Catalan Crisis: Spain Creating a Security Threat to the Iberian Peninsula

Spain is bracing itself for troubles. Last Saturday, Madrid decided to suspend the Catalan Government and impose a direct rule – did Rajoy just shoot himself on the foot? Is the Spanish Monarchy in peril? The Catalunya Crisis may turn into a Security Problem for the Iberian Peninsula.

Does Spain Want Democracy or Not?

The Spanish Ruling Government is called “Popular Party” implying that it respects the will of the people; but what PM Rajoy just showed the world is that he doesn't give a jot about what the People in Catalunya wants.

On the 1st of October 2017, the Catalan voted for independence (+99% of the electorate, actually) even though the Spanish Government tried to suppress their right to vote in the referendum.

Countries need to get their act together: when they speak of Democracy, do they really mean it? Because from where I'm sitting, I'm am seeing the will of several peoples being disrespected here:

  • Donald Trump was democratically elected by the American People. Since he was inaugurated the President has not had one day of peace to work to Make America Great Again, inasmuch a couple of resentful leftist voters can't accept that they no longer control public opinion – and so wreak havoc. 
  • The British People voted for Brexit – and rightfully so. As soon as the votes were counted, the disgruntled Remainers, backed by Brussels, began a campaign of delegitimisation of Her Majesty's Government in order to bypass the Will of the People. 
  • Over 99% of Catalunya's electorate voted for Independence. Let's think about it: over 99% of the votes cast opted by parting from Madrid, from the Monarchy. This is the Will of the People. 

This is what Democracy is all about, for bad or worse; for good times and bad times. If countries are not happy with it, then let's extinguish the term and move on to the next political system – but which one? Spain, on October 1, showed us it is ready to become a Repressive Constitutional Monarchy where Democracy is appreciated when things go their way, cause if they don't: they will suppress the people's rights.

The King's Role

King Felipe VI's position is slightly understandable: he wants to maintain the Monarchy's grip to Catalunya; lest Spain loses its standing in the European Union and eventually loses strength to Poland (NB: if Catalunya bids farewell with its more than 7 million citizens). However, one can't catch flies with vinegar and, therefore, the King should've used a milder tone when addressing the Catalan crisis – or did he want to send a clear message that he is channelling Franco (the mighty Military protector of the Monarchy)? His address to the country was undoubtedly ominous...

The fact is, last Saturday, history was repeated: just like Franco did (after 1939) PM Rajoy annulled Catalonia's autonomy statute. We just wonder if Madrid will also prohibit any public usage and/or the recognition of Catalan Language. The signs are not good and Spain may end up seeing another internal armed conflict (conventional or not), if the rights of the Catalan People are not respected.

What Will the Future Hold for Catalunya?

What kind of political system will be put in place: a Republic or a Constitutional Monarchy (represented by the House of Aragon)? If a Monarchy would be the selected option (though I sincerely doubt it since many Nationalists are Leftists who are profoundly anti-Monarchy, anti-Aristocracy, anti-Tradition) do we even know who the descendant of the House of Aragon is? I am asking this because if Barcelona wants to deal with Madrid it would be advisable to be on equal standing; otherwise, Madrid (supported by the King) will always consider itself superior – which will make negotiations harder.

The problem with a Republic is that it will be more of the same. Nothing new, nothing revolutionary about it: corruption and more corruption. Thus, Catalonia should think it through and make a decision...quickly.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. - Ecclesiastes 1:9

Has Spain thought about the Iberian Peninsula's Security? If Madrid clashes with the Catalan people, and arrests Carles Puidgemont, has the King thought of the consequences of such decision? Here are a couple of examples of the possible repercussions:

  • Wake Independentist Groups up (not only Catalan but also Basque). 
  • Witness Terrorist Groups, already settled in Spain, helping the Catalan Cause (even if the Catalan leaders would never consider asking them for help).
  • Encourage groups like the IRA to join the party. 
  • Encourage Islamic Investment, in Catalunya, from countries like Qatar - which would be a disaster for the Security of the Kingdom of the House of Bourbon. 

If this scenario comes to fruition, Portugal will be also in danger because it already 'harbours' ETA and IRA elements, and at least 7 Islamic Sleeper Cells - having said this, the country could be used as an Operations HQ. Lisbon is presently worried with the economic side of the Catalan Crisis but it should focus instead on the Regional Security of the Peninsula - which will generate a much bigger headache to the nation (than being creative and finding new markets to export its products to).

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  1. To me Spain is being stupid. Go, Catalonia!

  2. This is the beginning of a cascading effect of smaller parts of larger countries feeling victimised wanting to go their own way in Europe, like many others have been doing for decades in the rest of the world.

  3. This will unravel a lot of old issues, but I agree that King Felipe didn't handle the crisis well. PM Rajoy is the one who seems to be channelling Franco, his hardened position won't help and some of his ministers should just hush.

  4. Does Catalonia have an army to defend them? How they want to do without the basics?

  5. Puidgemont removed his family from the country cause he knows that either way there will be problems for him. If he doesn't declare independence the people will eat him alive, if he does Spain will bite his head off too! May God help Catalonia! Free Scotland!

  6. Have you guys seen the hypocrisy of the international community? Even a dead beat country like Brazil says they don't recognize Catalonia's independence. Economic interests, special interests stand above the people's will and rights. I rather recognize Catalonia and Kurdistan than fake Palestine! Can I get an Amen?

    1. Hi Anon,

      "I rather recognize Catalonia and Kurdistan than fake Palestine! Can I get an Amen?"



  7. I am having mixed feelings about this crisis. On one hand I feel excited for the Catalan chaps, but on the other I feel sorry for them because Spain will simply crush them. Someone made a good argument here that if Spain, and others, support the establishment of a Palestinian state that has no history at all in the region, why can she and other support Catalonia, a country with an ancient history, language and culture? The hypocrisy is too obvious but at the same time there is that darned thing called law! What to do?

  8. What a mess! I'm being cautious about Catalonia but at the same time I'm for it cause why not? Those guys have their own language, their own culture, I mean I have been to Catalonia and no one can't tell me it's the same as Spain cause it's not, right? So yeah, they should have their independence but then I think, do they have an army? Do they have cops to control the incoming violence? Are they ready for another civil war?


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