The Démodés Resistants: Russians, Politicians and Feminists

In spite of the many transformations the world has been going through over the years, there are still a number of elements that seem to be resisting the wave of change: Russia, Politicians and the so-called Feminists.

Change-Resistant Element #1: Russia

Russia is the perfect example of a country that refuses to step into the new era, since it feels substantially comfortable in the obsolete way of doing things. Yes, President Putin does fancy to repeat the words “New World Order” and lecture us on political morality (read: amorality) but the fact is Vladimir Putin promotes the “Old World Order” (by consistently re-enacting the Cold War) and displays an outstanding lack of morals in the way he governs.

For example, if he would truly be interested in a new world order he would drop his “non-aligned” nonsensical stance and he would work with the US and Israel to change the global dynamics, but instead Mr Putin continues to push for the same old soviet policies – e.g. selling weapons in African countries and fostering conflicts, selling weapons in the Middle East and feeding conflicts, nurturing tensions with the US and Europe, keeping a hate-love relationship with China, an opportunistic relationship with India, using terrorists as Foreign Policy instruments and political bravado – which proves that Vlad Putin plays by the motto “politics is the art of deception”.

Change-Resistant Element #2: Politicians (and Celebrities) 

The worst evidence of resistance to change is the way politicians and celebrities (not that the political opinion of the latter should matter much) insist on doing cheap demagoguery by rewriting the definition of words: for instance, why do they insist on saying that populism is anti-democratic when Populism is the very definition of Democracy? (Read Here)

When did we start loathing our nation? When did we stop being patriotic? When did borders become a non-national security matter but a human rights issue? When did we all lose our common sense?

The self-proclaimed elites must come to terms with the fact that multiculturalism failed, the test for the one world government failed, the big universal socialist project failed: people want their countries back. But what is more astonishing is that only Westerners, Africans and Latin Americans are the ones to be forced into multicultural submission because the Arab World and Asia are not – why the double standards? People want their countries back, they want their culture, their identity, their traditions back. In the present circumstances, a healthy form of nationalism (i.e. anything contrary to national socialism) is necessary – I am still trying to ascertain whether what is going on, that is the attempted assimilation by force, is some sort of revenge against “the white man”, but if so then it is the most idiotic and racist enterprise ever and I, as a mulatto and a Jew, will fight against it.

Change-Resistant Element #3: Feminists

What is feminism today, really? When I was a girl, I used to think that feminism was the defence of women's rights: the right and the freedom to do whatever they set their mind into in order to positively contribute to the betterment of mankind. But as I grew up, I realised that feminism morphed into something rather obscene and grotesque: choosing to kill babies (as a method of contraception), to catch all the STIs/STDs in the book (because it's 'freedom'), to show their naked bodies on Instagram and on magazines (because in their mind it is a sign of female empowerment), to compete with men, to act like them (how very tacky) and to basically debase themselves. Suddenly, being a classy woman became the synonym of oppression...go figure.

We have all seen the wicked effects of the great Student Revolution of 1968. If we look at the history of mankind closely, we can sincerely say that women's emancipation started in the late 19th century and that May 1968 brought us more disease, mass-murder (of unborn babies) and disequilibrium. Here we are in 2017, and what are feminists still quarrelling about? If a semi-nude picture of some celebrity represents true feminism or not. Lord Have Mercy...

Feminists need to get their bloody act together, to stop insulting our intelligence and crawl back to their hole till they come up with a sound strategy to fight for the real rights of women. They are nothing like the Suffragettes and we are sick of them and of their obsolete rhetoric.


We are in a transition period. I understand that human beings are reticent to leave their comfort zone (even if that zone is nefarious to them), but change is good, change is necessary, so do not fight it – anyway, at this point, it's futile to do so.

Russia should drop its soviet paroxysm and join the Force; politicians should shake their demagogic recurrence and serve the people's national interests; celebrities should just shut it in public; and feminists should seek to heal their tiresome, compulsive and démodé hysteria.

(Image: Strong Winds - Ivan Aivazovsky)

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  1. Agreed on Russians. Not all politicians are the same but the celebrities should shut their mouth and act, sing or both. Feminists? Get inside a time machine and go back to '68!

  2. Wishful thinking. Putin and his cohorts are playing for different and much higher stakes than the rest of the world think they are. Their vision is to dominate the world by hook or crook.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      Not wishful thinking but what it should be. Russia is not thinking it through and by putting their interests above the right ones, they are making a huge mistake. Russia will never dominate the world, it's that simple.

      My friend, thanks for your comment :D.


  3. I think the world give too much power to a man who has little of it. Vladmir Putin is a hostage of the oligarchy, so if they decide he must walk on x pat, he will. Does he wish he could act differently? Maybe, after all he is not dumb and he sees where the world is headed. Politicians grew used to act the same way over and over again - demagogy and fallacy is their second skin. But slowly they will get there. Feminists: no comments.

  4. Feminists ruined society. There, I said it.
    Putin is near his fall. Are you guys following what's happening all over Russia? It's the beginning of the fall, what Putin did is unthinkable in a free society! It brought back images about the USSR, where people couldn't protest, tsk tsk tsk...


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