Why DS Will Not Endorse François Fillon in 2017

Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated in his party's primaries almost a fortnight ago. This means that François Fillon will be the Presidential candidate for the Republican Party. This blog was willing to endorse Mr Sarkozy, but is it willing to endorse Mr Fillon?

A Brief Introduction to François Fillon

Personal Life

François Charles Amand Fillon was born on the 4th of March 1954 in Le Mans, France. He holds two masters degrees in Public Law and in Advanced Studies in Public Law. He is married, since 1980, to Penelope Kathryn Clarn, born in Wales, who prefers to live in the country (with the couple's five children and the horses) rather than in Paris. Mr Fillon is a devout Roman Catholic.

Political Position

It is said that Fillon is an admirer of Margaret Thatcher, whatever that means. Perhaps he's talking about her conservative economic policies – but good luck with that, especially in France (a country where, for instance, if anybody tries to increase the working hours, cut social welfare programs and reduce the power of unions [like Ms Thatcher did] then the Left will use elements from the Islamic community to wreak havoc across the nation); perhaps, he admires Ms Thatcher's tenacity – though I doubt it he will ever be The Iron Man; maybe he admires the way Maggie Thatcher reached out to Russia – since he has expressed his willingness to get friendlier with Vladimir Putin.

Now, does Mr Fillon admire Margaret Thatcher enough to emulate her steps, and be a close ally of America's President (Donald Trump)? I don't think they share the same level of assertiveness. Furthermore, unlike Margaret Thatcher, Mr Fillon is not a friend of Israel (nor of the Jews) either – he has stated that Kosher slaughter needs to end in France and that 'if a Palestinian State is not created very soon, Israel will be «the main threat to world peace».' (source)...another ignorant politician. Poor chap.

A Deviant Conservative

A conservative that sides with Terrorists (i.e. PLO/PA) is not a Conservative candidate – he's more likely a socialist in disguise. Unfortunately, we have pseudo-rightist/conservative elements in our ranks for several reasons:

  • They are spying for the Socialist International
  • Their wealthy relatives and friends are conservative and they do not wish to be outcast from the tribe
  • Being openly socialist/communist is inconvenient to the family business
  • Diluting the Right Wing is the only way to prevent them from forming a Global Conservative Conglomerate

What's the difference between being a Leftist and a Rightist? Leftists will vote for anyone who defends their ideology in public and whomever belongs to the Party, even if they are not truly leftists. Rightists, on the other hand, will study the candidate's words and stance very carefully to make sure he is truly whom he claims to be – and if his words and actions do not match the conservative ethos, then they will look for a convenient alternative.

I suspect this is what will happen to François Fillon, for after studying him I reached the conclusion he is weak, ambiguous and without any creativity: on the one hand he claims Islamism must be fought (in what seems to be a departure from France's Arab Policy) but on the other he states that all things Jewish must be banned and that Israel must be pushed towards suicide (a continuation of the Arab Policy). Fillon is more of the same.

Will DS endorse Mr Fillon?

No. Dissecting Society (DS) does not endorse ambiguous, PC-loving politicians; and it does not endorse anyone who is anti-Jews, and anti-Israel.

The French conservatives will regret not having supported Nicolas Sarkozy and Mr Sarkozy will regret Toulouse for a long time. May G-d help the Republic.

(Image: François Fillon - Google Images)

[The views expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dissecting Society]


  1. I hope Marine Le Pen wins, not that I like her but the establishment needs a shake up. And this Fillon is just another one of them!

  2. It would be nice if members of the party would select their leaders, and candidates, after making a thorough analysis of the political situation and of the main world leaders - will they get along, will they understand each other and cooperate well etc; instead of just choosing individuals who belong to certain circles or that may be "nice". Politics is not a country club.

  3. France is a lost cause. I like the French people, their language but their politicians are all douche bags. And what is sad is that that Le Pen woman may win! All because of the so called Arab policy.

  4. France has ran out of suitable politicians! It's hard to believe that Marine Le Pen is the only candidate with a true chance of winning, how sad. Here's the sad legacy of Liberté Egalité Fraternité!


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