Scott's Best and Worst People of 2016

By Scott Morgan

The Best People

The First Best Person of 2016 is Donald J Trump, President Elect of the United States. His Dark Horse Insurgency Campaign struck a nerve with an angry and frustrated base of the Republican Party reeling from New Obamacare Bills, the arrogance of the Clinton Campaigns and feeling that their concerns were not being heard let alone be acted upon.

The Second Best Person is the Voter. From the Brexit which caught the elite by surprise to the Campaign of Bernie Sanders to the Shock of rejecting a Peace Deal in Colombia to even the recent vote, in Italy - all these people were angry at the current ruling elite in several countries.

The Third Best person is the Blogger. They are the only ones who practice any form of investigative Journalism anywhere on the planet.

The Worst People 

First of all the Mainstream Media. They made the mistake of projecting that two key votes would go a certain way and backing them to the nth degree. They were of course wrong that Britain would stay within the European Union and that Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency of the United States. On both cases, despite their efforts, the campaigns failed.

After everything that was said, they presented flimsy excuses as to why these events occurred and pointed fingers at other people as well (ex: the Russians Hacked Hillary).

Their coverage of what is going on in Aleppo and Northern Iraq leaves a lot to be desired as well.

The Other worst person is the Political Elite. Their refusal to notice any sense of frustration among those who do not share their worldview or even holding them in disdain while expecting them to cast their vote for them smacks of an arrogance that delivered the shocking to them results in the 2016 Elections.

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  1. I would include the cyber warfare units of the 54 countries who hacked into Hillary's personal server.

  2. Hi Morgan,

    As a Blogger, I have to thank you for having been included in your list of Best people :). It's true, that many of us do a much better job than the mainstream reporters (who have become lazy).

    Cheers and Happy New Year!

  3. I agree with Scott. Donald Trump is my person of the year and my worst is Obama without a doubt. Obama is worse than Carter!

  4. The political elite proved how outdated they are. An obsolete bunch that grew used to thinking and speaking the same way and repeating what everybody else says. So sad.


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