5 Socialist Lies: Equality, Poverty, Religion, Human Rights & New World Order

The political arena must definitely undergo a severe purge. The world has been engulfed in a ball of perversion ever since Marxism was created – it's pointless to argue otherwise because the evidence is just piling up by the minute. Socialism has been lying to the world since its inception but now the mask is falling. This week we will briefly discuss the main Socialist straight out lies.

Lie #1: Equality

There is no equality, period. In any family there is the absence of equality (the father is not like the mother, who is not equal to the children, who are not equal to the cousins, who are not equal to the uncles and so forth). In nature, we take two trees from the same species and realise they are different, with differently-looking roots, branches and leaf sizes. We look at our hands and the fingers are all different. Let alone in society.

Hierarchy comes naturally in existence. And if there's a hierarchy, there can't be equality. Period. There is a marvellous concept called equality in opportunities. We have all the right to have access to means that propel us forward: education, health, a job, a decent disposable income, an affordable home, security etc.

Another compulsive lie is the oxymoron 'Gender Equality' – there are two genders, male and female, and this dichotomy presupposes difference, inequality. It is an absolute mental disorder to state otherwise, to pervert simple Truths. Men have a phallus, Women have a vagina; therefore, they are different. Accept that difference and make the best of it, but stop lying to yourself and to society at large.

Lie #2: Eradicate Poverty

It is impossible to eradicate poverty, but it is possible to eradicate misery. Yet, the formulas chosen by most people (based on Leftist concepts) not only do nothing to eradicate misery but they also serve as instrument for Perverts.

Oxfam, World Vision and other aid agencies have been exposed for what they really are: sex exploitation agencies. The gullible, the idiots, the photo-ops lovers, the I-want-to-look-good-to-the-world types in the West give money, clothing etc to help the poor in Africa, in Asia, in the Caribbean - since these so-called aid agencies promise to give them to those in need. Let's forget for a minute that the formula of “giving” is all wrong (and that it basically humiliates the recipients of 'aid'). Let's rather focus on the perversion of it all...

“I give you a Kg of rice and you have sex with me”...”I give you this shirt and you fondle me”...”Hey, are you hungry? Come with me, we'll have fun and then you have a hot meal!”...”Need shoes? Here's a pair but we have to be friends...do you want to be my friend?” (read more here)

Aid work transforms an ordinary guy like me into a hedge fund titan or the owner of a Ferrari – it places in my pocket a ticket to the high life and a passport out of hell. Therein lay the path to my moral undoing. I am not Harvey. I am not Roland. But that is not good enough. - in I Abused Women, said former boss of major aid agency (link)

You are worse than Weinstein because at least Harvey operated in an ambiguous environment where women often offer their bodies in exchange for roles – sadly, those who do not want to do it end up suffering the consequences. Aid workers are expected to help, not to sexually exploit the downtrodden in exchange for help. Shame on you people.

I have a question to Ms Meghan Markle, the future Duchess of X: did you ever think of investigating World Vision before becoming their Ambassador, and who suggested you to do it, a friend...someone you met at a futile social event? We understand you have Leftist leanings, as most of your lot do, but you need to do a public Mea Culpa – from your high horse, you criticised Donald Trump on a TV show for being combative and “divisive” while belonging to an organisation that trades help for sex with minors.

What is wrong with the British Court and who vetted this young lady? (NB: if Prince Harry of Wales takes issue with this critique of his fiancée, whom he is so sensitively protective of, he can always meet me in the Highlands - and before he calls me a racist, I should perhaps clarify here that I am a Mulatto too)

Lie #3: Religion is the Opium of the People

Without religion there's no moral code. And spare me the “Oh the Catholic Priests are sexual predators” because that is an insidious generalisation – some Catholic Priests were predators and the Church is dealing with them. But the fact is that Religious Books lay down the rules of conduct for a better Human interaction.

Most Leftists, and some right wingers, believe in “Mankind”, they believe “in Energy”, in the “moon”, in the “sun”, in “Aliens”, they believe in anything but G-d. Now we see why: believing in the Creator makes you know your place, your boundaries and to know how to behave. Not believing in G-d, not having that yoke on their neck, allows them to rape women, girls and boys without the burden of conscience. It also allows them to take advantage of human desperation to quench their hedonism. Nay, in the midst of this evil lunacy we have to conclude that Religion is the Onyx of the People.

Lie #4: Human Rights

As Jonathan W Penn best explained:

“The so-called Human Rights Legislation was designed by the Left to enable the Tyranny of the Minority over the Majority of the citizenry, so that we no longer have majority rule – which is the basis of a Democracy. Hence, we no longer have a Demokratia, but a Humanism based government intended to enable Leftist Interests to control the populace”.

Dangerous stuff.

Lie #5: New World Order

The New World Order (NWO), as it stands on paper, equals to a One World Government, headed by Top-Members of the International Socialist. The proponents of the NWO say the so-called new order is to be void of any trace of the Judeo-Christian tradition; and therefore, Israel must be put down at any cost. But, you see, here lies the problem: there are people willing to fight to keep the Jewish State standing...by any means necessary. And if for that we have to destroy the International Socialist Organisation, then that's exactly what will happen - one by one. Only then will the World know real Peace.

Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand; To execute vengeance upon the nations, and chastisements upon the peoples; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written; He is the glory of all His saints. Hallelujah. - Tehilim 149:6-9 

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  1. I'd add a couple more lies to the mix: equal job equal pay, transshit, gay rights, gender fluidity and Palestine as a state. I hope to live enough years to see Socialism dying!

  2. I agree with Jonathan Penn. We need to take Democracy back!

  3. Socialism looks good on paper but in reality it does not work because there are always corrupt people willing to exploit it. Utopia will never exist in humanity because humanity is corrupt, and Socialism is the perfect mechanism to control the populace.

  4. Socialism is set to die eventually but the more soldiers we have contributing to the death of the biggest scourge on earth the better, man. I stand with Israel.

  5. Socialists want to kill our traditions and our religious roots to control all of us! They have this stupid idea they want to control the world. When Putin mentions the New world order is he speaking in the same terms as the Socialist International? I doubt it!

  6. What I have seen in this part of the world is that socialism is a tool to oppress the poor and not giving them the scope to become rich. The gullible minds are fed some dogmas and then forced upon to live on them. If socialism would have meant equal rights for the people then people should have been given the opportunity to voice their rights but on the contrary that freedom is taken away and people are almost forced to live a life of slavery. And the preachers of socialism continue living on their fake ideals and a sense of high moral beings.


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