Trump's Hard Words 'Bout Africa: The Truth Hurts, Doesn't it?

By Lenny Hannah

I don't understand what is going on inside a black person's head: in his constancy he likes to play the victim; and in his indifference he allows himself to be manipulated by any white, yellow, brown (Middle-Eastern, Indian, Pakistani, Cabloke and alikes) individual and one of these days even the red-skinned folks will come to play their part in the charade.

It's obnoxious to see that, in the 21st Century, the Negro who travels through Libya lets himself be hunted, as if he were an animal, to feed the Slave Market of that Nest of Terror where a male is worth $500 and a female is sold for $300 – he will clean the dirt of filthy Arab/Asian men and she will be daily raped by disgusting Arab/Asian males.

Heavens! One would think that the Black Continent has been cursed; but it hasn't: the African soil was blessed with unique natural resources; the African People were certainly blessed with Intelligence (just like any other human being) and, yet, there's the rumour that President Trump classified African Countries as shit-holes – such alleged epithet shocked Haitians, Africans and...I...think we should talk!


It is indeed a shit-hole, because it is composed by oppressing, belligerent, corrupt leaders, destroyers of the environment (they have totally obliterated the forest) and an inert and idle people.

At each crisis, Haitians have fled their country to the United States instead of staying there and rebuilding it. When some of them run to the US they take their rest-avec with them – that is, a slave. 46% of these Caribbean citizens seem to be using at least “one major welfare program” (for more details, check this data – perhaps not the most appealing immigrants on earth). President Trump is right in not wanting to pick up unnecessary tabs. The Haitians that do not contribute much to the American economy should be encouraged to go back to their country to rebuild it – and at least try to reach the level of their neighbour, The Dominican Republic.


It is a fascinating continent...although a shit-hole:

  • When you, as a leader, sell off your country's natural resources to the Chinese in exchange for poor quality highways and airports, your country is a shit-hole.
  • When 95% of your people lives in deplorable slums, your country is a shit-hole.
  • When you, at the State's expense, send your children (and those of your mates) to study abroad at exorbitant prices, while 95% of the people lacks primary schools, high schools and colleges because you empty the State's coffers in utter impunity, your country is a shit-hole. 
  • When your country doesn't have sustainable agriculture that guarantees the basic food needs (because the government, and accomplices, control the means of production), your country is a shit-hole.
  • When 95% of the people survives on a monthly pay of less than $30, your country is a shit-hole.
  • When a country's commerce and industry is reserved exclusively for a small “elite”, your country is a shit-hole. 
  • When opportunities are barred to those who do not belong to the ruling party, your country is a shit-hole. 
  • When freedom of speech, of the press and of association is brutally suppressed, your country is a shit-hole. 
  • When the wives of the ruling regime give birth abroad (in London, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and the United States of America) and the majority of the People gives birth on the floor because there are no beds in the National Sub-Hospitals, your country is a shit-hole. 
  • When your country's decisions are made based on bribes, your country is a shit-hole.
  • When you allow suspected terrorist groups to trade stolen used cars, drugs, foreign currency and foreign passports/nationalities, and to systematically organise kidnappings of foreign citizens, your country is a shit-hole. 
  • When your country is used as a lab to test ideologies at the expense of the excruciating suffering of your people, your country is a shit-hole.

African Citizens, your leaders are stealing funds from the Public Coffers and hiding them in European, Arab and American Banks au lieu de developing your nations; therefore, if you are a Negro and, in this very moment, you are falling for the cheap orchestration that #TrumpIsRacist then you are a shit-head because I didn't see you protesting after you learned that the likes of you are being traded in that shit-hole called Libya Рwhat, you preferred to be manipulated by the International Socialist (IS) that pretended to be surprised with CNN's expos̩? Know that right afterwards IS saw to it that its lackeys (UN, EU and the African Union) would be placed in that disgusting hole to make some money of their own.

My dear and similar Africans, there's no place for indignation when we stand before the truth; therefore, think, ponder, reflect and understand that you have no right to help passing nefarious messages that suppress reason. 

Certainly not everybody is eloquent; however, I am thinking that President Trump wanted to tell the African people and leaders the following: "Take your dirty money (hidden in American Banks) back to your countries and, for decency sake, build decent neighbourhoods, schools and hospitals (powered by Solar Energy) for the people. Build mini-water treatment stations near your agricultural fields, villages and towns and furnish your cities with Sewage Treatment Plants."

Before I leave, one last tip to African leaders: when the Chinese ask you if you want roads and airports in exchange for Uranium, Rare Earth and Cobalt, please tell them “enough of highways and ailpolts; we plefer infla-stluctules” (running water, electric power distribution, pluvial water-draining network and sewers).

See You Next Time

(Image: Kibera Children[Ed] - Google Images)

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  1. Trump warned the world that as a principled realist he would focus on the betterment of the people so this should come as no surprise. Those who are offended just want to distract us from their role in this whole mess: the UN, the EU that drains Africa, the African Union that gave Africa to the Chinese and everybody else that is after sucking the Africans dry!

  2. Next time say it like you really mean it, will ya? Hehehe. What else can I add to this brutally honest post? Nothing but to say that I agree with you, Lenny.

  3. Hi Lenny,

    As I said on Etnias: I subscribe to your words.



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