US Foreign Policy Cannot Be Held Hostage by Threats

PLO/Hamas threatened to start yet another intifada: but when did they ever stop? Since inception, the Arabs in Palestine have been waging a constant intifada, cloaked as “Peaceful Resistance”, so should we stop the presses every time they decide to threaten us with more of the same or should we prepare to retaliate, and solve the problem for good? And by the way, this so-called upcoming 'intifada' has nothing to do with President Trump's Strategic Vision for the ME: the next phase of their uprising has been planned for over a year, with the compliments of Iran.

"The American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem involves the same level of danger to the future of the peace process and pushes the region into instability," - Nabil Abu Rudeina, Abbas’s spokesman.

"Pushes the region into instability"? In 'modern times' the Middle East has been unstable ever since the Ottoman Empire fell, so what is the PLO talking about?

The Peace Process is Dead

There is no Peace Process. It died for good during the Obama Administration. The PLO had been dragging the negotiations since the signing of the Oslo Accords, in 1993, and when President Obama took office they decided to just sabotage the whole thing – did they do it because they were counting on the Second Obama Team (comprised of Muslim Brotherhood elements) to have their backs no matter what? Or did they do it because they got so cocky that they never saw the political changes in the ME coming?

Let's be clear about one thing once and for all: the 'Palestinian' leadership does not want to live peacefully side-by-side the Jewish State. Initially, in 1964, when the Palestinian identity was concocted by Egypt and the Arab League, the plan was to use the so-called Palestinians to wage an attrition war against Israel (since the idea that the Jews would run away like rats in a sinking ship prevailed), but the plan did not work because they failed to understand the Jewish mindset.

The PLO Record

Ever since the charade started, we have had two Intifadas (1st one in the 1987-1991 period and 2nd one in the 2000-2005 period), numerous terror attacks, four major wars (Palestinian Insurgency in South Lebanon [1971-1982], Operation Cast Lead [December 2008-January 2009], Operation Pillar of Defence [November 2012] and Operation Protective Edge [July-August 2014]), more terror attacks, hostile diplomatic campaigns and illegal unilateral moves on the International Stage.

In the meantime, the PLO/PA (in the person of Mahmoud Abbas) has admitted to have rejected every single offer that Israel has made them in exchange for peace. Furthermore, they issued directives ordering their members to sabotage any attempt to reach Peace.

In addition to all this, the PLO has used its extensive network to aid and abet terror attacks against western targets (read Here and Here).


The dynamics in the Middle East has changed. And the Trump Administration dared to start contributing to that change. DS abides by one motto “Never Threaten, Never Boast” so when the PLO/PA (with the Iranian support) threatens either the US and Israel we take issue it with – and get ready to act.

So, President Trump, go ahead: either move the embassy or recognise Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, or both – the threat shall be contained, Iran will get the proper message and regional partners will be able to reach an accord towards security and prosperity in the Middle East.

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  1. The deadline to sign the waiver is gone, does this mean the embassy will be moved to Jerusalem? That would be a slap on the face of Palestinians cause they have refused all offers and at some point they have to suffer consequences for their refusal, yes? No brainer here.

  2. The speed at which events are unfolding in the Arabian Peninsula, I think that it is best that they are left alone to sort out their problems their own way. I think that it is best that the POTUS does not do anything now to precipitate matters. I foresee a favourable future for Israel in what is happening already.

  3. This is a historic day for us all. I congratulate President Trump for his courage in breaking the insidious mould of the past, and to PM Netanyahu I say: כל הכבוד! To the Jewish People:
    עם ישראל חי מעתה ועד עולם
    Now we must prepare cause losers never accept their fate. Having said this, we must prepare to fight, but it's worth it: we fight for our Land.
    Good job, Max.

  4. Mazal Tov to Israel and to the United States in particular! It took guts. We need to stop yielding to Arab threats cause it makes us look weak every time we do; hence the huge importance of what president Trump did yesterday. For years I had been saying that the balance of power needed to be shifted but politicians are resistent to change; and how ironic when we think of Barack Obama! Good job, everybody.

  5. Trump had balls! Kol Hakavod to him and his administration! The world was in hysteria but nothing unusual happened, it was more of the same cause this time not even the Arabs are willing to stop leaving their lives for the Palis. Anyway, I say "Jerusalem now, Samaria and Judea NEXT!" :))))) Am Yisrael Chai!

  6. Kol HaKavod and Chag Sameach!


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