Czech President's UNGA Speech: Realism, Terrorism & Migration

President Milos Zeman, of the Czech Republic, delivered a very concise yet direct speech before the 72nd Session of the UNGA. Much like President Trump, he defended Realism (a reflection of present times); as opposed to Liberal Parliamentary Democracy which President Zeman suggested to be a dream (it is now opportune to mention the context within which these comments were made: he was sharing two books that had a profound impact on him, Francis Fukuyama's The End of History [a dream] and Samuel Huntington's The Clash of Civilisations [realistic]). In practically 11 minutes, President Milos discussed Terrorism and the Migration Crisis.


The Criticism

“You must know that under the umbrella of the United Nations there are thirty-eight, I repeat - 38 - anti-terroristic organizations or institutions. Good heavens - 38. I think that the higher the number of those institutions is, the more the terroristic movement is flourishing and what we need is the single but strong office fighting against terrorism (..)”

Since the 9/11, Terrorism-related business grew exponentially: Counter-Terrorism Institutions multiplied, Lectures and Courses were created, Researchers delved on the issue and practically everyone became a Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism Pundit. But what did we gain from it exactly? Initially, we only had Al-Qaeda to deal with; now we have Al-Qaeda and subsidiaries; ISIS and subsidiaries; we have Khorasan and Subsidiaries; we have PLO and subsidiaries; we have the Mujahideen of India and pals subdividing themselves and working together like a Hydra. 38 CT organisations and we are nowhere near a solution to the problem.

“I criticized here that the United Nations is not able to define the world terrorism. (..) It has been seventy years in which it has not been able to define the world terrorism, but on the other hand I highly appreciate the action of the Secretary-General and the creation of a new office, the counter-terroristic office, (..).”

The obstacle in defining Terrorism can only be a mix of Ego and Politics: ego, because various researchers compete among themselves to have their own definition on UN documents; and Politics because Socialist and Authoritarian governments use the term to persecute dissenters; while other governments use it to inflate the numbers of terror attacks).

Professor Boaz Ganor has already offered a bullet proof Definition of Terrorism:

"Terrorism is the intentional use of, or threat to use, violence against civilians or against civilian targets, in order to attain political aims (..) based on three important elements:

  • The essence of the activity (i.e. an activity that doesn't involve the use, or threat to use, violence will not be defined as terrorism).
  • The aim of the activity is always political (i.e. in the absence of a political goal, the activity in quest will not be defined as terrorism). 
  • The targets are civilians (i.e. acts are purposely directed at civilians; which distinguishes terrorist acts from other kinds of political violence [e.g. guerrilla warfare and civil insurrection]."

So, now we have a new type of civilization. I should call it the anti-civilization which has emerged during the last two or three decades. The typical feature of this civilization is the fact that it is based on terror and nothing more than terror (..) unfortunately, we still hesitate to fight with the terroristic anti-civilization with our full power. - President Zeman

Now the UN has created a new Counter-Terrorism Office, practically a CT PR Office [read Here]: it only took the UN 16 years and “38 Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force entities” to do it – what should we read into all this?

Migration Crisis

“Migration is partially provoked by terroristic actions, for instance in Syria or in Iraq. But on the other hand, migration is connected with terrorism because some jihadists are hidden inside the migration wave. And in Europe and everywhere, they create sleeping units, lonely wolves and so on.”

In 2015, ISIS stated to have infiltrated 4,000 of its men in Europe through the migrant wave. We can only imagine how many more got in two years later. Needless to say that the 2016 and 2017 attacks throughout Europe has proved President Zeman's point very well, and his country does not have to support the entry of migrants within its borders.

“But my opposition starts from the fact that the massive migration from African and other countries represent a brain drain. The young, healthy people, mainly men, who leave their countries, represent the weakening of the potential of those countries and everybody who welcomes migrants in Europe agrees to the brain drain and with permanent backwardness of those countries.”

Are Leftist groups purposely brain draining Africa to perpetually condemn it to backwardness? Is that the Left's Plan? That would explain why not only little has been done to help tackling corruption in Africa but also a lot has been done to encourage it (as exemplified here and here).

“What we need is to help those countries with electricity, hospitals, schools, water resources and so on in order to stabilize the population in those domestic countries, but not to support the migration.”

Europe and the US need a solid Strategy for Africa, which they don't. For years, they have been using the African Continent to play politics, to wage proxy wars, to exploit natural resources, to choke African farmers by sending subsidised produce there, to get richer, but they haven't done much to ensure the African People have a decent life in their own continent, in their own homelands. This lack of strategy is shameful.


Another speech reflecting the revival of Realism and Power Politics. In it, President Milos Zeman practically accused the world of being lost and inept when it comes to Countering Terrorism and of being insidious when wilfully promoting African migration to brain drain the continent. 

(Image: President Milos Zeman - UNGA)

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  1. I salute Milos Zeman and hope that his points of view receive worldwide attention and more importantly, action.

  2. Clearly the UN was thinking about the .38 special when they established the 38 committees. I am liking President Milos very much.


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