Trump Inaugural Speech: the Return of Power Politics

The 45th US President has been inaugurated and I'd like to wish the new POTUS a successful mandate. His 10-minute Inauguration Speech was one of the most powerful speeches I have ever heard in the last 5 years: it marked the beginning of a new era; it marked the end of a failed social experiment.

The End of the International Liberalism

In International Relations, Liberalism rejects Power Politics, it questions the position of Realism regarding Security issues, it obsesses over interdependence (both economic and cultural) and it aims at slowly transferring power from the people to International Organisations and Non-Governmental Players.

Pseudo-Pundits, from several countries, accused President Trump of having made a Declaration of War. Their assessment may be right depending on whom the war was declared against:

  • On the Leftist Elites? 
  • On savage Globalisation, that served only to impoverish people?
  • On Chaos, fostered by special interest groups to deviate our attention from their subversive activities and corruption?
  • On Anarchy? 

Yes, there's a possibility that war has been declared against them. And rightfully so given the state of disrespect for law and order, in which we live in today.

The Return of Power Politics

Regaining sovereignty of one's country is imperative. Placing national interest above all things, so that its citizens' interests are served, should be any state's primary goal. POTUS, in his inaugural speech, announced the return of Power Politics and the end of Political Correctness.

When Globalisation started, around the 15th century (in the Period of Discoveries), countries/kingdoms had strong physical borders, they often implemented protectionist policies, and though not perfect societies, they managed to thrive and create incredible wealth. But after the WWII some people decided to unite Globalisation to Utopia (breastfed by Socialism) and that's when our societies began to slowly walk towards erosion.

Gradually, Realism, Power Politics, Neo-Realism, Economic Liberalism, Capitalism (all the generators of Jobs and Wealth) became the number one Public Enemy; an Evil that needed to be eradicated. Conservatism became an assault to Progress, the symbol of prejudice and of lack of enlightenment. Religion became the Opium of the People, a target to shoot down. The Academia crept into the Political Arena, not to brighten politicians' minds but to confound the issues as a way to serve a Leftist Agenda. Socialists strove to format minds, to standardise global thought and behaviour, to reconfigure societies, to find a scapegoat and put the African continent down.

So what does Donald Trump's Administration propose? It offers not change (something impossible to attain, according to Lenny Hannah) but a reboot of the system. Resetting America, and hopefully the Western system, will bring back Wealth to our people.
For many decades we've enriched foreign industry at the expense of American industry, subsidized the armies of other countries while allowing for the very sad depletion of our military. - President Trump

For instance, the Contemporary model of globalisation contributed to a higher speed of climate change; it generated high rates of unemployment as jobs were relocated abroad as a matter of not only political expedience but also unethical capitalism carried out often by elements belonging to the Socialist International – the very same people who speak of global warming in apocalyptic ways and concocted the 1% vs 99% fallacy.

Protectionism is Necessary

At a time when the Open Borders Policy threatens National Security, when relocating factories has depleted countries of jobs and decayed our economies, the time is ripe for a healthy dose of protectionism and nationalism.

Instead of panicking (and promoting useless protests) the Left should admit that the world has given their idealism a chance and now, after 70 years of playing with people's lives, they have been proven wrong. We are presently living in a fictitious reality since we live on credit: we don't really own the cars, houses, furniture, clothes, books, hardware etc we possess; institutions do. The Left will say we are better off today than 60 years ago, but when people owned something it was truly theirs, and people only bought things when they got the money, and to have that money they didn't rely on social assistance they relied on their ability to work to achieve their goals.

The Left's plan was set up as a complex Web: while it taught society to be consumerist, it also taught it to be lazy and dependent on the State; all the while it turned the wheels of Political Correctness and Corruption by convincing the majority that opening up to other countries and cultures was a good thing; being tolerant of the intolerant was what we needed to achieve eternal peace. But what we got was Misery coated by a fictitious Peace...
We've made other countries rich while the wealth, strength and confidence of our country has dissipated over the horizon. - Donald Trump

The Left would do well to remember Barack Obama's UNGA words "While open markets, capitalism have raised standards of living around the globe, globalization combined with rapid progress and technology has also weakened the position of workers and their ability to secure a decent wage.” (NB: compare these words with those of Donald Trump's, during the Summer of 2016 “In advanced economies like my own, unions have been undermined, and many manufacturing jobs have disappeared. Often, those who benefit most from globalization have used their political power to further undermine the position of workers.”)

So, yes, war has been declared...on Idealism, on failed Ideologies. And get ready because we are just getting started.

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  1. Trump has already backed down on his Jerusalem promise! Just another bullshit American president.

  2. Didn't like it when Sean Spicer said the decision to move the embassy was still a process. What the fuck is that? If Trump gives in to Arab pressure now he won't have the position, a strong position that is, to fight ISIS. It will send a bad message!

    1. Does Israel need to wait for America?

    2. No, as far as I'm concerned. But it looks like Bibi does.

  3. I loved Donald Trump's speech. At least he had the guts to call Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism!! One point to him. Now, will the guy keep his promise to protect our ally Israel? I hope so but I'm not holding my breath over it cuz we all know how American presidents lie about it. But if he makes America great again, he can be the best president ever.

  4. I would rather wait and watch for a while, even a year or so, before I would venture to comment on his presidency.

  5. I am also being very cautious about Mr Trump's presidency, so I will comment in 6 months or so. After all, the man has just got cracking; let's give him time.

  6. Max, good job! Institutionalisation of politics and the focus on NGOs was bad, and let's not talk about what globalization did to jobs and to Africa. And when we think of it globalization increased the climate changes that would probably happen anyway but they intensified it, so we got screwed from all over! I agree it's time to change or reboot as you said, Max. So I support Trump and hope he will not disappoint us like brother Obama did!

  7. While it is generally best to admit mistakes prior to the Final Judgement, leftists are the least likely to do this. Not wanting to make too many predictions about Trump and the Republicans, but I do expect the left to become more and more agitated over the next few years in their belief that the road to Hell (which they imagine to be someplace good) is somehow being obstructed.

  8. Trump is a threat to the world's peace and security! Now he is banning Muslims from America, who's next, huh? Think about that Max! America was built by immigrants and now he a son of immigrants wants to ban refugees? We need to stop that man!


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