The Right Wing Desperately Needs a Political Midwife

The Right Wing, in general, lacks guidance. It either goes too far or too close. Today, we look at the world's 'Conservative' Parties and wonder when the crisis started. Do we even have a right wing any more or do we have a cluster of parties that pretend to be the opposition to the Left while experimenting with leftist chimeras? My dear readers, the Right Wing needs a midwife.


The Right needs to organise itself and teach the public why Right Wing Policies agree with Human Development: without capital you don't create, you don't build, you don't buy, you don't sell, you don't save, you don't do anything. Without capital there isn't a healthy and sustainable economy.
A Liberal stands for less government, less taxes, a balanced state budget, more private sector, less regulation. (source)
The public needs to be educated: Liberal Economics is the best system thus far. By promoting Economic Liberalism the people will get rid of the yoke of the State (that seeks to control people's lives and drain their resources, through high taxes). It is a sin to promote the idea that the State can replace the private sector as the main job creator. So push for Neo-Liberalism and Neo-Capitalism, which are Liberalism and Capitalism with a twist: ethics and enlightenment.


Learn how to strategically withdraw from the spotlight. Learn when to hush.

The world has been taught that a politician needs to be constantly talking, emitting opinions, saying this and that – but it's all a distraction. A distraction that hampers the politician's life and progress. Examples: once President Obama started appearing on TV all the time and shmoozing, he lost his ability to govern properly; that's when he began making serious mistakes. Milo Yiannopoulos did a terrific job showing that young right wingers can also be cool, modern, vibrant, dynamic, sexy, intelligent and combative; however, his overexposure led him to become vain, to get lost in his popularity and in his overconfidence – the Left, who had a very hard time to knock him down, used that overexposure against him and pushed him down through a classical strategy (of twisting his words).

Over doing things is a dangerous thing. Stop, breathe. 3, 2, 1...


After having strategically been out of the public eye and ears – to gather the much needed intelligence for combat – the politician returns stronger and more focused than ever.

So push for the right wing vision, for the conservative vision, with no fear. Let the Left panic, scream, protest, make an utter fool of itself – the public is starting to see them for what they are – but don't play their game because the people can discern hypocrisy by the mile (and when they do, you lose credibility near the electorate). The onus is on each and every right winger to show voters that we are the reliable side, we are the ones to ensure a healthy economy, we are the ones fighting corrosive corruption, we are the ones bringing the Light. The Conservative Vision is the only one capable of true Human Development.


...Experimenting with leftist utopia, stop winking at the left, and stop being afraid of the Thought Police. Stop being ashamed of being a Right Winger. Stop perpetuating lies about Conservatism.

There are a few of examples of how right wingers set the demise of progress:
  • Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the Portuguese President, is supposed to be a right winger yet he fervently endorses the present Socialist government even though there are signs of economic cover-up. A president, in a parliamentary system, is supposed to be a neutral element – but Rebelo de Sousa is anything but. He is something, but he's not a Conservative. 
  • Pedro Passos Coelho, the former Portuguese PM, supported Emmanuel Macron to show he's a moderate – how can a balanced politician support a deeply flawed leftist candidate, whose plan may worsen even more the French economy? Unless that is the plan...
  • Fran├žois Fillon, a purportedly right winger, supported Emmanuel Macron and urged his voters to elect him – by doing this, he lost credibility. Imagine if President Macron gets a full majority next month and ruins France even more than Fran├žois Hollande did – the French Right Wing is doomed for a long long time. 
  • John McCain, the US Republican Senator, is all over the map just to show how “moderate” he is. He went as far as supporting Hillary Clinton. Result: hardly any one takes him seriously nowadays. 
The word “moderate” is nefarious in politics. It suggests Humpty-Dumptiness – sitting on the wall. A right winger must not aim at being moderate but balanced, focused, straight to the point. A right winger must be clear about its team and play.

I am a proud Right Winger. I have leftist friends (and I like them very much), I don't hide my political positions (which I defend with rational fervour), I reject Politically Correctness, and I am combative. I respect my opponents' opinions but I don't expect to be loved by them, I don't need it – and that's why I am not willing to sell my convictions out just to look good. I am a proud Right Winger.

So stop. Be smart. Playing the game doesn't mean selling your conservative soul. Stop giving space to the adversary. Fight Smarter Not Harder.

(Image: Judith Beheading Holofernes [detail] - Caravaggio)

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  1. I never thought about it that way but maybe the right wing is dead. Angela Merkel acts like a leftist, why?

  2. But it really is fun to talk back to the left, then sit back and watch a person who believes he'she is the incarnation of sanity, reason and morality going uncontrollably berserk in an apoplectic fit. I expect the right to lose due to too many John McCain style RWINOs (Right Winger In Name Only) being in their midst, so the only satisfaction I hope for is from seeing leftists going crazy when they are contradicted.

    1. Looney, lol I agree: it's a lot of fun, indeed. Just throw them a couple of facts, sit back and watch them go mental lol. John McCain is a disgrace as a right winger....


  3. What do you suggest, something like the international socialist? Then we would become just like them!


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