Lies of the Century: 4th Geneva Convention and Israel, White People are Racist

"Morpheus: Welcome to the desert of the real." - Matrix

Logic commands that formulas that do not work are to be discarded. However, in Politics, this rule hasn't been applied at all and we now see the gradual fall our of societies into chaos as a result. Moreover, not only have politicians, since the WWII, been resisting change but they have also clung to lies, disinformation and manipulation of reality.

The Israeli-Arab Conflict: The 4th Geneva Convention Fallacy

Many are those who repeat the 4th Geneva Convention Mantra (when discussing the Israeli settlements in Samaria and Judea) without even knowing what the 4 Conventions stand for exactly or whether the fourth one applies to the Israeli case or not. It does not.

Exposing the Lie

US President Trump decided to cut with the lies of the past – probably because he is a straight-shooter and probably because he is tired of the attempted leftist brainwash en masse. Now, the free world is waiting for another Political leader who is brave enough to do away with the hypocrisy, with the sheep mentality, with the flat out lies.

It would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result. - President Trump

The Geneva Conventions only apply in Times of War and to Sovereign States.

Another Lie of the Century: Palestine is a State. It is not (thus it isn't Sovereign either), therefore the 4th Geneva Convention does not apply. Nevertheless, we recognise that the international community has allowed the so-called Palestinians to use Terror as a tool to wage a war of attrition against Israel to force a situation (Times of War) to justify the pseudo-application of a Convention that isn't applicable, and is obsolete since it doesn't cover Terrorism nor the challenges of the 21st century Warfare.

Territory Granted to the Jewish People to Settle

Yet the lie persists. We have been hearing that Israel's reconquest of Judea and Samaria, in 1967, and the subsequent Jewish settlements is a violation of the 4th Geneva Convention. But there are two details to hold into account:

  1. Judea and Samaria (or West Bank, as erroneously called by the ignorant and the insidious leftists), was part of the League of Nations Palestine Mandate - which stipulated the right of the Jewish people to settle in the whole of the Mandated territory (See image above).
  2. Assuming we forgot the world's violation of the League of Nations British Mandate for Palestine; Judea and Samaria, prior to the 1967 war, was No Man's Land (since the Arabs rejected the 1947 Partition Plan) meaning that it did not belong to any Sovereign State (since Jordan never claimed it). When you conquer a land that technically belongs to no one, it is not occupation.

(Nota Bene: When the Arabs occupied Land and Kingdoms in the Middle East, India, and the North of Africa it was called “Islamic Conquest”; when the Ottomans occupied the mentioned territory and parts of Europe it was called “Ottoman Conquests”. But when the Jews fought to keep what an International Legal Instrument granted to them, it is called Occupation. Enough with the double-standards).

Do not be a follower, be followed. Do not perpetuate the Lie. It's time to separate the Wheat from the Chaff.

Another Lie: White People Are Racist

I grew up listening to minorities, of all kinds, saying the worst things about Caucasians (e.g. they don't shower, they don't brush their teeth, they smell, they are bad in bed, and other condemnable generalizations as such), about other ethnicities, about anyone who was different. I was in the middle and I thought to myself: those who accuse Whites of being racist are the racist themselves.

I am a Hybrid (what Socialist Hitler so charmingly called “Racial Pollution”), therefore I am in a privileged position to state that I am tired of the Lie that White People are to bear responsibility for all the Evils in the world – they are not. We Must Not see the colour of the skin, but the Person in front of us. The Human who talks, breathes, eats, sleeps and defecates just like any of us – that's what matters, all the rest is hogwash intended to divide Mankind.

There are good and bad white people, just like in any other ethnicity. Some Black People are now killing and raping their own in Africa – are all Black People Evil? The Chinese Government is killing Africans for profit – are all the Chinese People Evil? Natives in Latin America used to sacrifice their own to their gods – are all South American Natives Evil? Many Leftist Jews brought and still bring suffering to the World (ex: Karl Marx and George Soros) – are all Jews Evil? Many Muslims are Terrorists who thrive on killing anybody – are all Muslims Evil? Take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming the Whites for every and anything – it's unbecoming and it says a lot about you as a sub-human.

Concerning mistakes, follow three simple rules. Firstly, correct a mistake that you made whenever it is possible. Secondly, don't repeat the same mistakes. Thirdly, learn from past mistakes. - Eraldo Banovac

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  1. The left knows the truth about the Geneva Conventions but it is convenient to spread lies. Like you said most people don't know what they stand for and don't ask questions!
    I thank you as a white person cause I feel white people are under attack and that attack is proof of the attackers' racism. White people have done bad things in the past but we have also done a lot of good things, of positive things.

  2. "At no point has the P.L.O. renounced its program for the “elimination of the Zionist entity.” With startling effrontery P.L.O. spokesmen admit that their proposed state on the West Bank would be merely a convenient “point of departure,” a tactical “first stage” and finally, a combatant “arsenal” strategically situated for the easier penetration of Israel."

  3. Let me restrict myself to racism. I have personally experienced racism at the receiving end at its worst but, that has not taken away my affection for the rest of the community of people from which the racists, definitely a minority, came. On the other hand, I see the equivalent of racism in the community from which I come. Human beings are mysterious creatures who can be moved to act in certain circumstances, not by conscious expectation of reciprocity but, in accordance with conditions of motives of which, they have little awareness. If we, the better informed, can appreciate it, we can be detached about racism when we come across it.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      I am so sorry that you had to go through that awful experience (unfortunately, there are ignorant and evil people in every ethnicity). Humans are complicated but the most informed can help them surpass the darkness inside them. We must not be reactive: just because an idiot is an idiot it doesn't mean that I have to be one too. Besides, you know sub-humans always end up paying - Karma.

      " If we, the better informed, can appreciate it, we can be detached about racism when we come across it."

      Well said.

      Thank you for your input, my friend. And know that you are a beautiful Human Being :). I'm honoured to have crossed paths with you.


  4. Israel should just send the Arabs to Jordan otherwise she will never have peace. Jordan = Palestine, and this is not a contradiction of terms.

  5. It's about time someone puts a stop to stupid and obvious lies, not just the two ones presented here. It's too basic to accuse white people of all the evils in our world, the same way it is too idiotic to fall for the victimisation of the so-called minorities - that in fact are the majority in the world, and who possibly are more racist, in a more aggressive way, than the most racist white. Generalisations are dangerous.
    Regarding the Geneva Conventions: very well said, Max! Let's see who will be the first politician to have the balls to acknowledge this in public - cause they do it in private most of the times.


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