Anti-Trump Protests: Racism or Karma? Both

When Barack Obama took office, in 2009, the right flank of the American political spectrum exerted a lot of pressure on him, blocked many of his projects, used abusive language and everything he did deserved such a wave of criticism that led me to think it bordered racism. But what the left flank of the political aisle is doing to President Donald Trump is worse than anything we have ever seen – and given the profile of the people being used to hurl insults at this political leader, should we consider that their actions and words border racism as well?

“If a man destroys the eye of another man, they shall destroy his eye” - Hammurabi

If we are to be honest then we must admit that the right wing exaggerated when it came to President Obama, since day one. The Tea Party warred him relentlessly during his first term, in particular (before it realised the strategy wasn't quite working), it even went as far as suggesting the president was a Muslim (just because his middle name is “Hussein”) – even though there was no evidence whatsoever of it. Donald Trump, himself, stubbornly led a Birther Movement that did nothing more than showing how ridiculous sometimes the right wing sets itself to be.

Since November 2016, we have been seeing a sad display of sore losing, of utter disrespect for the Presidential Office, an absolute lack of patriotism, and blatant dishonesty. Ever since Hillary Clinton lost the elections (and truth be told, she should have never been the Democrat candidate in the first place), she has incited her supporters against President Trump – what happened to respecting the spirit of “If I win, I will be the President of all Americans”? Donald Trump won the elections, shouldn't Ms Clinton and her supporters respect the President of ALL Americans?

“The supreme art of war is to win without fighting.” - Sun Tzu 

In spite of it all, if Donald Trump plays his cards right, history will record his name as one of the best Presidents in the history of the United States. But for that to happen he will need to sort his staff out. The President needs good counsel and, in my humble opinion, he does not have the proper set of advisers.

Without consultation, plans are frustrated. But with many counsellors they succeed. - Proverbs 15:22

By looking at the White House, from afar, it is easy to identify the problem; however, it may prove difficult to solve it when affections are involved. Difficult but not impossible. President Trump is a man of business, therefore negotiation is a word he understands well. If strong arguments are presented before him, it is almost certain he will take heed as he wants to succeed as much as those who cast their trust on him.

President Trump needs assistance not only to implement his political plan but also to remind both Houses that this is a crucial time for America: it's really not the time for internal fighting, it is not the time to pull muscle (because the President is an outsider), and it is certainly not the time to be unpatriotic. The time has come to: Make America Great Again #MAGA.

A man has joy in an apt answer, And how delightful is a timely word! - Proverbs 15:23

The so-called ANTIFA folks, are nothing but idle individuals paid to wreak havoc. This group includes members of the Black Lives Matter, ludicrous women like Linda Sarsour (an Arab), members of the CAIR organisation (i.e. Hamas' branch in the US) and purposeless millennials...these are the sort of people protesting against POTUS and destroying public property – which, by the way, is a crime – when the president hasn't done anything that outrageously undemocratic to justify this wave of indignation; so does it border racism too? Yes, it does (within the context of the latest anti-White movements).

Furthermore, what has the First Lady done against freedom? Melania Trump can't turn left without being met with criticism. For heaven's sake, even her shoes on the lawn of the WH is subject to protest – what is wrong with people? Not even the 10 year old son escapes unscathed. At least, the Tea Party made its best to leave President Obama's children out of the fight; but I suppose the Left knows no boundaries and has gone morally bankrupt.

So, what's the plan? The Plan is to fight. If the Left wants war, then it will be dealt with. Human development comes before ideology and the leftist ideology is nefarious – it can no longer have a place in our society inasmuch as it gave way to absolute corrosive corruption, standardisation of behaviour and societal decay. Enough.

President Trump must be allowed to govern in peace. If he messes up, tell him so in the ballot on the 3rd of November 2020. Until then: let him do his job.

(Image: Left Wing Vandalism - Google Images)

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  1. And who is going to fight the left, Max? The right wing is not organized around the world, they are not unified so how can they fight the leftists? Looking forward to seeing it happen!

  2. I would add another explanation to what is happening in the US: desperation. The left is desperate. They were so arrogant, so convinced that Hillary Clinton would win that they never saw Donald Trump coming, in spite of the birther issue. They never saw the silent right wingers coming, they never imagined that someone like Donald Trump would inspire them to leave the house and vote. Now they are desperate, which other right winger will wake the dormant conservatives up? They don't know, so to defend their position they are now playing on the offense, creating chaos to distract people. But it won't work.

  3. Racism? The people behind these protests, behind the Black Lives Matter, the CAIR folks, the Millennials etc are white people - or so they seem to be - so I am not sure we can be talking about racism. Nevertheless, if these same fair skinned people are the ones behind the anti-white movements then we have something more nefarious than racism, don't we?
    In either case, President Donald Trump can count on DS to help him move America forward, cause we put the welfare of Americans above any ideology. Kol Hakavod, Max!

  4. In my not so humble opinion, Trump got elected by legitimate means to be the POTUS for the next four years. He should be allowed to do the job to the best of his abilities during that period. There are solid checks and balances in the American system to see that he does it and also procedures to remove him if it is felt that he is not. We should leave the Americans to do with him what they want to do. I am no great fan of his, but he is not my President. I have enough problems handling my people opposed to my PM!

  5. This is quite a change, Max. I remember last year you practically accused Donald Trump of being an infiltrated and now he may come to be the best president in history, how do you reconcile both positions?

    1. Hi James :D!

      If you go back to that article (and it was published in 2015, not last year) you will see that I was encouraging Donald Trump to act differently lest he would indeed look like a Trojan Horse. I'd say it worked, wouldn't you?
      Thank you for your comment, man :D.



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