The European Union-Iranian Relations Border Accessory to Crime: Terrorism

Iran is at it again. Tehran has proved to be proficient in multitasking: it coordinates operations in Iraq, in Syria, in Israel, in Yemen, in several African countries and Latin America - all this with European Support. We all know what Iran wants (Islamic Dominion of the world) but what is the European Union's interest in supporting the Ayatollahs?

Iranian Global Islamic Dominion

In order to reach its goals, the Revolutionary Iran believes it needs to get rid of two main enemies: America and Israel. To that effect, it will do whatever it can to disrupt the American economy and politics, while supporting the Jewish State's foes towards its destruction.


Last week, Daily Mail reported that the FBI had evidence that American Radical Left Wing groups had travelled to Germany to meet AQ and ISIS leaders to help them striking a hit against Donald Trump's America. We know that European authorities have been slightly out of their minds, but we shouldn't underestimate them that much – in particular the German Secret Services. The mentioned report states that leaders of ISIS and AQ (more precisely AQIM and AQAP) met with disruptive left wing elements to create an association towards common goals; but this report begs a couple of questions:

  • How did AQ and ISIS leaders even enter Europe?
  • Have they been hiding in Europe all this time?
  • If so, how come Left Wing kids found them but Euro intelligence services haven't?
  • Have they entered Europe through the mass migration wave?
  • What if we are truly talking about Khorasan (the SWOT Team of Global Jihad)?
  • What if Iranian elements are embedded in the Khorasan Org as well (since they have common goals)?
  • What if those kids met Hezbollah elements instead? 
The possibilities are endless.
Iran has Hezbollah elements all over Africa trading diamonds, uranium; ordering and exchanging foreign currency in the streets, doing money laundering, owning Banks; trading food etc. Ahmadinejad made sure he visited Niger, and other countries in the Sahel, in 2013 – AQIM operates there. Iran has been arming the Houthis in Yemen, where AQAP also operates. What's the connection, you ask? It's the “beauty” about Iran (and any Islamic Terrorist element by the way): it is incredibly pragmatic, thus it adjusts very quickly to the circumstances and it moves very rapidly upon any sudden change in the conjuncture. This capital detail is what prevents most of our colleagues from moving as fast as these actors when analysing Islamic Terrorism.


Iran is back to Palestine. After a small interregnum over sectarian loyalties (Hamas saw fit to support its Sunni brothers in Syria and work with ISIS in the Sinai) Iran and Hamas/PLO decided to get cosy once again against their common target: the Jewish State.

It is not a secret that the Trump Administration favours a Regional Approach to the Middle East Peace Agreement (i.e. he is letting Israel and the Arab Nations sort the problem amongst themselves, just like we suggested a couple of years ago during the Obama Administration), which is something that displeases the Arabs in Palestine; therefore, Iran believes to have seen a vacuum, one that needed to be filled. So Iranian money is flowing right back into Gaza.

Why Is Europe An Accessory to Iranian Activities?

As we have discussed before, Europeans use Iran to fix their immediate economic issues; thus they favour normalisation of ties with Iran, even if it implies throwing their values out the window and enable Terrorism. But as we look at the European Union's behaviour, we can't help but to notice a pattern of hypocrisy:

  • They imposed Sanctions on Russia even though Russia doesn't conduct one tenth of the criminal activities Iran does around the world.
  • They are quite all right with the Iranian aggression against the Kurds and Israelis; but they have a problem with Turkey doing the same.
  • They are against Kurdish, Catalonian and Scottish Independence but favour a 'Palestinian' one (even though there has never been such a state).
  • They declare Hezbollah a Terror Group but supply wealth to Hezbollah's main benefactor.
  • They pretend to go after Terror Funding while funding the main Terror Sponsor on earth.
  • They claim to want to fight Nuclear Programmes for Military purposes, and yet allowed Iran to achieve its goal through North Korea (with Chinese and Pakistani blessing).

What is Europe's Plan after all, to be an Accessory to Terror? The European Union must fall at any cost. And it will.

The End Doesn't Always Justify the Means

If you have read my work long enough, you have probably realised that I am comfortably Machiavellian. Having said this, I understand very well that sometimes we need to sleep with The Accuser to do what Needs to be done. However, what is happening around the world is that everybody grew used to sleep with whomever to get what they Want. There is a vital difference between needing and wanting...there's even a greater difference between HaSatan and Evil Humans.

I always tell those I advise that it's advisable to allow people/states to do business as long as they don't cross the line; as long as they understand that a certain level of ethics must be upheld and as long as they comprehend that everything must make sense, otherwise Perversion prevails – and we do not endorse Perversion. This is what makes us different from relativists like Henry Kissinger - if the End is not Human Development, of any People around the world, then the means cannot be justified at all. People are not chess pawns.


The Trump Administration is right to keep Iran in check. President Trump does well to unleash the Lion of Tzion. Donald Trump's idea of endorsing a regime change in Iran is supported by DS. Inshallah, the good people of Iran shall be freed of the yoke of the Mullahs. G-d Willing, the world will be freed from the shackles of Iranian Terror Sponsorship and its Leftist accomplices. But throwing another package of sanctions against Iran will be futile (given the mechanisms they have set up around the world, over the decades, to circumvent them) – there are other ways.

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  1. The Iranian president refused Trump's invitation cause they know what's coming. With Hussein Barack they spoke on the phone, exchanged tweets and shit, but they are shitting their pants with Trump cause they don't know what to expect. Europe is a failed socialist venture that like other socialist experiments will die for good so I'm not worried.

  2. Europe is very hypocritical! Enough with these games and come clean otherwise Europe will cause the third world war!

  3. US left wing kids met with ISIS people in Europe and an Uzbek dude attacked people in NYC two days ago? So it has started? Trump should go after the left in the US for real!

  4. Iran is trying to stay away from the media as much as possible so she can carry on with her subversive activities, so you did well to discuss this issue. I bet Europe encourages the media to steer away from the subject as well; but we cannot allow them to push this existential threat under the rug either. Iran must be dealt with and now it's the time.


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