Why Intelligence Agencies Must Not Militate Against Israel

Free speech is good, it is precious; however, at times, it can hamper the Greater Good. For example, in Israel, there are people who believe that offering their opinion in public is a birth given right when in fact they are getting in the way of what needs to be done. But what is more astounding is the arguments that those people employ...

Intelligence Agencies Against the State?

First of all, intelligence officers should not have a political affiliation.

Second, there should be a rule stating that former directors of intelligence agencies do not have the right to make political comments in public. They shouldn't be allowed to assume political positions in public either. Period.

Third, leaving office doesn't mean their allegiance to the State is over. Having said this, their personal opinion is irrelevant and they must not militate against the State.

Fourth, a Jew should not be allowed to forget why he/she is a Jew and who is behind the welfare of the Jewish State. However, if a Jew wants to exercise his freedom to be thick in detriment of Am Yisrael then he will suffer the consequences – Israel has enough enemies already to deal with, we no longer give margin of manoeuvre to the “enemy within”.

Fifth, either you're with us or against us. This is not the time for Sinat Chinam; because if you hate Jews who stick to the Plan it's on you, but don't be a hurdle cause the mission is to remove obstacles.

Sixth, the majority of Israelis (circa 53%) voted for the present Right Wing Government; meaning the majority is composed by Right Wingers, Nationalists, Religious Zionists, Religious folks etc. The latest polls shows that 59% of the Israeli Youth are right wing – this is the future of the Jewish State.

Hollow Arguments

In this section, we will take a quick look at the ridiculous things some people have been repeating like a mantra:

"The entire country is being held hostage by the messianic right." (Shabtai Shavit, former Mossad Director)

As if it were an insult to be Messianic. Well, I am a Messianic Right Winger and therefore I state that being held hostage by my kind is the best thing that could happen to Israel right now. The Israeli Left has done enough trouble for far too long – had it done a good job back in 1967, the “entire country” wouldn't have been subjected to Arab Terror and attempted Humiliation for over 50 years. Shame on you, Labour Party.

“And annexation is your policy? That is your leadership? This is the future you offer us? We are led by a group of messianists, led by Bennett, who have renewed the practice of bringing human sacrifices to the Moloch of territory and prefer that to life." (idem)

Yes. Yes. Yes. This kind of fear mongering must not stop anyone from rectifying past mistakes. And I would like to take this moment to address the Palestinian threat that if the US moves the embassy to Jerusalem it will generate an “explosion” - we have seen nothing but an explosion since 1964, when the so-called “Palestinian identity” was concocted as a weapon against the Jews. If the PLO/Fatah is threatening to attack US soil, then it can ready itself for absolute obliteration. Abbas and Erekat should tone down their rhetoric as they are the weakest link at the negotiation table.

Mr Shavit makes a Biblical reference (Moloch) but it's interesting how he ignores the Covenant and Shiloh. Naftali Bennet et al do not forget the Promise and they position themselves on the right side of the aisle.

"I believe a majority of Israelis support a two-state solution and would not like to see the State of Israel with an Arab majority.” (Gadi Shamni)

Israelis support a two-state solution, I do too, but under which form? For instance, some defend the Sinai Option, others the Jordan Option, others the Gaza Option, and others to right of return to the original Arab countries Option. Thus, this part of Gadi Shamni's statement is meaningless.

Why would we assume that the State of Israel would ever have an Arab Majority? First, the Arab population is decreasing (due to decreasing birth rates and the increasing number of Arab people leaving Judea and Samaria – over 1 million Arabs plan to leave Judea and Samaria, without any further incentive; now calculate how many would be willing to leave upon compensation); and second, do not under-estimate the power of Good Counsel.


Peace talks, several rounds of negotiation, the Oslo Accords, Peace Conferences etc etc did not work. None of it has worked. Many people around the world have gotten rich at the expense of Jewish and Arab blood, but us – the Messianic lunatics – have had enough. The Jewish Left has had its fun, and now it's time for the Barracudas to solve the problem: Annexation is the Plan and the End.

Will it be easy? Of course not. But since when have the Jewish People become so fearful? Since when do we back down from a fight? Look around, the world is on fire and yet the International Community is focused on attacking the Jewish People and their only State. Well, our people have been fighting ever since they returned to Historical Homeland; and thus, we will continue to fight until Eretz Yisrael is reunited – and we will not accept Jews to militate against the Derech.

(Image: Lion of Judah - Google Images)

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  1. Am Yisrael Chai! Semper Fi!

  2. Well said, Max. It's problematic when secret services interfere with national policy. I think they should when country is going in the wrong direction but it's not the case here.

  3. They will say anything to stop Israel from protecting herself. The proposed lines are suicidal it's plain and simple! It's imperative that Israel annexes Judea and Samaria if the Jewish state is to survive. Who do these former intelligence officers work for today?


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