The War of the Future: Why It's So Hard to Create Psychic Units

ESPA (Extra-Sensory Perception Activities) can be a useful tool in both military and intelligence operations – and many countries do seek to use them to their advantage (e.g. the US, UK and China are fine examples of it) – however, when ones reads about how governments use psychics and mediums and often fail, one can't help but to identify the main problem behind the failure; i.e. the method employed. This week we are going to start exploring this most interesting instrument that can be used in the New Warfare Era.

New Warfare

This blog has agreed with those Military experts who defend that warfare has evolved and that we can no longer apply old rules, laws and methods to it. Conventional warfare (where conventional weapons and battlefield tactics are used in open confrontation between two or more states) seems to have been lowered in status, and now we have Urban Warfare (a much more complex way of waging war, due to its ever changing tactics, increased levels of civilian casualties and high destruction of civilian objects), Psychological Warfare, on our way to Space Warfare and perhaps Psychic Warfare (if the decade-old method is tweaked).

Ineffective Method

The first misconception about the use of psychics and mediums is that you need to place them in a controlled environment “placing an individual in a controlled darkened environment, descending him or her into a self-hypnotic trance and causing him/her to vocally describe images and other impressions that came to mind” (source).

The United States Army, during the Cold War for instance, believed that through this method the operatives could remote view Russian locations, for instance, and predict strikes against X or Y target. But, alas, this method seems to have revealed itself as highly ineffective.

If any government truly wishes to draft citizens with special abilities it needs to purge itself from obsolete ideas like “we need scientists and the academia to validate our secret project”. With all due respect for the brilliant minds who spend years studying mathematics, physics et al; they cannot alone present a solution to the problem due to their limited vision of things (since, generally speaking, their mind has been formatted to think within scientific boundaries). Therefore, the government also needs individuals enriched by empirical knowledge – civilians who delve in mysticism, of any kind (though a small group of people stemming from 7 different regions would be optimal: Celtic mystics, Christian mystics, Jewish mystics, Muslim mystic, Hindu mystics, African mystics and Shamans) – to clarify about the most propitious environments for the psychic to successfully operate.

The success of a medium lies in his freedom of mind and action. Confinement is, therefore, an ineffective method – a cold laboratory, surrounded by people (including a sceptic of any sort), is not a good place to conduct ESPA. I understand that scientists have the need to document every single aspect in a project, and that they are obsessed with statistics, but in this case what matters the most: the stats or the results? The process or the end result?

Effective Method

Instead of closing the psychics/mediums in a room or building, send them out into the world. Let them roam free to sense the air, to smell the targets, to feel the energies; and upon their return provide them with the usual material (SIGINT, HUMINT, OSINT, whatever they need to know) and they will produce the intended results.

Complex Level of Warfare

Of course, the country that manages to assemble the most effective Psychic Unit will have the greatest advantage over the others. And if we add this to a possible future Exopolitical alliance (with all the things that such a partnership entails), then we will have a very complex military web that will result in an extremely intrinsic level of warfare – imagine a multidimensional war where an conventional, urban and Space war, a psychological and psychic war are fought at the same time.

Moreover, the more a psychic/mediums uses his abilities, the more he will expand them; the more he expands them, the more the government will feel encouraged to produce a superior quality of soldiers and operatives – again through different means than those tried up to now – what could then be the result? A war between Psychic Soldiers. But how would such war look like and would it benefit mankind? Could we be on the path of a “cleaner” war - should we even dare aspiring to such a thing?
“Change. Adapt. Bend so as not to be broken. Let opportunity guide your actions.” - Wayne Gerard Trotman, Veterans of the Psychic Wars

(Image: Sombrero Galaxy - NASA)

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  1. Not sure I believe in psychics cuz haven't found any who wasn't a hack. But if they existed it'd be great for the military. No doubt.

  2. I have serious reservations that ESPA will work.

  3. I know a lot of psychics and animists, so I know it works. These persons can see things that no one can and if they could be used by the government to solve problems, I'd support it. But using them for military purposes could be dangerous if the generals misuse them.

  4. This is a very sensitive issue and governments must tread very carefully when dealing with such elements, otherwise we will end up with a 'minority report' kind of situation - which is mostly inconvenient and disrespectful. Does anyone remember the TV show "Medium"? That is a good example of how psychs and such may be used. Good job, Max.

  5. The question is: how many psychics would accept to work for the government to do this type of job? Very few and I'm just guessing.
    I know a couple of mediums too and boy, are they good! They don't charge and they say that's the root of their success, so could they earn a wage in exchange for their services, when the root of their success is allegedly working for free? And could the government hire people for free?

  6. Interesting topic but if it didn't work in the past why would it work now? Someone told me the Chinese have a successful program but if it's that successful how come they are not a a major world power yet? Or maybe their psychics told them the only way was to end communism and embrace political liberalism; in that case the communist party has no interest in getting ahead of other powers. So the question then is, what happens when these spychics see things that go against state interests?

  7. Two points:
    One is that the military are not so much interested in utilizing a select group of people with high ESP ability. Such people are too individualistic and hard to control. What all involved nation’s military groups are seeking is the ability to understand and switch on ESP abilities so that it can teach that to select soldiers who are already trained in the military mindset and who are controllable and who will take orders. The aim is to win in warfare by any means, even outlandish ones.

    Second, the years of expensive experiments failed to deliver a 100% end result; reliability being needed in warfare. This was due in part to being completely in the dark about the causes and workings of paranormal talents. The experimentalists had no idea about what they were doing or needed to do because there was no theory to guide them. Science zeros in on truths by developing theories and then evolving predictable results and they then can design experiments to test the theories and predictions and eliminate errors. No perfection, but an ever spiraling path into accuracy and practical use.
    Mainly, however, the failure was due to not having available persons of sufficient talent to experiment with. Mediocre and unreliable talent is simply not good material to process and refine into revelations from great unknowns. Governments, by their nature, revel in control, and talented people, as seen in artists, revel in freedom of expression. Many scientists are not happy with the confinement of knowledge, especially knowledge that they gave birth to; Project Manhattan and Oppenheimer, Einstein and Bertrand Russell are a case in point. Not only patients with creative talents but also scientists require freedom of expression, ideas and knowledge. But warfare for security and success is highly dependent on secrecy and clandestine operations. In these revolutionary researches the snake bites and eats its own tail.


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