6 Month Audit: Has Change Come to the World?

This is the last post before having my annual Blogging rest. For a whole month, I will be offline preparing the next five months of the year. But please continue to read the marvellous items produced by my colleagues. So, what has the year looked like so far: have we had any significant changes? Follow me, please, and check for yourself...

The Saudi King Appointed a New Crown Prince

A new heir has been appointed. Mohammed bin Salman, 31 years old, will inherit the Saudi throne soon. So far, the assessment about this young man is positive as he seeks to undertake important reforms:

  • Rely less on oil and open the job market to nationals, developing thus Saudi Arabia with Saudi blood (as opposed to using mostly foreign workers)
  • Change its regional and international status. For that, Saudi Arabia's best bet is Israel – the two together can revolutionise the Middle East. 
  • Fight Islamic Terror. ISIS, AQ and the likes are a threat to any of the Gulf Monarchies; therefore, it is in their utmost interest to obliterate such groups. By joining the fight against Global Jihad, and actually eradicate it, the Middle East (as a whole) will be able to prosper and beat Europe as an economic bloc. 
  • Grant more rights to women. Prince Mohammed bin Salman explained that just like it took a long time for women to get the right to vote, in the West; it will take quite a bit of time to open the Saudi society to reforms regarding women, not because of religion but because of cultural and behavioural constraints – he is right and only fools do not get it. 

Does this appointment exude change? It does, though we can't expect it to happen overnight – it will take time, but at least a step or two will be given in the right direction.

Brigitte Macron Managed to Rule France

Madame Macron did it. And you can tell she is proud of her deed too. But how long will her government last? Sylvie Goulard, Monsieur Macron's Minister of Defence, resigned amid accusations of misusing European Union funds. Her resignation came after Richard Ferrant (practically the #3 in Monsieur Macron's cabinet) left the administration after allegations that he used insider information (when he was the head of a mutual health insurance fund) to secure “a lucrative property deal” for his wife. How many more fraudsters and corrupt people exist in the new French government? This renders the new administration extremely feeble.

The Message Behind the Republican Congressmen Attack 

So, a left winger attacked a group of republican representatives earlier this month. Was this attack a warning to President Trump? The new White House should take heed and protect one of the most precious assets the world has right now. Any actor, singer, comedian etc, who issues any indirect or direct threat to the POTUS' life should not be protected by Freedom of Speech; since threatening and/or incitement constitute criminal offences, thus, when are the authorities going to start enforcing the law?

President Donald Trump and his administration have a very important job to do and nothing can get in the way of the Plan. But if the International Left insists on trying to bring this man down, whether by the hand of leftist activists or by the hand of their favourite tool (Jihadists), we will remember them if so much a strand of hair is misplaced on top of Mr Trump's head.

How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure.  - Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Mount Cristo (2002 film)

The UK's Next Fight

The UK Home Office should be the first one to be very much interested in fighting the PLO, specially after President Abbas activated cells to specifically target Britain, from India, last May.

“When India got freedom from the British, I was studying in primary school where my teacher announced this good news and we celebrated India’s independence here [sic]” (read here)

Take a close look at the order of the above words and how the sentence ended.

We know, it is very hard for Britain to withdraw the support from Palestine and go after every single member of the PLO/PA in the UK, and beyond; after all, a lot of funds have been poured to help the poor sods and then there's that silly old resentment against Israel. But at some point the policy will have to be changed.

So, to fight the PLO or to proceed allowing them to hurt British citizens? That is the question.


What do you think: has change come to the world, yes or no?

See you in August. 

(Image: Mar: Extreme Planet - NASA)

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  1. Aye, change is giving baby steps. Enjoy your time out, lass, and see you in August.

  2. Enjoy your time offline, Max. And yes, the chaos the world is living in now foretells change. Kol Hakavod!

  3. I am not qualified to comment on the KSA and France. But specifically relating to the UK and the PLO, the former has a massive vote bank of Muslims who have to be catered to by all the political parties bar the extreme right. They cannot afford to take sides.

  4. Catering the Muslims is what caused Europe to be invaded and attacked. Every month we have a terrorist attack, if not stabbing, then ploughing people, if not that then raping women! In Paris, they catered so much to the Muslim community that you can't walk in the streets in peace. Today I read there's an app to tell people of no-go zones. Is this what we come to? Is this Europe we want to live in? Then don't fight PLO, ISIS or Al-Qaida, just let the boys play.

  5. Macron ran a campaign against dirty politicians and ironically his government may be full of them! Enjoy your well deserved rest, Max.

  6. I'm not sure I trust this sudden Saudi change of hear but ok, let's see! Macron and his wife have a strange aura but we give the guy a chance to see if he manages to change the labour laws in France, cause that damn country is a business nightmare! The UK is doomed if it doesn't wake up and yeah fighting the PLO would be a great start, but are they smart enough?
    Have a nice rest, Max!

  7. No evidence of change from my vantage point. Everything looks normal, but then again, I view politicians as incessantly posturing one way and governing another, so it is important to filter out the posturing.

    Have a good vacation!


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