The Jerusalem Effect: Political Passive-Hysteria and Media Blood-Thirst

We are now in a crucial period in the History of Mankind. The world is changing, so naturally there is a sense of uncertainty that brings fear to the hearts of Political Leaders and commentators. Unfortunately, when people fear they usually do and say sub-intelligent things that can bear nefarious consequences.

The UN Security Council Futile Resistance 

Last Friday, the UNSC convened in a special session to condemn President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The result was very interesting: in the name of national interests (trade and otherwise), most countries proved their weakness and revealed their willingness to abdicate facts, security and stability.

The United Kingdom

The UK was adamant in its criticism of the US. What morality does this country have when it comes to the Middle East? We must remember that the Great Britain is one of the two Architects of the chaos and destruction that have been plaguing the region for almost 100 years now. One word for the wise: the UK has divided territory, set families (tribes) apart, brought about suffering and destruction; so the laws of action-reaction (and of measure-for-measure) dictate that the United Kingdom will suffer the same. Therefore, the British Government should take heed of its actions and words because they will determine the intensity of the reaction/measure.


A word for the wise: this country has been waiting for a certain situation for a long time. That situation is already here, but the Empire may face difficulties if it doesn't align itself with the United States' decision. It is in the Japanese Imperial interests to support President Trump's position regarding Jerusalem.

The Media Blood-thirst

The International Media was expecting a spectacular bloodshed in Israel because of President Trump's announcement. The bloodshed didn't occur, even though many Media outlets tried to give the impression that the Jewish Capital was on fire...but it wasn't, as Bassam Tawil so well put it:

Newsflash for the journalists: There's nothing new on the Palestinian street. Palestinian threats of violence and walking out of any "peace process" is old, old news. Jerusalem is not on fire.

It was interesting to hear several 'experts in Middle East affairs' predicting Intifadas and tensions that would spiral out of control all because of “Donald Trump's irresponsible decision”, which per se disproved their expertise. Again, those who actually know the reality on the ground could teach them a couple of things, if they allow themselves to go beyond the disinformation provided by BBC, the Guardian, Haaretz and the New York Times.

The protests and violence we are witnessing in parts of Jerusalem and the West Bank constitute daily life here. It is not as if the Palestinians have not been carrying out terror attacks against Israel all these years. And it is not as if the Palestinians used to love Israel -- or even recognized its right to exist -- until Trump made his announcement last week. - Bassam Tawil

As for the politicians who passive-hysterically accused POTUS of derailing the Peace Process, we can only wonder what College actually did for these people since they do not make use of reason – I would like to put the spotlight on Federica Mogherini, the EU head of foreign affairs, who proved the notion that women are better than men is definitely a myth.

No peace process is about to be "derailed," for the simple reason that there was not one on the first place -- and there has not been one for years. Why? Mostly thanks to Palestinian rejectionism, indoctrination and incitement. - idem

One can move the political pieces and manipulate events to best suit a country's interests but this manipulation must be done with a good dose of justice, ethics and decency, otherwise one is no better than beasts.

In the past, we would abstain from emitting an opinion when we didn't hold all the facts lest we would discredit ourselves in public. Today, people are shameless enough to talk about what they don't know. The day we hear a commentator or a politician actually speaking the truth and acting upon his/her words, that's the day when people can trust the world is moving towards peace. Until then, we have to admit everybody is bought out and sucking up to entities that seek the destruction of Values, Traditions and National Identities – i.e. destroy to conquer. A person with integrity will the admit the obvious:

Palestinians have not yet managed to come to terms with Israel's right to exist. That is the real story. The Palestinians rage and rage and rage for only one reason: because Israel exists. - Bassam Tawil

Thank G-d people in the Arab World are beginning to see that they have been duped by Europe to keep them down. That they have been used by Europeans, and previous American administrations, to advance a specific agenda (with the Iranian endorsement) to subdue them. When the Awakening is complete, the Middle East will be a Regional Power that will surpass Europe – cause and effect.


Change is coming and the world has only two options: to either get on board or to fight it. But one thing is certain: old rhetoric and positions will not prevail; old formulas will be obliterated; and only those who choose the right side of the fence will thrive. The New World Order: what does it mean? Certainly not what Vladimir Putin thinks.

Ever since the Treaty of the Tordesilhas, former European Empires have destroyed the world. So, after 523 years one would think that there had been any kind of intellectual evolution but no: they continue to produce the same sub-par decision makers who continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Therefore, excuse us if we refuse to be dictated by them – they will not tell us what to do this time. Israel and the Arab States will solve the 'Palestinian Problem' by themselves, rest assured.

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  1. Britain sold billions of pounds in weapons to Qatar, or was fighter jets? Anyway, a sale was made to a country that sponsors Hamas. Are we even surprised they condemned Donald Trump's decision? Nope. It's all about the cash, man!


  3. Never has the obvious so frightened the world. There was a surprising reaction by India, China, Russia, Egypt and others - the Palestinians then turned to Erdogan, even though it was clear that Abbas doesn't like him at all. The United Kingdom feels like her job has been done a 100 years ago, but we have news for her, don't we? Japan's response was indeed unexpected as the Empire is Pro-Israel, but countries need to understand that Israel will no longer accept support behind closed doors while being slammed in public, at the UN and other fora.
    Channukah Sameach, DS!

  4. Did you guys see Abbas whining at the Istambul Summit? Erdogan even incited killing the Jews!! European countries are weak cause I would take a strong position NOW, I'd side with with Israel openly as a response against hatred and terrorism! Weak, weak, weak!

  5. I see this whole thing as the last gasps of dying birds: European Union is slowly walking towards death, Turkey's Erdogan will fall too, Abbas knows the Palestinian cause is a joke and will die too, the UK now divorced from EU is trying to keep herself afloat in the international arena. All irrelevant actors.


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