What Do Turkey, Iran and Angola Have in Common?

Turkey and Iran are trying to convince the Islamic world to uprise in order to hide their activities. Angola is trying to display signs of change to America in order to regain access to Dollars but the reality on the ground is similar to that of Iran's and Libya's Superdollar production. The Party of G-d is preparing to wage a war against Israel, using the funds it placed in the hands of its frontmen. How is Turkey, Iran, Angola and Hezbollah related?

Turkey and Iran Cooperation

Turkey and Iran have been allies for a long time, in spite of some tensions regarding the operations in Syria: Turkey wanted to show the Americans that it was fighting ISIS (an organisation it sponsored, as many reports have shown) when in fact it seized the opportunity to attack Kurdish positions both in Syria and at home. Meanwhile, Iran was fighting ISIS hard (thus undermining Turkey's plot) to show it also fights terrorism when, in reality, all it wanted was to get rid of the competition and to position its fighters closer to Israel.

But now these two countries reconciled and are working towards one goal: wiping Israel off the map,

  1. Turkey supports Hamas in the Gaza Strip
  2. Iran sponsors the Islamic Jihad and Hamas in the Gaza Strip
  3. Iran supplies Hezbollah with Strategic Plans, training, and “spiritual” guidance
  4. Turkey and Iran intend to use the UN and other International Fora to, along with the PLO, wage a Diplomatic War against Israel. 

Angolan Super-dollars

Another country that seems to be going in the right direction is Angola. The new President, João Lourenço, ordered all the Angolan citizens that have funds abroad to return them to the country with immediate effect otherwise they will be either prosecuted or expropriated. This action is allegedly intended to show the United States the new government is fighting corruption but reality on the ground contradicts the appearances: we received intel that a certain General has been printing Dollars in one of his houses in Luanda.

We are talking about a country where Hezbollah thrives quite easily; therefore, there's an uncomfortable question begging to be asked: whom is that General printing dollars for? Now it's the time to recall that the Lebanese trade over US$250 Mio per day in the Mártires de Kifangondo neighbourhood (located in Luanda, and known locally as the “Wall Street” where the predominantly spoken languages are Arabic and French) – where do they get this cash from when rumour has it that Angola ran out of dollars?

Turkey has interests in Angola, Iran has interests in Angola/Namibia through its proxy – Hezbollah – that operates in the Tri-Corridor (DRC, Angola, Namibia). Connect the dots.

Hezbollah's Confession

Soon after President João Lourenço ordered Angolans to repatriate the funds deposited abroad, Lebanese elements reportedly ordered those same citizens not to send those funds back to Angola. What seems to be chutzpah is, in fact, a remarkable confession: the billions of dollars 'owned' by the Dos Santos Family, by most Generals and other inner-circle members belong to Hezbollah – as we suspected.

[Banks] "owned" by Angolan elites through Portuguese fronts and offshore companies, with Lebanese funds – earned either through money laundering in the streets of Angola (where millions of dollars in live money are transacted everyday); or through diamond smuggling and illegal weapon deals in the Tri-Corridor - Introduction to the Biggest Counter-Terrorism Operation Involving Portugal (here)

Turkey (Sunni) and Iran/Hezbollah (Shiite) are using a practically failed state to conduct activities away from prying UN, EU, US, eyes; and to increase their slush fund to finance their subversive activities both in Africa and in the Middle East.

It's imperative that the Free World takes a firm stance against Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah (which also means exerting pressure on Lebanon, as much as it hurts France) and it's vital to deal with Angola once and for all. Can Europe be counted upon (when it serves as a safe haven for Criminal and Terror Elements)? We'll see.

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  1. Erdogan is fooling everybody yes. He is planning another genocide but this time of the Kurds. Iran doesn't fool anybody but it's time to get a firmer position and stop her or things will get worse.

  2. I wonder if Project Cassandra will be resumed under President Trump? It is unbelievable that the Obama Administration would block the project to get friendly with Iran - I can't even begin to tell how grave this was as we are talking about letting the most organised Terror Syndicate in the world off the hook.
    What else did the Obama administration let slide? We know CAIR (i.e. Hamas) grew under their watch, we know the Muslim Brotherhood was working at the WH too, and these are dangerous organisations.
    Unfortunately, I would advise an investigation to Barack Obama and his entourage. Too grave to overlook.

  3. Today the UN is about to lose a lot of money if Trump keeps his word. With all these things going on in the world that bring tragedy and cause suffering to people, the UN obsesses over Jerusalem!? Shame on them! And I hope someone gets all these bastards!

  4. Erdogan is feeling very powerful now that he has the support of Iran, but the bigger the rise the bigger the fall. I feel sorry for the people in Angola who have suffered so long at the hands of communist thieves and now at the hands of Jihadists! Maybe that's why Angola voted for the Palestinian resolution, even though they are not even a country at the UN, to block the Lebanese request? Is Angola prepared for Trump's response if they wanted him to give them access to dollars?


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