Brigitte Macron Wants To Rule France Through Emmanuel Macron

By Lenny Hannah

I definitely do not understand human beings and, although I love the concept of People, they seem strange to me especially when they live a Jacques Brel's “Au suivant” life-style - lately, the whole world has been enveloped by such levels of ambivalence that we feel compelled to meditate upon sheep-behaviour, since it looks like we are living in times where the sheep are the driving force of nations.

For instance:
  • The World's façade is decorated with mercantilist stuck-up women and brutes
  • The World's represented by ideologically despicable puppets
  • The face of the Politically Indigent is mainly leftist
  • The force of world riots was bought by deleterious groups
  • The world is filled with leaders claiming to be either agnostic or atheist
  • The world is full of leaders that endanger nations out of convenience
  • The world is filled with spiritually void leaders capable of showing extreme benevolence 
  • The world is fertile for leaders who contradict the interpretation of their own contradictions


Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen is racist, xenophobic, extremist and the mother of all evils just because she wants immigrants to either adjust to France of the Gaul or to go back to whence they came.

Marine Le Pen is an Anti-Semite because she suggested the Jews should leave to their country of origin: the Jewish people should take hid indeed, cause the Ways of the Lord are mysterious. Just remember that you were used for barbecue in Germany and, if I recall correctly, you were warned about what was about to happen and yet you decided that your “whiteness” and your cultural assimilation would save you – well, we all know how well that ended (last Monday, we recalled HaShoah). So, the Jews should just quit their foolishness and remember that G-d moves in mysterious ways.

Marine is an extremist because she defends French Nationalism and doesn't want her country to be Islamised.

Le Pen is the Evil because the International Left decided so, therefore such nonsense is repeated everyday in the mainstream media, in the social media and in protests (carried out by professional rioters sponsored by the Left) all over France.

Suddenly, Mr Macron became the pet of the international arena: he is considered moderate, agglutinating and adorable. Politicians from all spectra recommend voting for the little man, politicians from around the world (even though they are not French) see themselves voting for Macron. Conveniently, Macron is perfect for he is pro-European Union, he is pro-immigration, he wants the French Christians and Muslims to get along, he wants a united France etc, etc...

BS! If I were French I would never vote for a guy who was seduced by his teacher (25 years his senior) and who's convinced he was the one who seduced the cougar. I wouldn't vote for a creature who chose to marry a Puma Concolor just because he doesn't have the capacity, nor the ability, to deal with someone of his own age. The United International Left wants the French to vote for a citizen who insists on romanticising a sordid sexual-predatory tale.

The mercantilist rioters, paid by the united left, are already screaming how extraordinary Macron's old lady is; for after all, behind a great 39 year old kid is a great 64 year old wife: alarming!

A small note: ever since some in the United States produced a theory that vaccines cause autism, there are people in Portugal who decided to follow suit and not vaccinate their children. People, if you want to follow trends just remember that, when there's an epidemic of contagious diseases (like the one we see now in Portugal), please take your children, go live in the caves and live those parents who observe ethics and fulfil their parenting duties alone. 

Dear French voters, if Emmanuel were elected we would have the evidence of the theory of the swayed and sheep beast - concocted by the International Left that calls itself agnostic, atheist, and yet loves believing it is omnipotent and omnipresent. Oh-la-la!

Until next time...

(Image: Brigitte Macron [Ed] - Google Images)
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  1. Hi Lenny,

    France is facing a big dilemma.
    Fama est Macron's campaign is being sponsored by the Rothschild family ( or the International Socialist, ring a bell?). What did he promise in exchange for that support?
    Marine Le Pen is employing a disagreeable strategy, regarding the French Jewish Community, but between her and Macron who is the best for French interests (not the EU's)?

    Cheers and Shabbat Shalom

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if it was true, that the woman used the boy to get to power. Surely, he presented the potential for success in a very young age and she spotted it. I wouldn't vote for that guy either but hey the French are not exactly the smartest voters, they did vote for Hollande, didn't they?

  3. I don't quite know what to make of these French elections and yet I see a pattern: the Left is afraid of Le Pen. They underestimated Donald Trump's ability to win in America, but they are not willing to take chances in France and thus we see the youthful hooligans in the streets rioting even before Le Pen wins as a way to frighten/bullying the electorate into voting for Macron. Shouldn't we be talking about this level of interference in the electoral process?
    The United Left, as you called it, is trying to delay the unavoidable: the rise of a modern form of nationalism - a result of their own failed politics, how ironic is that?

    France should take advantage and shake the stagnant and decaying European Political System. Voyons, ça serait la plus grande et belle révolution de la notre époque.


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