US Embassy in Jerusalem and the Bilderberg Group

Believe it or not but President Trump did well to adjourn the enactment of the Jerusalem Embassy Act – timing is of the essence, and this is not the proper timing. Last Thursday, the Bilderberg Group met again, in Virginia, to “mull Trump era” (read: mull over a plan to sabotage Donald Trump and his entourage) – what a nerve.

Trump and the US Embassy in Jerusalem

Last Thursday, the 1st of June of 2017, POTUS signed a waiver delaying the move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the Jewish State's capital, Jerusalem. Even though I never expected him to fulfil this campaign promise, since none of the past US presidents has, I admit that if Donald Trump truly intends to keep his vow then he did well not to do it now. Why? Because things are not aligned in Israel yet.

Two countries have already recognised Jerusalem as the Capital of the Jewish State (Czech Republic and Vanuatu) and even though they are very important, it must be said that they are not America. Having a country like the United States doing such a recognition bears a much heavier weight, with higher repercussions. Therefore, there are certain conditions that need to be met before President Trump orders the embassy move to Zion:
  • As soon as the Palestinian Authority fails the negotiations (and it will), the Jewish State must make a very hard decision: annex Samaria and Judea
  • Israel must therefore be ready for a repeat of events: protect its borders on the North (Hezbollah), on the North-East (ISIS with Hezbollah/Assad blessing), on the West (Hamas), on the South (ISIS with the Egyptian blessing?) and prepare for infiltration stemming from the East and a possible attack (Muslim Brotherhood with Qatari blessing and Jordanian acquiescence)
  • The Israeli Government must stand united and tackle any attempt by the opposition to bring it down
  • The Trump Administration must set its eyes on bullet proof evidence that relinquishing old US policies regarding the Middle East, and Israel in particular, will be beneficial to all parts involved. 
“Michael to my right side, Gabriel to my left, Uriel before me, and Raphael to my back.” 

After these events begin to unfold, we can begin to think about welcoming the US Embassy to Zion for good – though nothing impedes the US from starting to make the proper preparations in six months, since these things take time.

The Bilderberg Audacity of Hopelessness

This group convened last Thursday, in Virginia (US), to discuss how they would topple the Trump Administration. Seriously, who are these people and under which authority do they believe they are acting?

The Chutzpah of wanting to tackle a democratically elected president just because it was easier to do business (read: corrupt) with Hillary Clinton. This is why the world is in this constant state of chaos: we have organisations that instead of coming out with a fresh vision of the world, with new ideas, with a master plan for good and development; they convene to plan the spread of corruption, evil, destruction, envy, hatred; and to flaunt a false sense of importance. Haven't these people done enough harm to the world?

Take Henry Kissinger, for instance: he was invited to participate in this year's meeting; even though he is practically the architect of the Middle East chaos (remember the 1975 Paris meeting?) - are the hydra heads of Bilderberg planning more chaos? Where this time, Africa or still in the ME? Unless, Hydra wants Mr Kissinger to prepare a message to Vladimir Putin as well (since they believe Russia is on a mission to stop globalists at all costs)...

Nay. We can't allow non-elected folks to continue to directly interfere with Politics. It's yet another paradigm that failed and must now end. 

And speaking of Ending: when is someone going to tell Barack Obama to shut it? He has had his moment, his 4,204,800 minutes of fame; and now it is time for him to retreat to obscurity – write your book, Mr Obama; after all, you have already received a pecuniary incentive for it...and don't be like those African leaders who have a hard time relinquishing “power”...

(Image: Gabriel, the Warrior Angel [Ed.] - Google Images)

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  1. The Bilderberg group are part of the Illuminati. They are evil.

  2. I agree that POTUS did well not to take that step now. But in six months he should set the wheels in motion. I won't make comments about the Bilderberg Group cause looking at the world I don't quite understand what the purpose of their existence is. I do not thrive on futility.

  3. Trump is starting to backtrack in a lot of things, so the Jerusalem thing is just another backtracking of his. Would I like to see him do it? Sure, but am I holding my breath? Nah!
    The Bilderberg Group is a Illuminati wannabe group, they do shit. I heard the food in those meetings are good though.

  4. Jerusalem is the Jewish capital so just move the damned embassy!

  5. I think Trump will move the embassy but he needs to take it slowly. We don't need a second edition of JFK! It's bad enough that yesterday a left wing lunatic murdered right wingers in Virginia. Bilderbergs? Who are they?


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