The World in 2018: Burying Old Formulas and Ideas

By Dissecting Society

2017 is coming to an end. We would like to thank our audience for having followed our work and for having understood our subliminal mission statement: to contribute to a more evolved and safer world. Notwithstanding, in our quest for a stabler international community we realised that States are not yet grasping the message, therefore in 2018 we are planning to become more straightforward. 

For the past 7 years, it has become clearer that Dissecting Society is a brand to be reckoned with – world events have been preceded by articles that either foretold them or advised on the best course to tread upon, to the benefit of all those who opted by following our counsel. 

This year we are not going to play the Best Vs Worst of the Year Game, instead we will pen down a small comment on an occurrence that set the tone for 2018's events. 

The UN General Assembly Nuanced Spectacle

Politicians speak of change but they don't want it, otherwise they wouldn't use the same worn out formulas that have done nothing to advance “peace and security” to ALL Peoples. The UN showed, once again, that its expiration date nears.

UN Vote Board, 21st of December 2017

All of the above countries next to the Green box will suffer the consequences of having voted against President Trump. The repercussions will have different degrees according to the pressing National Interests of both Israel and the US.


Some Israeli analysts are of the opinion that President Trump should leave Cairo be, in spite of having been the one putting the motion forward at the UN, due to her strategic importance: helping Israel in the fight against terror and keeping Hamas under control. Even though we understand all the intricacies behind the Israel-Egypt relations, we defend that the time has come for the Arab Countries to choose what they really want to do from now on:

  1. Do they wish to move forward and turn the Middle East into a Power House? Or
  2. Do they wish to end up destroyed? 

This is the time to decide. And with this in mind, we would suggest POTUS to cut aid to Egypt in half until President Sisi and other Arab leaders understand that political relativism and political correctness - that have not resulted in the welfare of all Peoples in the Middle East - are no longer acceptable instruments in International Relations.

European Union

The countries that compose the European Union and voted in favour of Egypt's motion should remember that their security depends on Israel and on the United States of America – and knowing what we know, do those countries really believe they are safe enough to continue applying old formulas? If the EU falls, if Europeans suffer the consequences of bad decisions and policies, what good ideology, corruption and lack of common decency will have done for the European People's welfare?

The European Union would do well to recall that the United States are their biggest export market - meaning they need the US more than the reverse, since the EU is not even the US biggest trade partner.

Catalonia voted for Independence, again. The will of the People must be respected, and Spain should change her demeanour unless it wants to provoke another civil war.

2. The European Union (..) deplores, in particular, the practice of torture, summary and arbitrary executions, forced labour, abuse of women, political arrests (..) - in European Foreign Policy: Key Documents by Christopher Hill

Question: how come the EU deplores political arrests in Myanmar but doesn't react the same way when Spain right now holds Catalan political prisoners? The double-standard is deplorable, regardless of the reasons.


This country appeased China and Turkey: the Chinese invest US$15Bn and the Turks invest US$7BN. The US only invests US$567Mio. Thus, the Ethiopian UN vote was done based on pecuniary reasons – and cutting aid to her would probably not affect this country much; but Addis Ababa should reflect on her Security and look at other African countries where Turkish and Chinese investment bore a heavy price (ex: Angola, Central African Republic, Sudan, DRC etc) – would Ethiopia like to join them?

Addis Ababa is advised to choose her partners carefully: Erdogan will fall and the next Turkish leader may not have the same inclination towards Africa as he will need all the funds he'll still find to rebuild Turkey. China will soon be involved in a conflict and she will also need to turn her expenditure and attention inwards.

What will countries like Ethiopia do then? Africa needs to turn to reliable partners, starting now.


All the countries that voted against POTUS did so to divert the world's attention from their own political sins. One look at the 128 countries that voted for the Egyptian motion and you see what they have in common (in more or less degrees): corruption, perversion and violation of Human Rights. They are so lost they don't even know what doing the right thing really means. But in 2018 they will be reminded of that significance and of their insignificance.

Happy New Year. 

(Image I: Burial of St Lucy - Caravaggio)

[The views expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dissecting Society]


  1. So it's not allowed to have political prisoners in the EU but they let Spain have political prisoners? What's up with that, huh? I sure hope 2018 is the year the hypocrisy ends! Happy New Year, DS and keep up the good job.

  2. Happy New Year, DS and all our readers. 2018 will be a great political year!

  3. The US should suck the UN dry. Happy new year.

  4. I am looking forward to 2018. Let the games begin. Happy New Year.

  5. The Spanish King made the worst festive speech I have ever seen a monarch delivering: he threatened Catalonia. Nice! Whether we like Trump or not we have to admit that he talks the talks and walks the walk, and that alone is incredible and new and beautiful. After so many years of phony politicians it's good that Trump came along. As for the UN: it will fall, it has to!

    Happy New Year, guys! And keep up with the good job.

  6. Keep bringing those new ideas to us. Happy 2018!


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