Max Designates the Best and Worst of 2016

By Max Coutinho

2016 was a crazy year: the world suffered so many changes, so many threats; and it is ending in a very polarised way (the War between the Right and Left is evident). 2016 was also the gate to a new era, one that I am particularly looking forward to. Now,  without further ado, please find below my best and worst people of 2016.

Best People

The best of this whole year were voters, who went to the polls to regain their independence, and to uphold their nation's security. The UK protected its national interests from the European Union (that insists on assaulting member-states' sovereignty, instead of returning to the original spirit of its founding fathers); America protected itself from internal and external threats brought about by the pay-to-play system; and Italy voted in a referendum to keep popular control over the fate of the nation (i.e. populism, that is, democracy).

This phenomenon had already been seen in Israel: where the Israeli electorate, in 2015, selected a right wing government, in spite of foreign (read: Obama administration's) interference in the Jewish State's internal affairs.

What do these cases have in common? The Socialist International that sought world domination by taking over the main countries in the world, having only succeeded in Canada – where they put a puppet leader in power (i.e. Justin Trudeau).

Worst People

The International Left. In 2016, they showed us their real colours, for example:

  • Funding anarchist groups to wreak havoc (e.g. Black Lives Matter, Black Panther Movement)
  • Funding blatantly problematic politicians just to be in power
  • Funding smearing campaigns against right wing candidates and politicians to remove obstacles
  • Funding trolls to insult and harass anyone who disagrees with the leftist ideology on social media
  • Funding anti-Self Governing State campaigns
  • Promoting policies towards the One World Government 
  • Hiring lobbyists to convince governments to support open-border policies to alter the demographic make-up of countries
  • Aiding and abetting Global Terrorism. 

The evil has been done, but may 2017 be the year when the clean up operations start.

Happy New Year!

[The views expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dissecting Society]


  1. These are good nominations. In 2017 the left should end once and for all, it's a cancer.

  2. It seems to me that the time has arrived to put the left in its place. But voters were certainly the principal stars of the year: congratulations to them and may voters around the world follow suit.

  3. Indeed the so called era of liberalists should get over soon with their self-centred vision, as they have done more bad than good to the society at large. The members of this so-called liberal club more often included the elite club of billionaires, celebrity journalists, actors and the political leaders. They appeared more as apologists surrounded by a coterie club of self-indulging members, who wanted to dominate the world by manipulating global policies at the cost of the people on the street or the farms.

    I can only hope for 2017 and the coming years that the common man shows more resilience, understanding and power to keep these evil and unholy forces out and nip them right in the bud. The word Democracy should not lose because of a few corrupt forces.


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