Attacking Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi? Not So Fast...

How did Aung San Suu Kyi go from democratic beauty to beast so fast? In another show of hypocrisy, the world is now screaming against the same woman it once fought to free from house arrest and to place in power – why? Simply because she is openly fighting Islamic insurgency within her borders (an insurgency fed by foreign forces, as we will see). As usual, the Western Media will only tell one side of the story and some celebrities began issuing their unwanted opinion on the matter – i.e. young Malala.

Historical Context

This Buddhist vs Muslim problem started in 1947, and it is linked to the partition of India to form Pakistan. The Muslim leaders of Arakan (Burma) demanded the Burmese territory where Muslims had settled to be annexed to East Pakistan (Bangladesh), but when their demands were rejected – because Burma was an independent state – they then resorted to Terrorism to fight against the Burmese Government (more details Here).

The leader of  Mujahidin group Mir Kasim began to conquer territory and forced the non-Muslim Rakhine people to flee. -  Saswat Routroy

Fast-forwarding to 2012, Rohingyas gang-raped and murdered a Buddhist Rakhine woman, and burned other Rakhine Buddhists alive – since then, Burmese Buddhists decided to fight for their lives and their country.

Rohingya Groups Linked to Global Jihad

The several Rohingya militant groups have direct links to the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Hizbul Mujahideen (a Pro-Pakistan group in Jammu and Kashmir). These groups seek to promote Jihad in Burma, so it wouldn't be such a great surprise that they are yet another branch of the Global Jihad tree – especially when, in 2014, Al-Zawahiri (AQ's #1) called upon Burmese Muslims to uprise against the Burmese Government. These links also became obvious when even Al-Shabaab leaders called upon Burma's Muslims to slaughter the “Savage Buddhists”. In other words, the Kufar (infidels) are to be killed – in the West Jihadists want to kill Christians and Jews, in Asia they want to kill Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists and every non-Muslim as part of their Global Jihad agenda.

The old rhetoric of addressing grievances is no longer valid. Even if world countries would open State coffers to every Muslim, and allow them to build a thousand mosques per square kilometre, and let them speak their Arabic instead of the national language, they would still kill non-Muslims because the only grievance that is valid for Islamic Terrorists is that the Kufar refuse to convert to Islam. Saying otherwise, is counter-productive.

Aung San Suu Kyi: Cruel or a Problem Solver?

These Rohingya Groups attack civilians and soldiers alike, as a response to Al-Qaeda's appeal – is this not a declaration of war? Given the Islamist stance towards women, how should Aung San Suu Kyi react as a leader of her country, when she is being increasingly defied by Islamists bent on proving her weakness? Of course she has to show a strong hand and crack-down the problem.

Is she being cruel? No, she is solving the problem the best way she can under the circumstances. Remember, Asia is not Europe; therefore, we must not analyse its events through our perspective of life – there's a context and a culture.

The Foreign Forces Influencing Events

Let's be direct: the leader of the main Rohingya insurgent group, Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, was born in Pakistan and raised in Saudi Arabia. It is said that Attullah Abu Ammar Jununi is the son of a Rakhine native, who fled persecution in Burma – after Muslims provoked the Burmese government as explained above. In Mecca, it is said that Jununi attended Islamic School and became an Imam but there is sufficient evidence that he participated in conflicts in Libya, in Afghanistan (within Taliban ranks) and finally moved to the Bangladesh-Burma border to attack government forces.

Raised in Pakistan...Islamic education in Saudi in Libya...fighting alongside the Taliban...we all know this pattern. So, what else are we going to find out about this Rohingya insurgency? From where I'm sitting, it looks like Global Jihad 101 with foreign sponsorship.

NB: the Rohingya people believe to be the direct descendants of Arab traders; in other words, they do not view themselves as Burmese; meaning their actions should be analysed within the 5th phase of the Arab Expansionism. 

The Insidiousness of Critics

So Malala decided to criticise Aung San Suu Kyi and make some silly demands. I have a sincere advice to offer this young lady:

  • Dedicate yourself to studying and getting a husband. High Politics is clearly not your thing.
  • Fight for the rights of Muslim Girls in Pakistan, but don't get greedy. 
  • Before criticising Non-Muslims, look at your own Ummah and their crimes and speak up against them – but be fair, and above all honest. 
  • You won a Nobel Prize out of sympathy, not merit – so avoid getting cocky.
  • Show some respect to Aung San Suu Kyi who actually worked very hard to earn her Nobel Prize – you do not have half of her life experience nor wisdom. 

As for all the rest of the Muslim celebrities who are attacking Burma's leader: shame on you (try looking inward). As for António Guterres and his silly statement that an ethnic cleansing is going on there: where were you when Buddhists were being persecuted and murdered, in their own country, for not being Muslim? And where does your assessment fit within the context of Global Jihad? Shame on you, Mr general secretary.


As in all things, the good people end up paying for the crimes of bad people. That being said, there are decent Rohingya individuals who are paying for the actions of these Islamic terrorist groups, but only because of the perception that Muslims support each other (even when they practise evil) - this should stop when Muslims come out en masse to criticise and condemn the Terrorists, not the Victims of Terror.

Certainly, Burma remembers that the world stood still when China slaughtered Buddhists in Tibet, and later on occupied their land for no other reason than Sino-Expansionism. Now, the world expects Burma to sit quiet while Islamists slaughter and rape Buddhists so that later on they occupy Myanmar for no other reason than Arab Expansionism?

Nay, Aung San Suu Kyi is not cruel: she is just protecting her people, her country, the best way she can under dire circumstances; and instead of criticising her, the World should help her fighting Islamic Terror.

(Image: Young Buddhist Monks, in Burma[Ed] - Google Images)

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  1. Agreed, we must help Myanmar countering terror. I too am careful in accusing San Suu Kyi of violating human rights cause we all know that special interests will throw accusations only when Muslims are involved. Today I read she condemned any type of violation of human rights though not sure if she should have done it cause she incurred the risk of weakening her position. Islamists will not respect us if we keep being soft for PR.

  2. India's approach so far has been very nuanced as it has to be sensitive to Bangladesh as well. There is a problem of Rohingyas within India and there are plans to deport them as well.

  3. Another fascinating read..... My regards to the DS Team.

  4. Rummuser shared a most interesting article that gives even more insight into the question.
    It is important to always look at all sides of the coin and analyse the situation rationally. Emotions have no place when analysing facts. Even though one may feel sorry for those Rohingya who are in truth innocent, when looking at the broader picture we have to admit the group represents a danger to the National Security of a couple of states. As usual, Pakistan takes advantage of crises to advance her foreign policy - much like ISIS, AQ, the whole Jihadist lot.

  5. The Intellectualoids will never pass up a perfect opportunity to make a bad situation worse.


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