War, Self-Determination Only for Some and 'Al-Shabaab' in Mozambique

There are three major events that deserve a brief comment: Hamas/PLO is preparing to attack Israel; according to some no one has the right to self-determination except the ex-nihilo Palestinian people; and Radical Islam has allegedly invaded Mozambique.

Unity Government Preparing for War

The PLO is back in Gaza to take over the administration of that enclave. Hamas reached an agreement with PLO/Fatah to “end the punitive measures taken against the Gaza Strip in previous months.” However, last Sunday, rockets were already directed at Israel – could this be a warning of things to come?

It is known that the 'Palestinian cause' has suffered a decrease in popularity in recent months, now that the world is slowly realising not only the PLO's real intentions (i.e. protracting peace till its ultimate goal: the annihilation of Israel) but also its relationship to Global Jihad and the terrorist attacks against the west; hence, the decision to reunite with Hamas. This reunion seeks to not only to fire up the support of the Arabs in Palestine but also to legitimise the “resistance efforts” - since Hamas (that has more experience in Urban Warfare against Israel) is blacklisted as a Terror Group, while the PLO/PA (in spite of being a Hybrid Terrorist Organisation) has received the Green Card from the UN and Interpol.

This recent move only shows Iran's roadmap: to sponsor a Hezbollah attack on the North and Northwest of Israel; and to sponsor a Hamas/PLO attack in Yesha and from Gaza. This is exactly what Iran has in mind and that is why it has been displaying a defiant demeanour towards President Trump; but Iran should really think it through because we are indeed living times of “calm before the storm”.

Self-Determination? Only For Some.

Turkey and Iran are forming a united front against the Establishment of an independent Kurdistan. How hypocritical can these two be? Kurdistan used to be a single territory belonging to One People, the Kurds, before the Europeans decided to chop their land up and distribute the pieces to expedient political entities. Yet, Ankara and Tehran support the Establishment of a fake Arab State of Palestine.

The establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people...given the historical connexion of the Jewish people with Palestine. - San Remo Conference (International Law instrument)

Spain is losing its head because of Cataluña. King Philip VI stated that Spain must stay unified, in one piece; yet his Kingdom hypocritically defends that the State of Israel is to be broken into pieces to create a Fake Arab State. The Catalan are one People, with one Language, its own culture and history; just like the Jews in relation to Israel (or Palestine as the Romans called it). Countries are simply reaping what they sow...

So basically the message is: the Arab settlers that fixed residence in Palestine (who Nasser correctly called the “Arabs in Palestine”) have, according to many, the right to Self-Determination whereas Historical Peoples with their own land, traditions, history and language don't. How even lower can the international community go?

Radical Islam in Mozambique

It has been reported that the North of Mozambique has been invaded by Al-Shabaab (and another group, that I had never heard of before, called Al-Shazan). Last week, the villagers of Mucímboa da Praia, in Pemba, filmed some of the alleged elements of 'Al-Shabaab' entering their village with AK-47s in their hands.

This invasion, of sorts, happened after the Mayor of Nampula was murdered and national radical Muslim individuals incited attacks against the Police as 'retaliation'.

We wonder whether there's a connection between these events and the feeble Portuguese International Security Policy that allows the mushrooming of Global Jihad not only in Portugal but mainly in the former colonies:

  • In Angola, Jihadist and criminal elements acquire Portuguese and Angolan passports quite easily (a good example of this is the fake Portuguese and Angolan passports held by the 'wife' of Ndranghetta Boss, Giuseppe Morabito [who also held several fake Portuguese documents himself]); 
  • In Portugal, similar elements with Portuguese and Angolan citizenship are buying houses and Financial Institutions to launder money. Moreover, the Portuguese Government is granting Special Residence Permits to individuals based on their Bank Statements rather than on proper security background checks (reason: public interest - even though the government never publishes the list of those people that allegedly serve public interest). 
  • In Mozambique, it has been noted an increase in Angolan and Portuguese citizens – but are they so; or are we talking about, for instance, Hezbollah and AQ elements with acquired passports? 

Pemba is rich in Gas. Portugal, the United States and Italy have direct investments in the area; therefore, any attempt to disrupt the security of Pemba, and surrounding areas, poses a serious threat to the national interests of these countries – thus, who is truly behind these Islamist attacks and why now?

What do these events have in common and what is the subliminal message here?

(Charon, Ferryman of the Dead - Gustave Doré)

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  1. What they have in common, Iran?

  2. Hamas and PLO are going to follow Hizbullah's model (terror org. being absorbed into Lebanon's armed forces). This is an indicator that PA has found an alternative to the 'regional solution' - since the Arabs are shifting their position towards Israel, Hamas/PLO are turning to Iran, who is now coordinating the operations. Interesting twist of events, non?

  3. 100% sure Hamas e Fatah are getting ready to attack Israel. If not now then next summer! But it's coming. Catalonia is a complicated case cause what type of state would they produce: a republic or another monarchy? They better weigh all their options well, plus how would they attract investment? I heard companies are leaving the region!


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