Independence Day: Happy 69th Anniversary, Israel!

Yesterday and today Israelis and Jews celebrated two very important days for the Jewish State: Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day for the Fallen) and Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day). On the first day we remembered and shed tears, on the second day we rejoice and dance. We remember every single fallen soldier and disincarnated Jewish individual who fought for and contributed to the future of not only the State of Israel but mainly of the Jewish People – yesterday, today and tomorrow. We thank G-d He ingathered us from the four corners of the world back into our Land (by any means necessary). In 1948, the Jewish Homeland was re-born. 
Thanks to the fallen, we rose; thanks to them, we are alive – Bibi Netanyahu

Today, on the Israeli Independence Day, I re-affirm my commitment to the Jewish State. Israel is not an easy country - my fellow Jews can be difficult people, the Israeli Muslim community has yet to grasp how much it has enriched our country (and once it does, it will work with us); the Israeli Christians (Arab or otherwise), the Druze, the Bedouin, and all the other communities that add life to Israel also add a certain level of complexity to the State – but I have never been a proponent of easy things anyway, so I take the challenge with pride. 

The Jewish State is 69 years old. 69 difficult years, yet we are here. Am Yisrael lives (עם ישראל חי) against all odds. Henry Kissinger 'foresaw' the Israeli demise in 1975 but it just goes to show his lack of wisdom. Many leftist Jews (whom I call the Golden Calf Jews) have orgasms over the assassination of the Jewish State; however, I promise them they will not succeed: Israel will annex Samaria and Judea. Israel will be united, not divided. Israel will be original, not suicidal. 

Symbol of Cancer Astrological Sign

The Meaning of 69

When we look at 69 we can immediately recognise three things: 
  1. The symbol of Yin Yang – two forces that form the Unit (i.e. unchanging and complete). Yin Yang also signify the starting point for change
  2. The embodiment of the Opposites, of Duality which maintains the Equilibrium of things
  3. The Symbol of Cancer Star Sign – a sign related to the Element Water (fluid, adaptable) and run by consensus (an arbiter and adviser to the Government). Queen. A deadly weapon that works both under water and above it (though due to the characteristics of the sign, it is only used when before utmost danger). 

69 means the end of an old cycle. Enough of Israeli weakness. Enough of Israel bashing. Enough of Self-Guilt (nurtured by the Jewish Left). Enough of Victimisation. Enough of Shame. Enough of Division of the Land of Israel. Enough of IDF Acculturation. Enough of Settler bashing. Enough of discriminating against our Haredim Brothers. Enough of discrimination against our Sephardim and the Mizrachim brothers. Enough. 

A New Independence Day

As Rabbi Alon Anava, and so many others, said: we are in the Messianic era already – whether it pleases the United Jewish Left (and their Radical Muslim mates) or not. Therefore, we are in the threshold of a new Independence Day for Israel: the day when G-d's Plan is fulfilled in its entirety; the day when Christians around the world open their eyes and finally realise what the Lord intended when He sent Yeshua (to divide the Tribes); the day when the Tribes are Redeemed and Reunited again. 

The Jewish Left has to make a decision: either you join us or you shall be left behind. 

Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said: 'Who is on the LORD'S side, let him come unto me.' And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him. (..) 'Thus said the LORD, the God of Israel: Put ye every man his sword upon his thigh, and go to and fro from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour.' - Exodus 32:26-27

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  1. Happy Independence Day, Israel!!! I stand with you forever and I pray to God that you will crush your enemies now and forever.

  2. חג עצמאות שמח, מדינה ישראל

  3. יום עצמאות שמח מדינת ישראל
    No one will be able to stop Israel's future. A huge shoutout to all Israelis and to Jews around the world - make Aliyah, brothers!

  4. Hi Max! Found this interesting article (Rare pre-state document claims Israel entitled to Judea, Samaria):

    "Most importantly, the panel rejected the notion that Arabs living in the Mandate for Palestine were entitled to a separate right of self-determination within the land allotted to a future Jewish state."

    So yeah, annex Samaria and Judea. It belongs to us! עם ישראל חי


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