The Ring of Solomon: The Visit of the British Royal Family to Israel

Politics was not designed to consistently stir people's emotions. The main purpose of the Art of Governance was to manage the citizens' macroeconomic lives. However, what we are seeing today is a persistent, insidious and wicked effort to pit people against each other for cheap expedience. One of such cases is the news that the Plans for Prince Charles' trip to Israel have been nixed.

A Brief Clarification

As stated above, it has been reported that Prince Charles may not go to Israel after all, later this year. The anti-Israel crowd jumped up and down; however – in their utter folly - they forgot one detail: when the first announcement about the Royal visit to Israel was made in November 2016, it clearly stated that plans were being made for a Member of the Royal Family to visit later this year. Besides, if my memory serves me well, the headlines announced a “likely” trip, which meant uncertainty over the plans. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, neither was there any certainty about the trip nor did anyone speak of Prince Charles (and truth be told, someone mentioned that either Princess Anna or Prince Edward were the lucky ones to travel to the Jewish State); therefore, everyone would do well to reign in their enthusiasm at yet another BDSish kind of victory because there's none of the sort.

Having said this, it would be much appreciated if someone would find out why this piece of “news” was published now, who benefits from it, and which plans are supposed to be undermined...

The Royal Trip

But let's assume that the reports are correct. Is there truly anything to celebrate about this postponement? Any mature politician, or any rational member of the Political Universe, knows that timing is of the essence. Thus, if indeed Prince Charles insists on being the one Royal member to visit Israel, in an official capacity, then the precise time is crucial for that visit:
  • Whom must the next King of Britain meet there?
  • Which Peer should be present? 
  • What sort of new alliances are to be forged?
  • Will history be made? 
These are questions that demand answers. Answers that can only be provided by bearing in mind the presence of specific people at the time of the visit. If their presence cannot be guaranteed then it would indeed be the best to postpone such a high profile visit – with all due respect to PM Netanyahu and President Rivlin.

Critics accuse the United Kingdom's Foreign Office of sending off Royals to Arab Kingdoms (i.e. despotic, authoritarian, human rights violating states) while snubbing Israel, the only true Democracy in the Middle East. Mais voyons, mes amis...Britain has been a tad upset with us because, after all, we kind of made them look bad during the British Mandate (especially after they betrayed us Jews and made us resort to heterodox methods of combat – perversely labelled terrorism); and our brothers in Israel haven't quite forgotten the British betrayal (i.e. stealing land, acknowledged in the San Remo Conference as our Historical Homeland and, thus, as the future State of the Jewish People) – so the decades old diplomatic faux pas hasn't been that grave.

Is the Royal Visit Absolutely Vital?

It depends on how you look at it. From where I stand, it is not vital for the Israeli diplomatic survival to host the British Royal Family in Jewish Territory – with all due respect to Her Majesty. Have we not survived for the last 69 years in spite of the constant British opposition to us? We have and we will. Besides, from my personal perspective, the British Royals visit Arab countries for three reasons:
  • They need to remind the Arabs they only have kingdoms because of them, otherwise they would still be a scattered group of nomads fighting for power in the desert
  • They need to keep an eye on them lest the large British Muslim community tries to blow the Buckingham palace, one of these days (Heaven knows they are trying to do away with Westminster)
  • They need to show the world that the Monarchy is still relevant (though I don't see them sitting with African Kings). 
So, my dear readers, to put it quite simply, the Foreign Office manhandles the Royal Family for arrogance, fear and protection of the concept of Monarchy (as the main symbol of tradition, history and continuity).

Does Israel need all this? No. Why? Because the British were a mere instrument for us to have our Land back – so we do not owe them any favours; because we are not a direct threat to the United Kingdom – au contraire; and because when the British Royal Family does decide to visit us, it's because we are seen as Peers and not as Puppets.

Long Live the Queen.

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  1. If prince Charlie doesn't want to go, let him be. who needs him?

  2. He'll go if dear Mama tells him too, but Prince Charles is perhaps just a little reticent less rumours of Buckingham Palace having a Royal Mohel resurface and cause embarrassment at the Black Gold Club? I dare say too that Mrs Thingymajig from Downing Street has asked for the project to be mothballed for now whilst she figures out just what Mr Trump's tune is regarding Israel. If and when the American Embassy moves to Jerusalem one might expect a little less dithering, perhaps? On the other hand, if and when it becomes clear Mr Trump has decided not to break with American tradition, then British Corgis won't have to consider breaking well established protocol regarding Israel either.

  3. This is not surpring, the British royals have no power, they are mere puppets. They go to arab countries to breathe real royalty, powerful royalty, something they can only dream of. Israel shouldn't feel bad cause even without royal families they are great country, and this way they don't have to talk about the weather in Negev with Prince Charles.

  4. If Her Majesty's government wishes to proceed with the same obsolete policies it's quite all right. They do their thing and we do ours; but on whose side will history be?


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