Interpol's New Member: PLO, Hybrid Terrorist Organisation

Last week, it was reported that Interpol had accepted Palestine, a non-sovereign state, as a Member-State. Besides the obvious absurdity of this act (how can a non-state be a Member-State of whatsoever), we will show the danger behind this decision. Furthermore, we will also see that the Interpol has just signed the death sentence of its credibility, by submitting to ideology while forsaking International Security.

Vision and Mission of the Interpol

The vision

“Our vision is that of a world where each and every law enforcement professional will be able through INTERPOL to securely communicate, share and access vital police information whenever and wherever needed, ensuring the safety of the world's citizens. “

The mission

“We enable global access to police data and information.” (source)

What is the Palestinian Authority?

The Palestinian Authority is an entity created by the Oslo Accords, as an euphemism to the PLO (in President Abbas' words “the only representative of the Palestinian people”) - a Hybrid Terrorist Organisation (see definition here). And since President Abbas renounced the Oslo Accords, in 2015, the Palestinian Authority ceased to exist remaining, thus, the PLO; meaning that:

The Interpol just welcomed a Hybrid Terrorist Organisation into its midst.

As such, a Terror Group will have global access to capital police data and information, that will later on be shared with its vast network – in Brazil, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and America, for instance. Dissecting Society has shown time and time again the relationship between the PA/PLO and Global Jihad:

The 74 countries that voted in favour of having a Terror Organisation as a member of the Interpol have exposed the world to even greater danger from the Global Jihad.

The Interpol Lost Credibility

The International Socialist finally reached the Interpol. That organisation, labelled by us as Hydra, is behind these results, clearly reached based on ideology – just look at the timing of the vote, a week after 'Palestine' was ignored by the strongest countries in the world. Thus, this Interpol move was intended to put the Palestinian Cause back on the map.

It is rather sad that the Interpol became a political instrument in the hands of Hydra. It has clearly lost credibility but unfortunately it has put all its resources at the disposal of Terrorists who use International Platforms to Activate Terror Cells around the world.

Message to the Israeli Government

Unfortunately, DS is forced to hold PM Netanyahu responsible for this outcome. Had he delivered a strong UNGA speech (along the lines we shared Here last week), the world would've never had the gall, the chutzpah, to defy Israel in such a manner. By wanting to give prominence to President Trump, PM Netanyahu ironically weakened Israel's position.

Remember this photo?

Eight men around a table who (preparing to give the Spotlight to America) never saw this one coming.

.ישראל, את צריכה עזרה? אני ממש כאן, אני יכולה לעזור לך

(Image: Interpol Logo[Ed] - Google Images)
(Image II: Bibi Speech Team - Arutz Sheva)

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  1. What is wrong with the world?

  2. You are correct, the socialist internationalists pushed interpol to accept this but we live in so crazy times that organizations that are supposed to protect us are putting us in the hands of terrorists. Save our souls!

  3. I only have one comment to make about this lunacy: End of Days.
    Regarding PM Netanyahu: hire DS! We are available to help :-)

  4. "Israeli officials have expressed concern that the Palestinian Authority could use membership............." - no doubt.

  5. The world has just signed its death sentence. Good luck, people.

  6. Governments will always have a State Religion. In this case, Total Insanity has become the deity that all are required to worship.


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