Intelligence: Egypt Empowered?

By Scott Morgan

It seems like old history when Egypt defied Saudi Arabia at the UN Security Council - a Resolution drafted by Russia regarding a ceasefire in Aleppo instead of one that was backed by Saudi Arabia. We saw the knee jerk reaction by the Saudis when they cut off the Oil Subsidy to Egypt.

But did the Economy collapse after the Saudi Move? No, it didn’t. In fact, there were several moves made either by Egypt or Allies that were seen as efforts not only to provide Petroleum to the Country but also cash in case the Saudis suspended aid. The Diplomatic Corps of Egypt was concerned that this step could actually be taken by Riyadh.

Very quietly the Egyptian Military has taken part in two Military Exercises this month. The first one was a coordinated exercise with Russian Airborne Units that lasted a fortnight. And recently the country finished an exercise with Jordanian Military units as well. Also, during this time frame the Army has received some MRAPs, from the United States, that were considered to be surplus from Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. These vehicles have been deployed along the Western Border with Libya.

But there is another action that has not been reported by the Mainstream Media that will be tantalizing to Analysts: reports that the Egyptian Military are sharing Intel regarding ISIS with their counterparts in Jordan, reportedly with President Assad (in Syria) and also the Iraqis. There are even some reports that the Egyptian Army has sent an assessment team to Damascus to get a firsthand look at the situation, and then assess for themselves to determine if they want to send troops there.

It seems that there is an interesting row developing between Cairo and Riyadh. Since the US is in the midst of a Political Transition it may not be until the Trump Administration takes over to determine whether or not Egypt will share any anti-ISIS Intel with the United States. The Egyptians have not had a good relationship with the Obama Administration due to their support and backing of the Muslim Brotherhood and the short-lived Morsi regime - an even more repressive regime than the Mubarak Administration.

Several of the Wikileaks Cable have shown links between the Saudi and Qataris and some of the ISIS leadership. This could be a sign that Egypt has determined a way to get some sort of payback against the Saudis. The financial issues the KSA is having, with the drop in Oil Prices, leaves an opportunity for an event to occur within KSA, in 2017. The Intel Services in Egypt just happens to believe this as well. All this because of a UN Vote. Metternich would be proud.

(Image: Egypt - Google Images)

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  1. Old friends are having disagreements? Sisi's Egypt and Saudis are both against the Muslim Brotherhood and they have interests in fighting ISIS too, so maybe the tension is theatre?

  2. And Europe learned nothing. In France, a conservative candidate campaigned next to a Muslim Brotherhood member. He lost the primaries, of course, but nothing guarantees us that the next French President won't be cosy with them either.

  3. Hey Morgan,

    Is it even surprising that the Saudis and Qataris would have links to ISIS? The Saudis funded AQ, Qatar supports it; ISIS is a branch of AQ/Khorasan, so we can not be surprised. I do hope the Egyptians, even though they have received financial aid from Saudi Arabia, stand up against the Wahabbis (they have enjoyed too much space).



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