Iran Strikes Israel: Concerted Action With North Korea?

Iran is blowing the wind of War. 70 Years ago, the Arab States ganged up against the Jewish State to no avail. 70 years later, Iran and its minions are also preparing themselves to attack Israel. Last weekend, an Iranian drone invaded the Israeli airspace (via Syria) and Israel responded decisively (see details here). So far, Russia has responded as usual (urging all sides to restrain themselves) but it is recommended that Moscow reviews its interests very quickly.

The Wind of War

Iran has always threatened to wipe Israel off the map – and it meant every single word of it. While it didn't make good on its word, it stockpiled resources (through Hezbollah and other business partners around the world) in order to get to this moment, with the compliments of the European Union. I will leave the Obama administration out of this conversation, as unwittingly the Obama Team did Israel, and the Iranian people, a favour – even though it only did half of the job.

President Obama refused to unleash (what we called at the time) the “Blue Dragon” on the Iranian regime – probably because of the dubious close advisers he had at the WH. Not only did he do that but he also shut down Project Cassandra – intended to cut Hezbollah's worldwide funding operations - with significant repercussions on the Fight Against Terror.

Iran infiltrated Israel's airspace without permission with an unamanned aircraft that could've easily been armed: this is a declaration of war. If Iran wants to play, let's play.

Hezbollah, Al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas), the Islamic Jihad, Al-Aqsa Brigades (Fatah) et al will be activated by the Ayatollah to wage a simultaneous war against the Jewish State, on all fronts (North, South, East and West), but this once no Media, no Fake News, no Social Media campaigns, no George Soros-paid anti-Israel campaign will stop Israel from properly defending itself. Moreover, these groups will be doing us all a favour, as the Plan begins to unfold. Then, there will be Peace: always.

Demise of the Revolutionary Regime

Iran anticipated the war – that was only supposed to start in the Summer. Is it because:

  • They want to distract the world from the domestic revolution that nears?
  • They agreed with North Korea they would go to war first, so that Pyongyang could have a go at the US in the Summer?

Either way, since G-d Works in mysterious ways, perhaps the Mullahs are in a hurry to cause the fall of the Revolutionary Regime – to the benefit of the entire Middle East. This is a huge opportunity that cannot be waisted.

The US, in the person of President Donald Trump, has expressed the wish to assist in the demise of the present Iranian Regime, in a show of support to “the good people of Iran”. The first phase of the Down-Fall Operation nears and the United States should be on board.

Gog and Magog War: Re-Alignment of the World

Will Russia review its position or will it continue to apply the same old formulas in its quest for a chimera? From where we are sitting we observe two things:

  1. Vladimir Putin's vision of the New World Order will never come to be – because they do not fit the Plan. 
  2. President Putin's foreign policy for the Middle East will fail entirely the minute he gets in the way of the Jewish State.

One would expect that Moscow had already understood that old formulas, old ideas, old threats are no longer acceptable factors in the new Equation. Russia should really help us helping Russia.

In our quest for a stabler international community we realised that States are not yet grasping the message, therefore in 2018 we are planning to become more straightforward. - DS in The World in 2018: Burying Old Formulas and Ideas

For clarity sake: any country in the world is hereby advised to seek a re-alignment; that is to say, a re-position in the international arena bearing in mind the incoming re-structure of the Middle East Map – 102 years old later.

The European Union will fall along with the Iranian Regime, for aiding and abetting Terror. Brexit, Catalonia, Galicia, Corsica, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern Cyprus and any occupied territory in Europe will only be the beginning of the End of Days...

(Image: Solstice CME - NASA)

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  1. Without a doubt this is Hashem's way of telling us what we gotta do! Iran is toasted ב"ה.

  2. Russia is right where Putin wants her to be: Iran depends on him, Syria depends on him, Turkey is closer to him and now even the fucking Palestinians are turning to him cause they lost trust in America. If he gets India back and he will meddle in the Indian elections to have Congress back, plus the Latin American states that stand with him, Putin has almost the old scenario in place to threaten America!

  3. I was thinking that maybe this is a proxy war between Russia and the US? I can be wrong but it's just an idea.

  4. Max, I agree: WTF if the Iranians want to play let's play! Israel deals with them and the US deals with the North Koreans. This will be a hot summer after all! I just hope that in the process we get our land back. Go Eretz Yisrael!

  5. This war is inevitable. Iran must lose if we want terrorism to be defeated. Iran falls, Hezbollah falls, yes? Hezbollah falls and Lebanon can go back to be a real country.

  6. Well, we have been preparing for this war, haven't we? And we win too.
    The European Union is a mess: did you hear they are proposing to create three extra taxes in Member-States to compensate for Brexit? They are smothering us with so many taxes, what the hell? The sooner they are gone, the better.


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