Categories for Best and Worst of 2016: Terror Groups, Event and Politicians

By Cristina C. Giancchini

2016 was literally a bloody year: the war in Syria and in Libya raged on; Terror attacks in Pakistan, Israel, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Egypt, America, Germany, France etc produced an increasing number of dead bodies; the Angel of Death scythed a couple of artists and politicians; and the cloud of uncertainty began to set over our heads. I was asked to name my best and worst people of 2016; however, I opted by doing something relatively different: I will share subcategories of the best and worst of the year.

The Best of 2016 in the following Categories: 

“Best” Terrorist Organisations

1- Khorasan. This group managed to remain under the radar, thus far. We should expect them to emerge as the leading terror figure in 2017, as they prepare to show the world who the brain behind Global Jihad really is.

2- PLO. This organisation managed to play the world for over 50 years: while pretending to defend the interests of the Arabs in Palestine, and to fight for their 'self-determination'; the PLO managed to be received in the arms of the Western world where they built a strong network that now is at the service of ISIS and other Jihadist groups. This is quite a feat: not only the PLO gets money and support from Western countries, but it also manages to activate terror cells - from parliaments and Media Networks – who attack the West. Admirable strategy.

Best Political Event

Israel fights back after the UNSC vote. The Jewish State, after the approval of Resolution 2334, now knows which 14 are working for whom.

Senegal has quite a nerve: Israel provides aid to this country, it provided her with water-dripping technology to foster a sustainable form of agriculture – to boost her economy, something that France never did for her; and in the end Senegal believes to have stabbed the Jewish State in the back – probably at the behest of France. When will Senegal leave the 'colonisation mentality' behind?

Angola receives military and security training from Israel – having one of the President's sons trained in the Jewish State – and she receives military aid packages from Jerusalem; in the end, Angola believed to have betrayed Am Yisrael. Does President dos Santos really think that Obama will unfreeze his country's accounts, and allow the free flow of dollars in exchange? Plus, George Soros – who funded the anarchy of the opportunistic activist, Luaty Beirão– does not represent Israel, by the contrary. Quo Vadis, Luanda?

The 14 countries who voted in favour of that resolution will understand what they did. Thank you, Obama Administration, for the services rendered; now we may adopt the Levy Report and proceed with the Annexation of Samaria and Judea as per the International Law.

Best Politician 

PM Netanyahu. He finally understood the Message. DS has been waiting for his assertiveness, for 4 years. He may count on our support.

The Worst of 2016 in the following Categories: 

Worst Politicians 

Angela Merkel. We are not certain whether she is an infiltrated leftist who intentionally planned to endanger Europe in order to grab it by a storm - Nota Bene: before Hitler took power in Germany, he also terrorised the country with his Brown Shirt Boys. Could Ms Merkel be applying the same formula by using Muslim rapists and terrorists? - this could be an attempt to rise up the Fourth Reich.

David Cameron. After he delivered an electoral promise he abandoned the British People out of ego. Yes, he wronged when he supported the Remain camp instead of remaining Neutral – after all, he was the one promising the referendum – but he should've set his hurt pride aside and fought for the will of the People.

Hillary Clinton, a person who had everything to win. Instead of focusing on real policy she decided to focus on Donald Trump's personal and sexual life – what was that? If we had to bet, we'd say she sabotaged her campaign on purpose. She had last minute cold feet; why: is she too sick, is she too politically toxic; has she saved America, in the end...?

Worst Member of Parliament 

Isabel Moreira. Portugal is a country dealing with many internal problems – ranging from severe corruption across the board [from political to business class, and everything in between] to low salaries and high living costs – but this Marxist MP decided to focus on Angolan internal affairs. From the central Parliamentary stage, she delivered an emotional speech in support of Luaty Beirão [a mixed Angolan-Portuguese pseudo-pro-democracy Activist]. There was only one problem: why mention that man only? Why not mention Manuel Chivonde, Nuno Álvaro Dala, Afonso Matias, Nelson Dibango Mendes dos Santos, Hitler Jessy Chivonde, Albano Evaristo Bingobingo, Sedrick de Carvalho, Fernando António Tomás, Arante Kivuvu Italiano Lopes, Benedito Jeremias, José Gomes Hata, Inocêncio Antônio de Brito, Osvaldo Sérgio Correia Caholo, Domingos da Cruz, Laurinda Gouveia and Rosa Conde? Luaty Beirão still manages to travel to Portugal to promote his book and his 'music' [since he is in George Soros' pocket], but the others lost everything they had.

Is Isabel Moreira in Mr Soros' pocket as well, or does she only remember people who have “half a drop of white blood”? Typical...

We meet again in 2017. Happy New Year! 

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  1. Hi Cris,

    I'm glad you did something different, loved it.
    I agree about the Khorasan Org: they are smooth in their operations. But I want to believe that they stay out of the Media's radar, not the Intelligence agencies'.
    The PLO deserves an award for having fooled so many people at the same time; and then triggering terror attacks from European parliaments. Wow.

    Do you really think this UNSC vote was done to benefit Israel or their response reflects their regret? (i.e. now they realised what they have done?)
    I agree with the Best Politician choice.

    LOL Worst MP LOL LOL I never liked that woman, never.

    Happy New Year, boss!

  2. That chick is an MP? And people take her seriously? Yay Portugal! Serious now, leftists are the biggest racists in the entire universe, so not surprised that this chick would not mention the names of what can only be assumed to have been black people. Europe and America should pay attention to what is going on, in American campuses the Palestinians are waging anti-Semitic campaigns, what do we think it will happen next? Fabulous post, thanks Cristina and Happy 2017 to all!

  3. Excellent choices, Cristina. ISIS performance was also successful given the number of attacks conducted this year. The way they evolved and adapted quickly to the circumstances is worthy of study. Happy new year to you guys. All the best


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