Political Chess: Moving the Pieces Around Towards One Goal...

The pieces are being moved around: Saudi Arabia seems to finally understand what role it can play to make the Middle East (ME) a regional power; Zimbabwe is on its way to freedom and President Donald Trump seems to be on the path to straighten the Arabs in Palestine up.

Saudi Arabia: Myrrh

This week, the Saudi King is set to abdicate power in favour of his son – Mohammed Bin Salman, the Crown Prince. The 32 year old Prince has already started doing some reforms to Saudi Arabia, having inclusively announced that his Kingdom would return to pre-1979 State of Religious Affairs (in other words, the Kingdom is about to renounce Wahhabism – a School of Thought that has held Saudi Arabia captive of fanaticism and of arrested development).

MBS (as the next King is being called internationally) has been conducting a purge, has been working towards the normalisation of relations with the Jewish State, has declared war against Hezbollah, has announced reforms regarding Women's rights, and he has been taking a firm stance against Iran. Under his command, even the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia issued a Fatwa forbidding the war against the Jews and stating that Hamas is a Terrorist Group.

All of this may sound too surreal. Many of us are even cautious about these changes. But I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for logic dictates that a modern King wants to see his country developed and strong. Furthermore, the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman understood the message clearly: Europe wants Saudi Arabia weakened; above all it wants the Middle East weakened – and that was the Plan since the conception of the Sykes-Picot Agreement. Now, we must always keep in mind that America also followed the same paradigm – till President Donald Trump came along – remember State Secretary Henry Kissinger's 1975 plan? That plan has been the blueprint of the State Department deportment regarding the ME ever since.

Presently, Saudi Arabia seems to begin to understand that it must not continue to play right into Europe's hands. Change is required and the Middle East – the birthplace of knowledge, wisdom and understanding – is to replace Europe when it comes to Political Power. The ME is the next Regional Bloc Powerhouse. But this will only happen when a couple of pieces are moved around – and if Saudi Arabia is on board, then success will be sweeter.

Zimbabwe: Gold

There has been a Pronunciamiento in Zimbabwe: the military took charge of the country's political affairs and invited Robert Mugabe to resign for the good of the nation – with the People's blessing. Of course Mr Mugabe rejected the invitation at first, but he eventually did it yesterday.

I will not waste time analysing Grace Mugabe's shameful behaviour, for as far as I am concerned she should be prosecuted along with her criminal husband: Robert Mugabe should respond for the Massacre of Matabeleland (a crime against humanity); and she should respond for the crimes of embezzlement of Public Funds and Property, Corruption, Political Persecution etc.

Africans must understand that having fought for the liberation of their countries doesn't grant them an automatic right to embezzle State Funds, redistribute those funds by their offspring, wives, concubines and frontmen; and embezzle State Property to put it under the name of their wives, harlots, relatives, friends and frontmen. G-d Willing, Zimbabwe is only the beginning of the Second Wave of Liberation Movements in Africa.

US vs Palestine: Incense

The winds of change have also arrived in the US. Finally, a US President has the courage to put the PLO in its place. He threatened the PLO: they will have to close their offices in Washington DC unless they return to the negotiation table with Israel. Probably, not what he wanted to say at all; but I can only guess that POTUS needs more support and evidence that the PLO is behind the global network feeding the Global Jihad.

December is coming. If President Trump really wants to fight Terrorism, then he must not sign the waiver on the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act. Doing it now will have bigger implications to the American National Security than changing the Embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish State. This is the right moment to act.

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  1. Mugabe resigns, but he doesn't, then he does, then he doesn't and now he's being impeached. I too think it's a great historic moment that Africa is seeing right now and I am happy for the African people. They deserve a break! So who's next, Zuma?

  2. "BREAKING: PA freezes all meetings with US. PA suspends all meetings with US officials after US decides to close PLO office in Washington DC."
    Did the evidence get the US or did the Palestinians piss off Trump? If Trump doesn't sign the waiver in December, then history is being done here under our eyes.
    Saudi Arabia is getting interesting also, I want to see how far the new king will go. Some are calling him arrogant and proud but because he is different!

  3. There are too many players and too many chessboards to make any sense of what is going on. 2018 promises to be very interesting.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the message to Africa: yes, a second wave of Liberation Movements is coming but this time it won't be Marxist-Leninist - that destructive ideology that brought nothing but suffering to the several African peoples. Saudi Arabia seems to be on the right path, let's wait and follow the events...

  5. Waves slosh back and forth, often obscuring the current. Will wait and see what happens with all this.


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