The Arab Dilemma: Ditching the Palestinian Cause

There were two interesting issues that although appearing to be unrelated, they are actually rather closely related: the Arab conundrum and the Manchester Attack (last week).

The Arab Dilemma

Arab States know they have a very serious problem in their hands: Global Jihad. This Jihad is intimately related to the so-called Palestinian Cause. They know this as much as any honest analysts does. Unlike most in the West, I do not underestimate Arab leaders. I don't underestimate their ability to read into events either and I don't diminish their wish for change and for a certain level of peace. It can't be easy to see the Middle East on fire: people are dying everyday, the Arab future is being erased by the minute, development is being arrested and terror took over the lives of Muslims. Is this what the Arab Princes and Kings truly want for their region?

It is true that, for a long time, Saudis have sponsored the dissemination of the Wahhabi ideology; it is also true that Qataris have financed the construction of endless mosques in both Europe and Africa – whose effects are clear now. Yes, Islam as it stands is an imperialistic and expansionist religion – the sooner we all admit it the better. But are our Arab counterparts immune to change? Resistant maybe, but not immune.

In Israel, there is true co-existence between Muslim, Jews, Christians et al. The Jewish State is a developed country, where people can live in peace. Imagine if the same could be true again in Arab nations – how beautiful and powerful would the region be? But I digress...

So there is a dilemma: the Palestinian Cause has turned into a Thug Cause, plain and simple. And if Arabs wish to stop being connoted with violence, bloodshed, terror, political immaturity and misery; then they need to renounce the Palestinian agenda. They need to put Jordan and Egypt (two countries directly responsible for the problem) in check.

What is the Muslim Brotherhood's pet cause? Palestine as an Islamic State. What is the Muslim Brotherhood's root? Jihad. If the Saudis and other Royal Families want to secure their position, and ensure more space of manoeuvre, I would suggest them to follow the spirit of President Trump's advice: pull the root of the problem, pull the plug.

How many Saudi and Emirati Princes dream of a different society for their kingdoms? How many of them truly wish to see their countries finally entering the 21st century by the hand of Arab scientists, architects, engineers, doctors, linguists, mathematicians, astronomers etc? Solve the dilemma, join Israel and turn the Middle East into the Regional Power it can be.

The Manchester Attack

Last week, we had yet another terror attack carried out by a Muslim Terrorist. He was British-born from Refugee parents, who later on returned to Libya. Salman Abedi trained in Libya, at the same boot camp the terrorists involved in the attacks in Tunisia did (moreover, he is also linked to the terrorists who attacked Paris and Brussels in recent years); his father fought in AQ ranks against Ghadaffi; and his brother apparently is an ISIS militant too. There seem to be conflicting reports about his mother (a nuclear scientist) too – so obviously, we need a thorough investigation into this family, for we may be before a new angle of the Islamic Terrorism paradigm.

Training camps in Libya have been notorious for years: the IRA trained there, the PLO trained there, ETA trained there, AQ trained there, ISIS is training there – always the same actors; thus, why is it so hard to establish a connection between these groups and the present Global Jihad? These groups' networks may be, either directly or indirectly, giving support to Islamic Terror Cells  in Europe (we have often established that the PLO/PA is definitely involved).

Bearing all this in mind, declaring martial law in Europe and asking NATO states to fight ISIS is futile. We have all been there and done that – 16 years on and the Jihadist problem remains. It's time to change policies (and following the Czech example would be a good start).

Remember that 2020 approaches and, therefore, the situation will only escalate. So now is the time for Arab States to put their money where their mouth is, and prove they mean business: otherwise, they are all in the coup and all this time they have been waging an attrition war against us.

(Image: Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives - David Roberts)

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  1. After years teaching Arabs to hate Jews and Americans one can only imagine how hard it must be to revert the whole thing back to the proper place. Sure, they want change now but how do you change a century old hatred into something positive?

  2. I don't think that we can see any kind of change in either the Middle Eastern situation or in the global jihad situation in the foreseeable future till the Muslim world itself rises in revolt against the aberrations that are visible to all now. At least, I do not see me seeing any change in my life time, but perhaps you will in yours. The Palestinian problem too will not disappear any time soon. Not at least until the vested interests keep encouraging and financing the lunatics. We too have our own problem and alas, I do not see any solution in the near future there either.

  3. I feel sorry for the poor Euro sods who think they're better than the Americans and the Israelis. They use these Islamic groups thrive in Europe cause it suits their needs, and don't tell me they don't know the IRA helps these people to destroy our lives! They know and yet do nothing. Does it suit the interests of the illuminati? Just think about it!

  4. The way I would put it: The beliefs of Mohammed aren't going to be swept under the rug any time soon. But European elites officially don't believe in the existence of beliefs, nor in the Prophet, so they are at war with an enemy that they are not allowed to admit even exists. But Saudi Arabia and Qatar are behaving in a fully rational manner, given that they do believe in Mohammed.


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