Understand Vladimir Putin Cause Most Don't

What does Vladimir Putin want? This is what the world has been asking for a long time, without getting convincing answers - which only goes to show that the Russian leader has been doing a very good job at keeping his real intentions from prying eyes; but after following Mr Putin for quite some time, we believe to be in a position to answer the globe's most famous question (although we will not share everything here, for obvious reasons). So what does Putin want: does he want to conquer the world? Is he truly after re-establishing the Soviet Union?

New World Order

No, Vlad Putin does not want to re-establish the Soviet Union. We know that the prevalent idea is that politicians lie all the time and that they are great pretenders, so much so that when we come across WYSIWYG, or minimally sincere, leaders our cynical side tends to be suspicious of them (e.g. Netanyahu, Putin, Abe and Trump).

Nota Bene: being sincere in any political context is not about saying the absolute truth in public, something impossible to do due to national security and interests (words can give away strategies and positions). Sincerity in politics means Intention for the Good of the Country (the welfare of one's people, the defence of their identity, history, tradition and values is the priority of any decent leader). 

So when President Putin speaks of New World Order (NWO), he means it. But does his version of NWO fit the globalists'? Well, that is another question, isn't it? For Mr Putin is a Realist, inasmuch as he believes in Sovereignty, in Statism, Power Politics and Military Might to protect a State's Interests and uphold its survival. If one takes a good look at Russia one sees it tries to sabotage any expression of Liberal International Relations Theory (which gives too much weight to non-state actors and international institutions). In simpler words, power must return to nation-states and not to One World Government wannabes.

After we have given Constructivism and (IR) Liberalism a go, I'd say Realism is more realistic; and human nature keeps drawing us back to it anyway; so Mr Putin is not that wrong – though his methods may be.

Does Vladimir Want to Conquer the World?

Nay. Russia is his goal. Vladimir Putin loves his country with all his heart; and that is why he doesn't want to see it defiled by concepts like Gay Rights (which usually means something different than logic dictates), Feminism, Multiculturalism, and Pseudo-Human Rights – he doesn't play that game because he sees those ideas for what they really are (standardisation of behaviours; slow erosion of culture and tradition, of identity; in sum, political instruments towards Globalism).

Nota Bene: Homosexual relations, in private, are not illegal in Russia. Gay Pride Parades and overt public displays of affection are not welcome in the country – which is not entirely a bad thing, if we come to think of it. Nevertheless, Russia does have a lot of ground to walk in order to protect the rights of gay couples and individuals who certainly deserve the same civil rights as heterosexuals, without prejudice of the latter. 

So, while President Putin uses the world for economic gains – which is normal – he does not care about conquering it, and he doesn't want to impose his culture or his country's ways on others.

What Does Putin Want after all?

DS has reached the conclusion that he wants to be the Russian version of António Salazar: he wants to be known as the man who made his country big, who revived it from the ashes, who left the seal of wealth in Russia like no other before. He wants his name to be printed in the books of History as the man who was feared, not because he was crazy (though, in our opinion, his apparent lunacy is just for the show, more of a distraction than anything else) but because he had the courage to go against the herd (the International Socialist and its followers) and yet managed to thrive.

Vlad Putin's ultimate goal is to increase the quality of life of every Russian citizen, yet he puts on a show that he wants to turn his country into a world power through Military Might – though his Generals do make a lot of money from the Military Industry (but that's another story, for another day).

Mr Putin wants to prove that International Institutions, and derivatives, are fallible. They don't work and their only purpose is the direct interference in the countries' internal affairs – something that goes against the ideals of many realists. And therefore, by participating in several international bodies and by belonging to a few economic blocs he witnesses in person how right he is about them; furthermore, Russia's presence gives him an opportunity to study them and plan their inevitable demise.

What about what he doesn't want? He does not want disruptions in his country (carried out by either the opposition, the Gay associations, or NGOs or even spies) not until his Plan, his vision, is fully implemented. That's what he wants; everything else is fait divers...

Final Note

Last week, President Putin offered James Comey (former FBI's director) political asylum in Russia – and he said this with the most serious face too. Many either dismissed his words as a joke or called him crazy. What does DS say? We say it was a message: something subliminal like “Funny you wanted to investigate Donald Trump for an alleged link to us, but a bird told me a little something secret about you. We know.” 

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  1. Why does he do the show he does then? How antagonizing the world will make his country rich?

  2. He simply wants Russia to be considered as a super power again.

  3. All about the ego then. What's new? But as my philosopher girlfriend would say, his ego aims at the common good, right Max?

  4. But will he succeed in implementing his plan, we wonder? Only if he plays his cards right, which means talking to the right people.
    So far, he has not been successful because many of the people advising him work for the very same groups he works against; he is basically paying them to sabotage his plan. It's tricky and President Putin must make an earnest decision, in addition to hiring new advisers for the sake of the NWO.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if you were right. And if you're right your sources are pretty damn good and the Kremlin must be shitting their pants hehehe. Good job, Max.

  6. What kind of people are you dealing with now, Max? Should I worry? Should you worry that Putin may come after you? hahahaha
    If this is Putin then I hope he succeeds but just stop acting like a spoiled kid in public and come out straight!


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