What's Wrong With Most Pundits' Analysis of Terror Attacks?

There's something fundamentally wrong in this world: mediocrity seems to be a skill on demand. When the Media invites pundits to discuss terrorist attacks, do they do it to inform the viewers or do they do it to fill in a political agenda? Unfortunately, Spain suffered yet another terror strike last week and, quite frankly, the comments issued by some experts revealed their absolute lack of credibility (leading us to ask based on what do these people get their jobs, because it can't be based on merit at all).

Informing Viewers?

When an attack occurs, people have the right to know who the enemy is. Presently, the enemy is Islamic Terrorism, within the context of Global Jihad (NB: PM Rajoy came up with an alternative  term to describe the Barcelona terror strikes – Jihadi Terrorism). Which groups are involved in these attacks? ISIS claimed them but in full intellectual honesty, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, the PLO, the Khorasan, Hezbollah, Al-Kharsa etc are all involved as their cells fuel the Jihadist network – it's that paradoxically simple.

Telling the public lies, or misleading them, into sticking their head in the sand, will not keep any of us safe. Telling the public that “this is not a religious war” or “these attacks are not linked to Islam” and other such idiocies do not keep people safe because it removes from them the ability to recognise a potential threat – so, we must ask how can the security establishment on one hand ask citizens to pay attention and report any suspicion of threat while removing all the tools they need to even recognise a threat? It makes no sense at all.

By repeatedly brainwashing citizens, instead of informing them, what the so-called pundits are actually doing is to increase the number of easy targets for self-gain. They are selling our security out.

Following the International Socialist Agenda

According to my sources, the Portuguese State-owned news channel invited the former director of the European Union Institute for Security Studies, Álvaro Vasconcelos, who made the most mediocre analysis of Barcelona's terrorist attacks (after reading the transcripts of his comment, I was left with the impression that he may be looking for a job at Barack Obama's Foundation). In order to spare you the pain of reading such ridiculous opinion, I will simply paraphrase his words to give you an idea of the size of the problem:

These attacks are the result of contamination (i.e. copycat): last Sunday, we saw a car attack in Charlottesville, America, and today we saw this car attack in Barcelona. This can only be the fruit of contamination. (..) We need to deconstruct the myth of the Islamic State, of Daesh, because there's no Islamic State, there's no such thing...in fact, this has nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with the Islamic World. - Álvaro Vasconcelos, 17/08/2017, +/- 20:23 London Time

With individuals such as this one in Security Think Tanks (funded by Taxpayers, who are supposed to shape the EU's security policies), no wonder Europe is now one of the softest targets in the world. Álvaro Vasconcelos should read more about what we're up against.

By not showing the proper angry response to Islamic terrorism, the West is not perceived as gracious, but as weak. - Nonie Darwish (source)

Sadly enough, leftists (in their psychosis) aid and abet terror. Aye, they will tell you “I personally don't like Muslims but in public I get along with them, cause after all not all of them are that bad!” - what? Do these people even listen to themselves? And because of this mental disorder our security is under threat. Our security is in the hands of delusional, irrational, ideologically weak nutcases who gamble our lives away.

Cleaning the System Up

We need to run an Anti-Virus in the system. On top of it, run the anti-malware programmes too. It is urgent to start afresh before our disks get corrupt and shut down for good.

There are already talks of a NATO intervention in Sweden due to an increase in MARs (Muslim Autonomous Regions) in Swedish territory, especially after the authorities admitted they have lost control of these regions, and neighbouring countries may suffer the consequences – is this the future of Europe? In any case, if we come to this then politicians, and their sponsors, need to be held accountable for their actions.

Regarding the Barcelona Terror Attacks: DS warned the world about the Moroccan Threat. As much as it pains us all, Diplomacy must no longer mean appeasing countries: it must now signify describing what the consequences will be if this Islamic War of Attrition against our countries proceeds.

(Image: Las Ramblas post-Terror Attack[Ed] - Google Images)

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  1. As long as political correctness refuses to call a spade a spade, we will not the see the end of terrorism in the West.

    1. Hi Rummy,

      I couldn't have said it better myself :). Politicians, the Media and Celebrities to some extent are all accessories to terror. I feel sorry for the West, truly.


  2. I agree with Ramana, it will not end till these bozos keep their PC nonsense.

  3. I would agree that we need a complete cleanup, however this will take time. Meanwhile, putting an end to all the PC would be a great help in saving lives.


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