The World in 2017: What If...?

2017 is here and we can already inhale the air of change. This year, we are going to make something slightly different: we won't make predictions (which would be futile, inasmuch as we have entered the End of Days period and, as such, anything can happen and everything will change very quickly to result in the fulfilment of prophecies), but we will bring some information to the table that will influence many of this year's events. Each portion of comment will start with 'What if...?'

What if Germany  wants to...

...Obliterate the European Union? Last week, our editor-in-chief raised the hypothesis of Angela Merkel using Muslim migrants to wreak havoc, but she didn't explain what for. The European Union is a very fine project on paper, however in practise it is not working because it went beyond its main purpose (which is economic integration) and it became a bloc of political integration with a very high cost, one that Germany most of the times bears. Understandably so, the German leadership wants to cut costs.

So, the best way to get rid of the dead weight which are the southern countries (who treat the EU as nothing more than an endless source of funds) is to try to disintegrate the Union; but how to do it without violating the treaties? Simple: one uses Muslim migrants to wreak chaos, to instil fear, to keep people on edge and then lead other countries to rebel against the Union and generate Italexit, Hungarexit, Belgexit, Frexit, Spexit, Netherlexit, Irelandexit, etc

What if Portugal was involved in...

...the assassination of two leaders of African Liberation Movements? Agostinho Neto and Samora Machel were killed after, all of the sudden, having expressed their desire to align themselves with the United States of America. One of these leaders was suspected of being a PIDE (Portuguese Secret Services, prior to the 1974 Revolution) plant and given the fact they both had a similar death under a similar set of circumstances, there's a chance that both of them could have been Portuguese Assets to guarantee national influence in African politics. What if the Portuguese leader - who carried out an irresponsible decolonisation process - was a USSR plant and ordered the assassination of Neto and Samora? It is a known fact that Mário Soares, highly driven by ideology, would never admit symbols of the old regime to thrive and get in the way of the Socialist policy – furthermore, swaying towards America would've been a great loss within the Cold War context.

What if Pedro Passos Coelho is...

...being targeted by foreign entities? The former Portuguese PM is one of the very few politicians who doesn't belong to any special interest group. The Trilateral Commission is trying very hard to attract Mr Coelho to its circle but since he has been resisting a lot (because he knows the cost of such ventures) he has suddenly become a target to shoot. Certain elements, within his own party, have been calling for his replacement; and the Media is bent on depicting him as the devil (when his government saved Portugal from ruin – a fact that is now expedient to forget). This is a typical case of 'either you're with us or against us' but Pedro Passos Coelho does well to resist joining organisations that are front groups of the Socialist International. If he must make political alliances to uphold Portugal's national and international interests, he is to ally himself to a Society that sees Portugal as a capital piece of the future.

What if 2017...

...proves to be the gate to a new era? President-Elect Trump is taking office, in 17 days, and probably marking a new era in US Diplomacy; German voters and the electorate of other European countries will decide whether they will keep PC politicians or kick them out of power, rebooting thus their national politics; India will be encouraged to take a more assertive position in international relations; Israel will begin the proceedings to annex Judea and Samaria (a word to our brothers who expressed fear of this 'unilateral move' – as they called it: Israel gave Gaza away in 2005 in exchange for peace. It didn't work. Now, the opposite must happen to balance things out: to officially declare sovereignty over historical Jewish Land, over the Land conferred to the Jewish people through an international legal instrument). 2017 will be the year of Truth.
Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand; To execute vengeance upon the nations, and chastisements upon the peoples; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written; He is the glory of all His saints. Hallelujah. - Psalms 149:6-9

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  1. I am optimistic about 2017. I would like to comment on this post at the end of the new year.

  2. I am optimistic too: the EU will start to fall, the US will start to change, Israel will start to what she should've done decades ago, and the damn Arab terrorist groups will have their ass kicked. Cheers for 2017!

  3. Happy New Year, my darling Max! I want to give Trump a chance so I prefer to wait and see. But I do want to see the European Union being stirred a bit to see if they change, if they don't then the Union must fall of course. Portugal ordering assassinations, why would Portugal be any different than any other country? What is shameful is that Portugal damaged the lives of millions of Africans and she didn't even feel guilty about it. At least, us Brits we apologised, has Portugal?


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