Raise Your Hand if You're a Political Humpty-Dumpty: The Fall is Near

It is time for the Trump Administration to come clear on its position regarding the Arab-Israeli issue. Assuming a posture of “negotiation-at-all-costs” and "let's make the deal of the century" is not entirely acceptable, especially if the administration is sending mixed signals that risk confusing the whole matter even more.

We do not expect the Trump Administration to fulfil the usual campaign promises that every US Presidential candidate has made over the years; but we do expect this administration to step back and allow Israel to work with its Arab counterparts to solve this centenary conflict.

Dissecting Society (DS) has always defended that the only way to achieve peace is to quit any negotiation with the Palestinians and sit with the Arab Leaders instead (after all, they are the authors of the Palestinian Identity) but DS does not endorse unwanted American interference in this regional problem – in other words, US advice is welcome as long as America understands what is truly needed to achieve peace (i.e. to maintain Israel's security needs even if it means a rather painful yet extraordinary change of policies).

Some may say the Arab-Israel conflict is a global problem, but I must remind them this conflict was rendered global when the international community – with leftist leanings – decided to pour funds into “Palestine” to, like the Arab League in the past, use it as a weapon against Israel (who saw the convenience of letting them act this way).

It was reported that President Trump wants Israel to be “reasonable” and has expressed opposition to the annexation of Judea and Samaria – if true, then this is problematic. First, Donald Trump accused then President Obama of being condescending towards Israel and now if he indeed asked the Jewish State to be “reasonable” then he is doing the same; second, Judea and Samaria is Jewish Territory and it will remain so as per the International Law. All President Trump needs to do is to consult with a Team specialised in International Law and in the Arab-Israeli Conflict – i.e. Israeli experts.

We Must Not Be Afraid of Fighting

Since the WWII, the whole world has striven to avoid war – while fighting hundreds of them around the globe – but interestingly enough it treats the Arab-Israeli conflict as if it were the worst tragedy on earth and over the years it has tried to appease the so-called Palestinians with money, fabrications and double-standards. This policy hasn't worked at all; so I propose a new one: we face the facts, we act differently and if we have to fight we fight. But the Arab side can rest assured of one thing: this time, Israel will be reunified for good.

My fellow Jews, since our creation we have been fighting for our survival. The fight isn't over, so no Jew in exile has the right to think he/she is disassociated from Israel, none of us has the right to feel tired, to worry about not going to the beach in Tel Aviv and even less to side with the enemy. The Jewish Nation is yet to be settled in her Homeland - the only place where a Jew can be a Jew in absolute terms; therefore, we will continue to fight till our Land is fully restored to us. Call it Zionism, call it Messianic position, call it whatever you wish as long as the final goal is achieved.

Bibi Netanyahu Has a Serious Decision to Make

The writing is on the wall: the recent State Comptroller's report was practically a political campaign for Naftali Bennett, who was praised for having shown leadership during the Operation Protective Edge. This should make the alarms sound inside PM Netanyahu's head – who seems to have become too politically correct (PC), suggested by the way he squirms around the political arena. Do not get me wrong, Bibi Netanyahu has done a terrific job as our Premier; but now we need to see a different Bibi: Bibi The Zionist, Bibi The Messicanic, Bibi The Jew, Bibi The Leader who commissioned the Levy Report – otherwise he risks losing support and there will be nothing we can do about it.

Time for Real Positioning

In an age when PC is being utterly rejected, we need also to reject Political Humpty-Dumpties because in this new era those who do not present a clear position on issues are set to have a bitter ending and no money in the world will be able to save them, inasmuch as fallacy, sophistry, cowardice, injustice, revisionism and sheer political maleficence will no longer be a valid currency. So, tell us: which side will you be on?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
Four-score Men and Four-score more,
Could not put Humpty Dumpty where he was before. 

[The views expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dissecting Society]


  1. After this post who will have the guts to raise their hand?

  2. I'm no humpty dumpty cause I have chosen my side: I Stand With Israel! But what about those who have to be humpty dumpties for professional reasons? Can a diplomat be anything other than a humpty dumpty?


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