Was India Used to Activate Terror Cells?

Mahmoud Abbas visited India. The Indian official statement said that the 'sole representative of the Palestinians' had visited the country to sign several cooperation deals, however what Indians heard were the usual buzz words and the same fake attitude towards “peace”. PM Modi should interpret Mr Abbas' speeches beyond the exegesis his advisers (with their own interests in mind) will present him.

Palestine's Goal in India

India has openly declared its friendship towards Israel (meaning, it no longer feels the need to be subtle about the relationship between the two powers). Therefore, it's natural that the Palestinian leader would go there to show how equally close the two countries are - particularly now that the time for PM Modi's visit to the Promised Land is near.

Mahmoud Abbas addressed the Islamic Cultural Centre, in Delhi:
“When India got freedom from the British, I was studying in primary school where my teacher announced this good news and we celebrated India’s independence here”[Sic] 

Nice touch. India was independent in August 1947; three months later, the Arabs waged a war against Israel after the UN announced the Partition Plan (so famously rejected by the Arabs who wanted “all or nothing” – i.e. they didn't want to co-exist with a Jewish nation living between them). Thus, what president Abbas tried to do here is to bring the Indian Muslim community closer to the Palestinian cause, by trying to establish a similarity between the two sides.
“We are ready for a two-state solution living Palestine and Israel side by side with peace and stability but Israel has to respond to this,”[Sic] 

That reality is already in place: Gaza (Palestine) and Israel living side by side. Gaza on one side, and Samaria and Judea as 'Palestine' on the other, with Israel in the middle, is not living side by side (definition of side by side: immediately adjoining without intervening space). Therefore, this passage is a ruse and it means something else.
“What we are trying to implement the two-state solution on the basis of June, 4, 1967, when Israel occupied lands. We are committed and desired this. It is an open and rare opportunity and Israel must seize it before it got lost.”[Sic]

'We are trying' – trying, meaning that he is either not sure whether he will accomplish this [which begs the question: what will he do if he fails (finally accept Gaza as Palestine, or try to annihilate Israel)?] or he is already denying any responsibility in the outcome of the whole process. 'We...desired this' - desired in the past tense, meaning the plan was once to work to achieve the two state solution based on the illusion of the pre-1967 borders, but now they have called the whole thing off; so again, we must ask: what do they desire now (to keep Gaza or to destroy Israel)?

One final note: the Six Day War occurred from the 5th to the 10th of June 1967. President Abbas said “Israel occupied lands” in “June 4, 1967”, which is incorrect – so, what is being planned for/until the 4th of June of 2017?

India Must Take Heed

President Abbas didn't say anything new. He even repeated to India what he says to every world leader: I urge you to play your role in the Mid-East peace process, as an important friend. After centrifuging these words, what do you have? Nothing. It's like trying to squeeze juice from a banana.

India must take heed because there has been a pattern: when Mahmoud Abbas repeats the same conversation in any given country, he is actually activating sleeping Islamic cells somewhere – remember the French and German attacks last year? They occurred after Abbas activated cells at the European Parliament where he uttered more or less the same words - so we better stay tuned to which terror attacks take place between the trip to India and the 4th of June.

It's known that India has spent millions in Arab-occupied land, in Samaria and Judea, on tech complexes and other development projects (money that is hard to see going to waste, I admit); however, India would do well to ponder about facts: the future State of 'Palestine' will not be built on one single centimetre of Samaria and Judea. This is not a threat, but a Promise. So, definitely this is something for PM Modi to think about ahead of his trip to Israel, in July.

Beware of the fake friends that hug you...

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  1. Agree, there's a pattern. I just wonder if the Manchester attacks are related to the guy's activation.

  2. You gave us a lot to think about but you must understand that politically speaking it's hard to admit the Palestinian connections to these attacks. We may know it behind doors but in public we may never admit it. And should we?

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if India had been used as I am no longer surprised about anything about some of my country's population. What might be of interest to you is this:


  4. India wasn't used, but served as platform to activate sleeper cells. You urged us to pay attention to what terror attacks would happen between the trip and the fourth of June: we had the Manchester attacks on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. So, I'd say your theory may have been proved. Mazal Tov!


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