The UNGA Speech PM Netanyahu Should've Delivered

Mr President, ladies and gentlemen,

We’re in the midst of a great revolution, a revolution in Israel’s standing among the nations. This is happening because so many countries around the world have finally woken up to what Israel can do for them: Israel is the innovation nation — the place for cutting-edge technology in Agriculture, in Water, in Green Energy, in Cyber Security, in Medicine, in Autonomous Vehicles.

Those countries now also recognize Israel’s exceptional capabilities in fighting terrorism. In recent years, Israel has provided intelligence that has prevented dozens of major terrorist attacks around the world. We have saved countless lives. You may not know this, but your governments do, and they are working closely together with Israel to keep your countries safe and your citizens safe.

I stood here last year on this podium and I spoke about this profound change in Israel’s standing in the world and just look at what has happened since, in one year:

  • In May, President Trump became the first American president to include Israel in his first visit abroad. President Trump stood at the Western Wall, at the foot of the Temple Mount, where the Jewish people’s Temples stood for nearly a thousand years. 
  • In July, Prime Minister Modi became the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel. Together, we discussed the endless possibilities for Israel, India, for all humanity.
  • I went to Africa, where I saw Israeli innovators increasing crop yields, turning air into water, fighting AIDS.
  • I went to Asia, where we deepened our relations with China and with Singapore, and expanded our cooperation with our Muslim friends in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.
  • I went to Europe, where in London and Paris, Thessaloniki and Budapest, we enhanced our security and economic ties.
  • I went to Australia, becoming the first Israeli prime minister to visit our great allies Down Under.
  • And just last week, I went to South America, visiting Argentina and Colombia, and then I went on to Mexico, becoming, if you can believe it, the first Israeli prime minister ever to visit Latin America.

After 70 years, the world is finally understanding that we are not the problem but the solution to much of the world's problems.

And because the world and Israel understand each other now, I would like to – before the whole international community – announce our new position:

  • We are deeply grateful for the world's assistance in mediating the reunification of our Nation, but from now on Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon (with the United States as a neutral Observer) will resolve the remainder of any disagreement left, in the name of the brilliant future of the Middle East. 
  • We will no longer accept orders from the International Community. We are a Strong and Sovereign Nation who will do anything in its power to make sure the only Jewish State in the world has enough space to welcome the returning Jews. 
  • We will never again accept to share, partition, divide our Territory with whomsoever. Those Arab citizens who settled in our Land and wish to remain there must abide by the Jewish Law. Those who refuse to do so, will be invited to return to their countries of origin. Lack of Patriotism, Loyalty and Devotion shall no longer be tolerated in the Land of Israel. 
  • We will not shy away from comprehensively responding to any attack against the Jewish State. We will defend our borders with all our Military Might, and I promise you: this time, no NGO, no Human Rights Activist, no Media outlet, no Government will stop us from reaching our goal; because Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah (and subsidiaries), Iran, ISIS et al have been warned – we will respond and re-conquer land. 

Israel is an Independent State. In 1917, the Balfour Declaration acknowledged the Jewish People's right to self-determination and to return to their national home: Palestine. The San Remo Conference, in 1922, recognised the same “given the historical connexion of the Jewish people with Palestine”.

For putting into effect the declaration made on the 8th [sic.] November 1917 by the British Government and adopted by the other Allied Powers, in favor of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people... - San Remo Conference

This is the International Law. And the International Law conferred upon us the right to settle in our own Land. Our National Home. Our Historical Homeland.

We used to be 12 well defined, well identified, tribes. Then, because of our misdeeds, idolotry, stubbornness and lack of unity we were scattered – as prophesied throughout the Bible. Today, the Jewish Nation is once again being threatened by Lack of Unity: the Reform Movement seeks to erode the very foundations of Judaism to pervert the character of the Jewish Nation. We cannot allow it, not this time.

Reform Jews are our brothers, and we were ordered to love our brethren; however...however, they are invited here, before the whole world, to submit to the Guidance of Jewish Orthodoxy, to Halakhah, to the Torah, to the very Foundations that sustained the Jewish People and made them survive as a People, as a Nation, for generations – in spite of the exile. In the Land of Israel, Orthodox Judaism is the Light that Guides the State and the Torah is our Constitution.

We cannot allow any brother to divide us. United we stand strong, divided we are weak. So, Israel invites our Reform Brothers to cease the disruption and prepare for what is Coming. Anyone disagreeing with this policy has a choice: go back to the Galut or “Then you shall do to him just as he had intended to do to his brother. Thus you shall purge the evil from among you.” (Devarim 19:19).

Israel's Military is amongst one of the finest Defence Corps in the world. We studied our environment, our history, our enemies; we adapted to our tough neighbourhood; we overcame obstacles and we evolved. But there's room for improvement. And for that we need our Haredim Brothers on board. I would like to invite the Rabbis for a conversation and humbly request them to see that serving in the Israeli Defence Forces does not go against the Torah: by the contrary, it is the Torah.

By having the Haredim, and other religious Jews, in the IDF, we will bring back the Holy Support to our War Efforts, and return to the Past Glory of our Battles - 'their defence is removed from over them, and the LORD is with us; fear them not.' (Bamidbar 14:9). The State of Israel needs you. Help us. Help him.

As the prophet Isaiah said, “I have made you a light unto the nations, bringing salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Today, 2,700 years after Isaiah spoke those prophetic words, Israel is becoming a rising power among the nations. And at long last, its light is shining across the continents, bringing hope and salvation to the ends of the earth.

Happy New Year, Shanah Tovah from Israel. Thank you

NB: this text contains parts of the Original Speech delivered by PM Netanyahu before the 72nd Session of UNGA. 

(Image: PM Netanyahu - UNGA)

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  1. This speech would've complemented President Trump's address better than the original one, but I guess PM Netanyahu guides himself by caution. We are living in times when we need to be direct and open about our positions; now it's not the time to be ambiguous and our enemies will attack us anyway. Appeasement has not worked for Israel, it doesn't work for anyone. So, Mazal Tov, Max: it would've been great! But alas...

  2. 'the British Government and adopted by the other Allied Powers, in favor of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people..' so what have we been talking about all these years? Are there two Palestines? This means when politicians speak of international law they are cheating us. Max, I liked this version very much.

  3. Palestine = Israel and Bibi should've said it! Take a bow, Max, take a bow. Have an easy Yom Kippur and you guys be inscribed in the book of life for success, health and many blessings.


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