been detained in Germany, due to an International Arrest Warrant issued by Spain – has he killed anyone? Has he justified Terrorism? Is he involved in Drug, Weapon or Human Trafficking? Does he do Money Laundering? Has he committed a Crime Against Mankind? Is he a Paedophile? Is he a Corrosive Corrupt who has committed Gross Negligence against his People? Yet there are a lot of people, including politicians, who have done/do these things and still walk freely...

Puidgemont's sole crime was to follow through with the People of Catalonia's wish for Independence. He is a symbol: a symbol of all the Catalonian Patriots either incarcerated or in danger for fighting for Justice – Territorial and Historic justice.

Carles Puidgemont fought pacifically for the independence of his country - he didn't resort to Terrorism to do it (like ETA did). Thus, is Spain really saying the world rewards Terrorists (e.g. the PLO) but punishes Peaceful Democratic fighters?

Madrid's lack of wisdom and futile resistance to change will end up causing a repeat of events: Civil War. And this will only benefit Spain's rivals.

An Assault on Free Speech: Westerners against Westerners

When a Right Wing, a Conservative, or a Patriotic exercises his/her right to Free Speech by writing about obvious truths (or misguided opinions in many cases) he/she will be attacked (i.e. page ranks suffer a hit and Accounts are either suspended or deemed insecure) by Social Media Companies and by the International Socialist Propaganda Machine.

When Radical Muslims write posts or make videos threatening Christians, Jews and Hindus online (or otherwise) nothing will happen to them, even though threatening and inciting to violence is a Crime. In most cases, these Radical Muslims (the Missionary and Political Activists of the Global Jihad Network) will even be transformed into victims by the International Socialist Propaganda Industry.

What is going on here: a conspiracy by Westerners to destabilise the West? The consequences of such a plot can be devastating if not stopped in time: imagine if all the silent Right Wingers (extreme, moderate and assertive), around the world, unite to protest against the infringement of their rights. This is a highly undesirable scenario...

DS works towards Security and Peace: how about World Leaders? 

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  1. The UK has made a perfect environment for Putin to play. I'm sure he's thanking God for the opportunity.

  2. Putin, England, all of them use old formulas, Max. And it's shame cause they drags us all into endless warfare with no purpose other than making money! How low have we stooped as people? When will DS run for elections lol?

    1. Hi Pietr :D!

      "When will DS run for elections lol?"

      Never lol. That's not the group's main goal, but thanks for your support :D.

      Thanks for your comment, Pietr.


  3. Got some observations to make about Catalonia. The Spanish secret services managed to place a tracking device under Puidgmont's car and follow his mobile by satellite, showing all of us it is possible to get people when they want to.

    Question: why aren't they doing the same to Islamic terrorists again?

    1. Hi James :D!

      It seems like they don't have the same level of interest to get things done when it comes to Islamic Terrorists, doesn't it? Why is that?

      Thanks for your comment :D. I was wondering when someone would bring this up, it had to be you :).


  4. James made a very good point, I say. But another question should be asked and that is, is Puidgemont that stupid? Any common terrorist and thief knows they need to check their car for tracking devices and to turn off their phone, so what happened there?

  5. It is becoming easy to turn Russia into the enemy cause Vladimir Putin does little to change things too.
    Germany should follow the examples of Switzerland and Scotland and not deport Carles Puidgemont, but does German still remember what true justice is and when to stop sucking up to Euro Member States - since they all buy her products?

  6. Free Catalunya! And Free Speech will never die: we will fight the leftist mofos!!!
    Pesach Sameach, my friends!


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