The Confession Behind the Phrase "This Act of Terror is Not Islam"

You have certainly noticed that every time there's a terror attack (perpetrated by a Muslim individual and preceded by "Allah hu Akbar"), politicians rush to tell us that “These terrorist acts have nothing to do with Islam”. Then we have some members of the Islamic community repeating the same in front of the cameras, while others openly declare terror acts are indeed based on the Quran and that the Islamic community must solve the problem. One look at our present conjuncture, and it is easy to accuse one of the sides of lying...but what if they are not?

Islamic Terror is Islam

Yes, any attack perpetrated within the context of Global Jihad is based on Quranic text. Yes, when the whole thing started, Muslim countries were sponsoring Global Jihad and using it to advance their Foreign Policy. Yes, Iran uses Global Jihad as an instrument of War of Attrition against its enemies. Yes, Islamist Terrorism is Islam because the Islamic 'Spiritual' Leaders have not unanimously explained yet that what is written in the Quran is to be read within a historical context – most of its behavioural message is not to be eternal, whether they like it or not. Islam does not have to be incompatible with Democracy, not necessarily, if Islamic Scholars do their part in unison. But until they do – Islam is waging a war against us.

Islamic Terror is Not Islam

Most Muslim mothers are truly pained when they see their children walking the path of Terror and hurting the children of other women. The mother of one of Barcelona's terrorists said something like “This is terrible. It is not my fault, I have nothing to do with it...what my son did has nothing to do with Islam” - now, this mother and the women who repeat the same mantra are not stupid; in the Barcelona case for instance, they know an Imam was behind those boys' crimes, so what was that mum all about?

Barack Obama, Fran├žois Hollande, Angela Merkel, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and other political elements like to repeat that “Terror attacks conducted by this disenfranchised youth has nothing to do with Islam – the religion of peace”...what if their words are a confession?

  • Saddam Hussein had an interesting tactic that he employed when he decided to wage an attrition war against Israel: he would pay US$25,000 to each Palestinian terrorist's family during the Second Intifada (2000-2005).
  • Qatar, in 2007, began funding Hamas and harbouring the terror group's members in its territory. In the last decade, this kingdom has already disbursed over a US$1 Billion to help “building” rockets Gaza.
  • The European Union then created the Pegase Mechanism (in 2008) to “be at the service of the Palestinian People”, in other words: to continue paying for Palestinian Terror, as part of the EU's foreign policy of waging an attrition war against Israel. NB: circa €2.5 Billion in EU aid were “lost” in Palestine [Poof!].

Phase I

At a certain point Foreign Aid funds were being used to sponsor Terror attacks against Israel (though those attacks were conveniently labelled “resistance to occupation” to justify an old desire to annihilate Jews). Then the bureaucrats decided that, in the long run, using taxpayers' funds would backlash when the next phase of their plan started.

Phase II

When the War in Iraq turned into a huge crisis, with the Bush Administration refusing to negotiate with the former Saddam military men; an International Organisation (that can be compared to Hydra, and that's what they shall be called in this article henceforth) saw a marvellous opportunity to expand their proxy activities: Al-Qaeda had to lose power and influence, without jeopardising the Islamic threat in the world. The former Saddam Military Men were approached by Hydra and ISIS was born.

At first, ISIS wanted nothing but the re-establishment of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria (as a show and to cement its Islamic position); but soon enough it began working towards Hydra's true objective:
  • Allying the Western Atheist Left with Islamic Special Interest Groups
  • Attacking the Judeo-Christian identity
  • Turning the Western Youth against Israel [the main symbol of Judeo-Christian tradition]
  • Attacking right wing/religious Jews in the Diaspora, and their supporters
  • Introducing large amounts of Muslim Migrants in the West, to put pressure on Social Welfare, on the economy (knowing most wouldn't integrate in our societies) and to alter the demographic makeup to guarantee future voters for the Left
  • Pushing Western Govs to continue warring certain Islamic countries in order to increase the number of 'refugees'
  • Using Islamic communities to destabilise Western governments
  • Pushing Govs to eventually declare Martial Law to cause a derogation of rights of Conservative people mainly (since they have realised the Leftist dreamers are but a very small segment of society – look at the anarchic-radical-left-wing-protests, they are conducted always by the same people who travel around the world to work).

The Origin of the Money Funding all This

We are still looking at it, but I will leave tiny breadcrumbs here: in 2008, Angola's Sovereign Fund lost US$5.4 Billions (Poof!); in 2010, the Portuguese Telecommunications Company saw €5.2 Billion of its cash vanish (Poof!); in 2014, BESA saw US$5.7 Billions of its money go [Poof!] (NB: on the 31st  of December of 2013, a guarantee was issued by Angola's President to cover the negative capital of BES, in the amount of US$5.650, that was later on cancelled because the Portuguese Central Bank declared BES bankrupt) and no one knows where these billions went to...but now that we started connecting the dots, we will reach a conclusion and, when expedient, we will share it with our readers.

Just think of it: when more or less the same amount of money vanishes, it is not a coincidence; and I suspect that Hydra will have a lot to explain soon. Meanwhile, The International Socialist is waging a war against us...

(Image: Still-Nature with Three Salmon Steaks - Francisco de Goya)

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  1. And this month it happened again, once more in Angola with the same fund. It is becoming too obvious and there's the need to investigate this thoroughly. Like our favourite sleuth said: ''The game is afoot. Not a word!'

  2. I wondered about that. Am I surprised? I wouldn't be surprised if George Soros was behind it too!

  3. Go after them all. They are making the lives of those Muslims a living hell! Heck, they are making our lives a living hell and it's not just about terrorism it's about the subversion, the revisionism and this gender disorientation shit!!! Down with all the left!


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