Lenny's Worst and Best of 2016

By Lenny Hannah

Although stressing; 2016, in my opinion, was a good year since I learned something new: how to achieve absolute abstraction of the mind. Max, as you requested, I will briefly share the worst and the best of this ending year.

The Worst of 2016

The constant Media bombardment about the children in Syria, who communicated with the world through social media; the children of the war who came on TV repeating their love for the world and their ordeal in the middle of Aleppo; the children in Syria, the children in Syria, the children in Syria, t..h..e...chil..dren...in...Sy...ri...a...

The plague of illegal migrants, whose tactic is to throw some fellow migrants off board to manipulate the leaders of the international left who, in turn, will appease the heart of Europeans so that the criminals, who run the "slave" industry, can proceed with business as usual.

The Best of 2016

The European law enforcement who offered us the most hilarious police narratives of all times. In Europe, every terror attack (perpetrated by young men indoctrinated by ISIL, Al Qaeda and Comandita) were classified as attacks carried out by psychologically problematic young people: quel rigolade, je vous dis moi...!

Happy New Year! Bonne Anné! Buon Anno a Tutti! Feliz Año Nuevo! Feliz Ano Novo! Shanah Tovah! 
May 2017 be more interesting. 

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  1. You have no heart and you are anti-Semitic! Do you know how much those children in Syria suffer???!! But if they were Jewish I bet you wouldn't say these things!!!

    1. Celia, don't make us laugh from your ignorance. To tell you the truth, Jewish children have been in similar situations and no one said anything. African children are still going through the same thing and no one cares; so spare us of your fake solidarity or rather expedient solidarity. Happy new year!

    2. Celia, to reword things, the Left doesn't give a damn about the lives of any children - regardless of race. They are just a vehicle for ideology, to be used and discarded when they are no longer useful.

  2. Lenny, I also practise the abstraction of the mind - there's nothing like it to keep us sane in this insane world. Great choices, Lenny. See you next year.


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