Oppression, Censorship, Killing Freedom of Speech and Pathologising Political Opponents on Steroids

Remember words like 'oppression', 'censorship', and terms like 'suppression of freedom of speech' and 'pathologising political opponents'? They are back in fashion - only this time they are on steroids.

Oppression on Anavar

When we think of the word 'oppression' we usually think of Governments treating the people cruelly or unjustly; but now we have to apply the word to a different imagery: Feminist Oppression.

Contemporary Feminists have set themselves out to go after men. They are on a witch-hunt. Some critics say their actions may affect the courtship between men and women for a long time, and they question the motivations of Hollywood actresses since these sex scandals raise a lot of ugly questions:

  • What is DRR (Director's Rights Respected)? 
  • Is offering sex in return for roles part of the Acting Industry? 
  • Is it proper for females to take advantage of men in power and then accuse them of sexual misconduct? 
  • Is this witch-hunt the best strategy to remove men from 'Power' and replace them by females? 
  • Are females only capable of getting to power by either getting on their back or playing sleazy games? 

What is the most common cliché in the world? It is the statement that “if women ruled we would have peace in the world” - does any sane person really believe in this by looking at females warring men in a such a low and despicable fashion? Enough with the feminist oppression. But who is going to put them in their place?

Censorship on Dianabol

Are you a Conservative on Social Media? Get ready to be censored. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and perhaps even Google (judging by our experience on Blogger) have been censoring Conservative posts – by either deleting them, or making it hard to find them, or by meddling with page rank, for example.

Are we back in the Soviet Union? Perhaps we are in China, who knows. But if the International Left thinks it controls everything and everyone, we would like to inform them it is not so; and while we have been sitting back watching events unfolding, we intend to help other Conservative elements to fight Censorship and make our voices heard. The Left cannot avoid the unavoidable.

Suppression of Freedom of Speech on Primo

Politically Correctness (PC) is a nefarious concept invented by the Left (i.e. the Communist China) to suppress dissent and opposing opinions. Nowadays, you can't say the truth and the obvious without being called a 'racist', an 'islamophobic', a 'body shamer' and whatever else they can come up with...

I was born in Africa - and I am proud of it. I love the Continent I was born in but let's admit the truth here: it is a shithole.

  • It is insulting to see African leaders selling African resources to China, Europe, Canada, Australia and Brazil while my brothers continue to live in abject misery: no hospitals, no schools, no proper housing, open sewage etc – in other words, none of the basics that people in the West take for granted. 
  • It is outrageous that African children have to play by the margins of the rivers of Babylon faeces and urine. 
  • It is offensive that African leaders get richer by the minute at the expense of common African citizens who, on top of everything, have to be sold as slaves in Libya. 
  • It is appalling that instead of being outraged about Negro Slavery in the 21st century, and instead of fixing Corrosive Corruption, African Leaders are outraged about the American President's speaking the truth. 
  • Having a couple of fancy resorts for the rich, doesn't alter the reality for most Africans and doesn't change the fact that those countries are, in general terms, a shithole. 

Give us a break and stop proving that Richard Nixon was right about Africa.

Europe is undergoing a slow Islamisation process, period. Europeans do not make babies, Muslims do. Europeans are losing family values, Muslims stick together like glue no matter what. Europeans have been led to renounce religious values, while the Muslim secular have been encouraged to return to Islam and be pious (i.e. becoming radical Muslims). Socialist Governments did this to get votes, period.

Being Obese is not beautiful. Being Obese is not healthy and it is irresponsible to tell the masses that they should feel confident about being over-weight, take pics of themselves in their undies and post them on social media – then when someone states the obvious, he/she is accused of “body shaming”.

People are creating tensions that eventually will lead to Civil Wars. Socialism will have done it.

Pathologising Political Opponents on Sustanon 

This one is really trendy off late – suddenly everybody has a psychology/psychiatry degree when they talk about President Trump. Then we have those who actually have a degree in any of the Mental Health fields and diagnose the President of the United States without having examined him in person – which is absolutely unethical – simply because they do not agree with his political style. Wow.

People, you do not have to agree with President Trump, you do not have to like him, you don't even have to respect him; but at least show some self-respect by not making an utter fool of yourself.

Using mental health professionals to pathologize political opponents was a common tactic used by the Soviet Union, China and apartheid South Africa against political dissidents – Alan Dershowitz 

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  1. People are getting stupider and it's driving me crazy! I guess polarizing politics is doing that but I guess we are on a crossroad and need to decide which way we want to go. Liked the steroid reference.

  2. Feminists are a dying breed so they resist death by attacking men one last time. Poor women cause they don't know they will never take over and Oprah is using them for fun! Us men don't even have to lift a finger against them cause it will all backlash, trust me Max.
    I don't know Africa but what they show on TV is so bad that I'm tempted to call it a shithole and what is funny is that the same Media offended with Trump is the same Media that depicts Africa as shithole. Go figure!

  3. Just because there are a couple of African countries that are poor it doesn't mean you can call them shitholes!!! Poverty is not shit! And we are not pathologizing Trump he does it by himself!

    1. I didn't know one could self-pathologize, way to go Celia! Demorat much?

  4. Excellent Post. You pretty much nailed it. PC was invented by communist/socialists to destabilize western society. If you can't win a war with arms then pervert and takeover from within.

  5. African leaders should respond to Trump with positive actions. They should fight the plagues that kill African countries today and not pretend they are offended with the truth. US Africans deserve better!

  6. Sometimes I like to state obvious things too, like, "A liberated woman deserves a liberated man". But that is much too cruel. From a different angle, the Marxists thought that the women should be common property of the men who constitute the commune. The feminist seems to have a reverse notion that the men should be the common property of the women who constitute the commune, but they still aren't happy.


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