The Faces of Terrorism: Knife Intifada, Car Intifada & Organised Rape

There is no end to the creativity of terrorists. Anything goes. Ever since October 2015, we have been witnessing a rise in terrorist activity in Europe that is practically being treaty as felony; meaning our judicial systems need to update and, as our colleague Stephen Cheney has written, we need Anti-Terrorism Laws and Courts to deal with these specific cases.

When we think of terrorism we immediately think of bombs (IEDs, VBIEDs), plane hijacking, AK47 shootings in the streets (e.g. Paris Terror Attack in November 2015). However, when the migrant crisis started to intensify – facilitating thus the entry of Islamic militants in European soil – we began to meet other faces of terrorism:

  • Vehicle Terrorism (what Palestinians called “Car Intifada”)
  • Knife Terrorism (what Palestinians called “Stabbing Intifada”)
  • Rape Terrorism (a.k.a Organised Rape, what Palestinians defend to be “politically justifiable”)

2016 was a particular harsh year for Europe. The year began with Rape Terror in Germany, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands and Finland; then it travelled back to the UK (e.g. an Algerian citizen travelled all the way to Britain – where he had no house, no job and spoke no English – to rape 10 different women in 9 days), with the latest attack occurring in Algarve (Portugal) where a Muslim refugee from Eritrea, who arrived in the country in October with a group of refugees stemming from Italy, assaulted and raped an old homeless woman. Now, not a week goes by without us reading that even boys and male teenagers are also being raped by male Islamic refugees. Moreover, reports are starting to emerge that these migrants are evolving to raping and viciously murdering their victims (the most striking case is the 19 year old young lady, the daughter of a EU official, who was working in a refugee centre and ended up assaulted, raped and drowned by an alleged 17 year old Afghan refugee).

A clear pattern is forming here; so our readers will have to excuse us whenever we accuse politicians of being insidiously myopic when they insist on instilling hatred against Jews and Israel, to deviate the People's attention from their aiding and abetting Islamic Rape, Vehicle and Knife intifadas.
The Penalty For Aiding and Abetting Terrorists is Ten Years To Life – Judge Andrew Napolitano 
France is yet to identify the man who recently broke in a retiring home for monks, holding a knife and a gun in his hands, who held hostages and killed a person. The MO is familiar to us, but why no ID? Portugal suffered a pre-string of terror attacks and warnings, and yet there was clearly a cover up (e.g. a man walking in the streets with a machete and a gun attacked two police officers in broad daylight; a package was left in a government building during the day to study the authorities' response and the population's reactions; a mysterious explosion occurred in the subway, a fortnight ago, during rush hour). The State will say there's no need to alarm people, but I promise you the People are not that oblivious.

When government members concoct policies that permit the entrance of foreign elements that come to build/strengthen terror networks; when they refuse to address the problem in the name of PC; when they allow the proliferation of centres and organisations that serve as a pillar to radicalisation; when they try to muffle reports, thus removing from the people the ability to build their situational awareness and prepare themselves against terror attacks; when they follow the herd and use Anti-Zionism as a convenient tool; they are all aiding and abetting terrorism: when will these people be held accountable for their crime?

Europeans survived the horrors of the Second World War. The Nazis also raped their victims (Jewish women included), but at least they were not acting in the name of Allah, they were not claiming to be “of Peace”; and they were certainly not being supported by the world as being people of peace.

Europeans may not survive the horrors of the 5th wave of Islamic expansion:

  • Grandmother, 72, who was raped by a 17-year-old asylum seeker after helping him out of a canal has 'lost the will to live' (source)
  • Two migrant men who lied that they were 15 'raped boy, 12, at a Swedish youth asylum centre and filmed the assault' (source)
  • Muslim refugee, 20, who raped a boy, 10, in his Sydney home says what he did 'is not a crime because it is acceptable in his homeland' (source)
  • 17-year-old tells of horror after mob of 'foreign youths' sexually assault 35 females as young as 12 at Swedish music festival (source)
  • Wheelchair-bound woman is gang-raped by six migrants at Swedish asylum centre after asking if she could use their toilet (source)
  • Teenager raped and murdered by Afghan migrant in Germany (source)

And this is just an extremely humble sample of what's going on in Europe. But none of this is new. These attacks started back in 2003; meaning they have been gradually increasing for the past 13 years – and instead of being treated as terror attacks, they have either been treated as mere rape cases or completely overlooked (remember Rotherham? 1,400 non-Muslim girls were raped by a Pakistani Gang and the police covered it up for fear of being called racist). 2003 lies within the Awakening period of Al-Qaeda's 7 Step Plan to conquer the world.
Anti-Terrorist Law with different court requirements and procedure comes out of the need for public safety and the survival of a civilised society. - Stephen Cheney

(Image: Paradise Lost - Gustave Doré)

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  1. Appeasing Islam is a big problem, Max. We need to stop this and we need to openly support Israel not demonize it. Russia may do business with Muslims but Putin makes clear he does not want the spread of Islam in his country. Putin doesn't demonize Israel in public either and he never rejected Jews claim to Jerusalem either. He has many flaws but he's not hypocrite.

  2. Europe's dullness to this has a certain Biblical feel to it: "And he said, 'Go and say to this people: 'Keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive''" - Isaiah 6:9


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