The EU's Self-Isolation, Isolating Palestine and Ecdysis

This week we will discuss three ongoing cases of Isolation: the EU isolating itself from the rest of the world; the isolation of the Palestinian Cause and the Isolation that leads to the destruction of the enemy.

The European Union's self-Isolation

The EU is having a hard time adjusting to the new era. In a Brexit and Trump era, the Union is refusing to think outside the box; it rejects the idea of acting differently, of acting according to the people's wishes, simply because the biggest surviving socialist project ever (a successful one, that is) cannot move beyond ideology and corruption.

EU officials have been pulling a tantrum because of President Trump's visit to Europe: they threaten with boycotts, walk-outs; they pretend they are going to embarrass POTUS. Nay, what is embarrassing is that these so-called politicians haven't bothered to study Donald Trump. This man did not run for President to be loved; he ran to serve his country, to serve his fellow-Americans; therefore, he couldn't care less if European members of Parliament do not show up to meet him, he is coming to Europe to sign trade deals with countries who want to trade with America and help create jobs for both sides – Donald Trump is all about business. BS politics is not a language he is proficient in, so he will not waste time on it. This stance is killing Euro-unionists because it's all very new to them. The new world order is not quite in the order they initially planned...

The Brexit is becoming a reality. The EU has spent more time demonising the UK and promoting futile Remain campaigns – on British soil - than issuing a more conciliatory rhetoric to prepare for the next phase. Meanwhile, the Union pushed Britain towards US and Israel – another European target. At a quick glance, we see an interesting bloc forming: US, UK, Israel, Japan and...probably, Russia. The EU is isolating itself and that isolation may set the date of its own demise.

The EU is Promoting the Isolation of Palestine

Because the European Union is getting desperate (and wants to deflect the European people's attention from its impending failure) it is pushing for policies intended to force a two-state solution upon Israel; and it's rather curious that last December, through the Pegase mechanism, the Union released €212 million to support the Palestinian people political echelons. What a joke. But because the world is beginning to realise the link between the PLO/PA and Global Jihad, what Europe is doing is isolating Palestine and turning it into a pariah. For instance, the new US administration blocked the appointment of a Palestinian for the position of UN envoy for Libya because it doesn't support diplomats from “imaginary countries”. If a nation like the US is doing this now, how long do you think it will take before the rest of the civilised world follows suit?

Palestine is being isolated. And the final stroke will be given by Arab nations themselves. The Dubai Security Chief, last year, stated that the world should drop the idea of a Palestinian State all together because it would simply become yet another failed Arab state. Notwithstanding, Europeans keep burying money (they desperately need) in Palestinian pockets to pay for services rendered - that is, waging an attrition war against the Jewish State (talking about a twist of the plot).

The evidence of Palestinian involvement in terror attacks against the Western World will surface and the Trump Administration will be the first to set its eyes on such intelligence.

Isolation and Alienation

The benefits of Isolation and Alienation are undeniable. I used to think that the goal of such method was to break a person, but I now realise it depends on the Master. Some masters isolate and alienate their proselytes not to break them but to bring out their potential – to polish a gem. The major advantage of being isolated and alienated is the study and preparation for what needs to be done. One takes the opportunity to meditate on necessary outcomes and prepare to fight.
How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure.
For all evils there are two remedies - time and silence. - Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Mount Cristo (2002 film)

Foes often relax when they think their target is down and out. However, intoxicated by their vanity, they always forget about Ecdysis: shedding skin to allow for growth and removing parasites that may have attached to the old skin. The Metamorphosis is complete.

(Image: Harmony - Alex Levin)

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  1. I'm comfortable with the thought of the EU fall. It's only a matter of when not if. I agree with the Trump administration, Palestine is a fictitious country and so without diplomats worthy of that name. Great post!!

  2. Was struggling with my skin and having a hard time reading the article clearly. Things get all blurry when this happens. Will need to isolate myself for a time.


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